Limberios may be exhumed again

Almost a year after a Castalia man’s death, authorities plan to dig up his body. Again.
Emil Whitis
Jan 26, 2013

“The only thing we don’t have right now is a date,” Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry said. “It’ll be sometime in the next few weeks.”

Jacob Limberios’ parents, Mike and Shannon Limberios, signed off on the plan, Henry said.

But Henry’s in for a surprise.

Late Thursday night Mike told the Register he’s withdrawing his support, at least temporarily, for a second autopsy.

“We were never for this,” he said. “I want all these other tests done before they dig up my son again — before they cut him up again.”

Mike wants DNA results from the handle of the gun that fired the fatal bullet. He wants results from ballistics tests. In short, he wants investigators to complete every other possible test before they stick a shovel in Jacob’s grave again.

After fighting with Sandusky County officials for almost a year, Mike said he’s fresh out of faith.

Jacob, 19, died from a single gunshot wound to the head at about 9:30 p.m. March 2. Sandusky County deputies rushed to a house in the 100 block of County Road 294 where they found his body lying on the living room floor.

Also inside the house were three witnesses and a .357 magnum pistol. All three told deputies Jacob shot himself.

Before midnight, Sandusky County coroner John Wukie ruled it a suicide. On his coroner’s report, under cause of death, Wukie wrote: “suicide … deceased shot self in
head, may not have realized gun was loaded.”

Renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht later called Wukie’s ruling an “oxymoron” — a contradiction in terms. It couldn’t be a suicide if Jacob didn’t mean to kill himself, Wecht said.

Regardless, Sandusky County deputies released Jacob’s body to a funeral home, where it was embalmed the day after the shooting.

For months, the Limberios family fought to get authorities to examine Jacob’s body.

In August they gave up and paid to have the body exhumed and sent to Pittsburgh for an autopsy. There, Wecht did a full autopsy, although his findings were inconclusive.

However, the examination did show the bullet entered Jacob’s head at a downward angle from behind the left ear. Somehow, the bullet ended up in the ceiling of the home.

Although it was an awkward angle, it’s still possible Jacob shot himself, said private investigator Greg Majoy, hired by the Limberios family.  

The case is still an open investigation at the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office.

Thursday afternoon, Henry said he’s still trying to pin down an exhumation date, although he may need cooperation from the Limberios family, the Lucas County coroner and

Margaretta Township officials, given that Jacob’s body is buried at a cemetery in the township.  

Henry is serving in the case as a specially appointed attorney for Wukie.

“I hope we can get to the bottom of this,” Henry said.

Watch a special edition of Between the Lines from Dec. 13 with the Limberios family HERE.




The worst thing any family member could do is talk to the Sindumpsky Rag. They will butcher up statements big time!


I bet if you asked their son he would just want them to move on so he can be left to rest in peace. I could be wrong though. Maybe there is truth to be found and he can't rest until the the truth comes out. I just think it is sad that he keeps being exhumed. He should be able to rest in eternal peace.

Just Saying

"Dig up his body" - Seriously, Sandusky Register has no consideration for this poor family. I would think a better choice of words could have been used.


My God, let this poor kid rest in peace. All this so the family can cash in on the insurance policy and try to gather enough dirt so some scumbag lawyer can make a buck. I know this will likely be bashed but I'm positive I'm not the only one thinking it. After all, the family let it slip in the very first interview with them, when they said, "his insurance policy won't pay because of the listed cause of death."


Just an FYI I am the mother of "this kid's" daughter another FYI he had a name (Jacob Limberios.) we are not doing this for money, we simply want the truth if what happened that night because SANDUSKY COUNTY FAILED TO DO THEIR JOBS. & no JACOB did not commit suicide so how would you guys feel if this was your family member and you didn't know who was holding the gun at the time of discharge? How would you feel if you were in my shoes and couldn't explain to your daughter why daddy isn't here?
Before you guys get on here and post negative comments like we are only doing this for money, think again because we aren't. Behind these register articles is a distraught family simply seeking the truth because corrupt county officials failed to conduct an investigation and they are trying to cover it up since they have already failed miserably.
And if you guys commenting were in our position wouldn't you want answers too? 11 months is too long to wait if you ask me. 3 witnesses all inconsistent statements and scientific evidence. Re read articles and if you have any other questions you can contact me specifically since this is supposed to be an open investigation i feel it should be shared with the public . 4196561189.


Oh and scumbag lawyer? Dan mcgookey has stood by our side fighting for answers. The last thing he would do was try to make "a buck" off of this. I don't know why everyone is concerned about money. As far as I'm concerned you people should be more worried about the officials who are there to protect you and your family. I'm sure you wouldn't want road cops controlling a crime scene. So for a second forget about money and respect Dan mcgookey for never leaving our side, for helping us fight for the truth. Is the truth too much to fight for?


I wouldn't post your phone number on here. There are a lot of whackos on here. Good luck with this situation. I hope it all works out for you.


Yawwnn, do you think that you or anyone else would like Jake to rest in peace more so than his girlfriend, parents, or any other family member or friend? All of this so the family can get a payday huh? All of Jake's insurance policy money is going to his daughter, which would not even be enough to cover the cost of his funeral. You think it's wrong to fight for that insurance money to help that little girl who has to grow up without her dad? That isn't even the main issue: it's finding out the truth. We don't have to try to gather dirt, the lies, the coverups, the corruption, and the SCIENCE is in your face! I appreciate the majority of Emil's contributions, but Dr. Wecht's findings were NOT inconclusive; I can't say if he was aware of this or not. The father is on the verge of making public every single paper, audio, and visual document in regards to this case on the Justice for Jake Facebook page. There are spine chilling details that were discovered last night that their lawyer, investigator, or the special prosecutor have even been exposed to yet. The death certificate is a piss poor lie. If you haven't noticed Jake would never have been exhumed in the first place if it weren't for the misconduct of Sandusky County officials. Can you imagine how much time, stress, anxiety, and yes-money that this entire ordeal hast COST the family. These parents are NOT interested in any type of monetary compensation for themselves, and their lawyer Mr. McGookey deserves to see a payday for all of the hard work he has done in helping this family. What is truly regrettable in the aftermath of Jake's death are people like you that can not bare to support a struggling, hurting family in this community.




I don't understand how people could ignorantly comment on such a sensitive situation about a family and group of people they don't know at all. If you knew any of Jake's family or friends you wouldn't think for a second that they were in this for the money. Like Kayleigh said, if you lost a family member or loved one and didn't know why, wouldn't you go to any length to find out why? And what if a loved one passed away and was wrongfully labeled as committing suicide - something that Jake's daughter will see when she gets older, if nothing changes after my family's hard work to find answers. No, it doesn't bring him back, but it could give us some closure. I'm so exhausted by these awful comments from stupid people who don't have a clue what's going on. Why comment at all, if all you have to say are hurtful, ignorant things.

nosey rosey

Move on, get over it, you play with guns bad things happen. At this point, all the money will go to the lawyers cause that's what they do best.

Kottage Kat

Perhaps the action and diligence of this young mans family will expose corruption and the truth will prevail.
God bless you in your quest for the truth.


Brittany Bowers

Stop exhuming him for nothing, what more are they going to possibly find on him that they didn't catch the first 2 times? I am witness also Kayleigh's sister. Not only is this tearing our family apart but this is also putting extra stress on us witnesses as well. We have been nothing but cooperative this entire time. We have sat through 3 hour long polygraph tests, not to mention answered all the questions from the cops and lawyers involved. Really what else do they need from us? (Our tests came back completely honest by the way) but this is still ongoing because?.... It is a shame that it has come down to this. and I realize by posting this I may have opened up a can of worms for myself, however I am ready for all of this to be over. Let him finally rest in peace. If you need more "answers" find them in other ways. This is getting to be pathetic.


Then tell Mike, Shannon and the authorities what really happened and stop covering up things


I'm not sure how any user on here could talk about negatively about such a sensitive subject which does not even involve them. Seriously get a life. Put yourself in the shoes of the people who are effected by this and think before you say anything. Prayers to the family.


It's time for you to be truthful. Lets clear this up today you want to do this on a public website?

lolllllll lol

Looks like you've found the truth and you're just trying to crucify someone for some money. This isn't CSI MIAMI.


Thank you tankman I appreciate your kind thoughts!


Crucify a person who may have shot my boyfriend?


Brittany, you have much courage for making a public statement like that. We know that Will and yourself sat through a long and strenuous polygraph test. We also know that 9 out of 9 FBI agents found that you were both deceptive after reviewing the long scrolls of your tests. Deceptive means lying in case you were unsure. Is there anything that Bill Kaiser told you and Will off the record back in July? I have to ask because Bill prematurely turned off his tape recorder when interviewing Will, and then asks you if he can talk to Will again after your interview; also not recorded. Are you aware of what Dr. Wecht found in his autopsy report? Or should I say what he did not find. What Dr. Wecht did not find was "..." I'll let you guess, unless Evan already told you. He then concludes that "...", and finishes by suggesting that the case be treated as a "..." from this point on. Remember when you told Zach Zender partner back in November, "...the night of the murder...?"


I forgot to mention that Will goes into great detail with Bill in describing how he was fooling around pulling the hammer back on the gun to test the resistance. Pretty strange that Bill did not mention this in his report; along with the fact that the audio I'm referring to was withheld from the family for a very long period of time.

These are the facts folks. Interesting huh?

Brittany Bowers

Just like Jesus was wrongfully crucified? - Kayleigh call me, apparently this is the only way a conversation with you will happen.


Now you're comparing yourself to Jesus Christ?


Hahahah bmgasser thats what i said.. wtf Jesus died for our sins.. U didnt do nothing for us.. Compare appLes to apples here..

Brittany Bowers

- I am just sick of everyone else having something to say about the case but the witnesses, and if no one else is going to say something then I will. I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING BUT BE COMPLETELY HONEST WITH ALL OF YOU, AND THIS IS HOW I AM TREATED. Its guilty until proven innocent I guess. What else do you want from me Brady? I wish our roles were reversed so that way I don't have to remember that night at all, you could get your answers and THEN have everyone bash you for being a liar! HE WAS YOUR BEST FRIEND BRADY, do you see why there is no reason for him to be exhumed again? You are looking for something that didn't happen, and until you come face to face with reality you will never begin to heal. This hurts everyone* involved, Ella too. I want my sister back in my life but that isn't going to happen until she believes me. WHY WOULD I LIE ABOUT SOMETHING THIS TERRIBLE? Shows how little you all think of me, of us. I am done writing about this, if you are too scared to answer a phone call then you obviously aren't looking for answers, you want public drama.


What's your number my phone did not ring; I was in Jake and Kayleigh's basement taking a shower. You know how the service is down there. He WAS my best friend that's why I care about finding out the truth. Stop side stepping the facts. When did I say I want him exhumed again?-If Dean Henry tries doing that I plan on being at the cemetery, putting my body between him and the shovel. Don't talk about Ella.


Just curious, how did a right-handed person shoot himself at a downward angle behind his left ear? And how did that bullet end up in the ceiling? Just asking you, since you were there and haven't lied about anything.

lolllllll lol



The coroner never examined Jake

lolllllll lol