Coroner's inquest better late than never

Excerpt from the editorial Viewpoint in today's Register: “If I had to make an educated guess, the gun went off as (the witness) was playing around with it while Jacob was on the phone in close proximity of (the witness), which explains the blood splatter on the shoes...” wrote Sandusky County sheriff's detective Sean O'Connell, the lead investigator in the coroner's inquest of the death of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios. O'Connell wrote.
Nov 12, 2012


That sounds much different than “self-inflicted” and raises a thicket of questions that might prove difficult for county officials. It appears the previous sheriff's investigation of Limberios' death was easily revealed to be flawed in just the first stages of the coroner's inquest.

Wukie and sheriff Overmyer will need to provide O'Connell plausible and complete answers about the chronology and shortcomings in their investigation and its conclusions.

Click here for a previous story about the 'accidental suicide' of Jacob Limberios.


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Without meaning to sound really nasty here, there is a HUGE difference between a "self-inflicted" gunshot wound and one inflicted by another. Either another person shot him either by accident or on purpose, or he shot himself, but whichever way it happened, it is pretty obvious this investigation was no investigation at all.

What happened that night doesn't seem to have been investigated well at all according to what seem to be coming to "light" through testimony from those who were there, evidence now being revealed and other statements. Why did it take two grief-stricken parents, a lawyer and a world renowned forensic scientist to get this far? Seems to me, this should have been done right the first time around without all this trouble.

What the heck is going on over there in Sandusky County? I wouldn't call this just "shortcomings of this investigation....I call it absolute sloppy police work. Like they just didn't care at all.

How sad for this family and his friends. Nothing should be this difficult when someone dies under questionable circumstances. You would expect better than what this family got. How sad.

Westend Homeown

i agree 100% what a travesty


Well said. The part that angers me more is the Sandusky County officials' condescending attitude and their silence for MONTHS. Who exactly, do they think they are? I thought these people worked for the PEOPLE. To ignore these parents' and lawyers' inquiries only proves on inept these 'officials' really are. They need to be removed from their positions. May you soon find the answers to this horrible tragedy, Mike and Shannon.


It doesn't even rate "condescending". I would call up non-existent until they got a lawyer. THEN it became condescending. Someone needs to check into this sheriff.


It doesn't even rate "condescending". I would call up non-existent until they got a lawyer. THEN it became condescending. Someone needs to check into this sheriff.


Agreed 100%!!!! This kind of inept work happens all over the U.S. unfortunately. If you just mark the suicide box, case closed!!!!!!!!!


The detective handling this investigation shouldn't have made any kind of comments, opinions, statements, etc. until this investigation is complete.


samiam- This is our 3rd attempt of an investigation with Sandusky County, we agreed to this investigation with strict commands that it be an OPEN and TRANSPARENT case, it wouldn't be open and transparent if the detectives kept quiet until the investigation was over would it?
-Kayleigh Bowers


How about better late than never a full investigation into the death of Robert Chapman? Bob was a police informant and was shot and killed. His death was also ruled a suicide. Erie County is not much better than Sandusky County when it comes to investigations.


Kayleigh, I agree with you. Once again info was "leaked" to the S.R. You have to remember, there are peeps out there that may "overhear" something and run right to the S.R. Case in point, the toddler that died in Vermilion this week. Channel 19 news will not release his name or the names of his parents, due to no charges being filed. But the S.R. did. Things that make you go "hhhhmmmm?"


Grinenbareit- us as Jacobs family and our lawyer Dan mcgookey invited the reporter to be there with us. This reporter has been trying to help us with this case as much as he can. He is very passionate about this case. He Hasn't posted any false information and he has made many helpful reports with county officials and detectives.
Keep up the good work Emil!
I appreciate all your help!


God Bless you in your time of need. This should NEVER have happened this way. To have had to resort to this sort of tactic just to get answers is so unfair it makes my skin crawl. I always believed, until now, that the police (sheriff included) had a DUTY to get to the bottom of any shooting. I guess there must be a hole in the umbrella of that thinking right over Sandusky County. Obviously!

We wish you and your family all the best from our family to yours.


It is a dirty shame that this incident was not investigated properly from the beginning. Remember, people, the sheriff and the coroner are ELECTED officials. Do not let incidents of this type continue. Best of luck to the family, I hope you get the answers that you should have gotten a long time ago without the continuing trauma.


I don't care if O'Connell has said he suspects it wasn't Jake at this point. Bill Kaiser said it wasn't a suicide, but he didn't do anything to prove it or change the death certificate. I don't trust these detectives anymore than the rest of the circus from Sandusky County. Prove me wrong and finish this thing through!