Limberios family lists questions; issues letter

With subpoenas at the ready and depositions on the horizon, answers seem to be just around the corner for the family of a dead Castalia man.
Emil Whitis
Nov 1, 2012


For eight months, Jacob Limberios’ parents have battled Sandusky County officials to reopen what the family views as a botched investigation into Limberios' March 2 shooting death.

On Oct. 19 the family's attorney, Dan McGookey, filed a lawsuit against Sandusky County coroner John Wukie. It demanded a court review Wukie’s ruling that Limberios shot himself on purpose.

Wukie’s ruling came just hours after deputies found Limberios, 19, dead on an acquaintance’s living room floor, a .357 Magnum lying nearby. Under reason for death, Wukie wrote: “Suicide. Gunshot wound to the head. Deceased shot self in head, may not have known gun was loaded.”

But that's a contradiction, according to renowned forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht, hired by the family to examine Limberios' body in August. The family worked with Margaretta Township trustees to get approval to exhume Limberios' body.     

For the list of questions, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register. See the family's open letter to public officials below.




Rock on Limberios family, get the answers you deserve!


Whatever it is they are looking for, I hope they find their answers. This must be agonizing for them to be searching for something they cannot find to find peace within themselves about their son's death. Obviously they cannot find peace until their questions are answered. I wish them well and peace in their search. Again, someone needs to answer truthfully.


Hopefully you will find the truth about your sons' death.


Its not suicide if you accidentally shoot yourself is it? Hope its an accident, still the family is hurting, hope you find the truth and peace.


Way to go Mike and Shannon!!! These questions have gone too long unanswered. Sandusky County needs to own up to the way they mishandled everything about Jake's death. I pray that all your questions are answered one way or another. All involved needs to sit back and ask themselves how they would feel if this happened to them? I'm sure they wouldn't accept it being brushed under the rug, they would demand answers also. Good Luck - we are rooting for your entire family!


That letter is actually hard to read. I feel terrible for the family. Hope you get all the answers to your questions. I would be devastated if that was a member of my family and I had no answers.