Library to host ‘I Love Pinterest’

Christie Armstrong, of Clyde Library, will be presenting a program entitled “I Love Pinterest” at 6 p.m. Feb. 12, in the Whirlpool Room of Clyde Public Library.
Feb 5, 2014


Pinterest is a website where users create and manage theme-based image collections on topics like cooking, decorating, collecting and travel. Christie will also demonstrate how to fold a bird house from a paperback book, a talent she learned on Pinterest.

Those just learning will receive a handout to help them get started pinning to their own boards. Please register for this event by calling 419-547-7174.

Participants should bring scissors for paper cutting.


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The Hero Zone

Pinterest is a great site with lots of creative ideas! This is a neat activity to see mentioned. In some ways it's the "last, safe place on the Internet". You can learn a lot of neat things there. Very recommended.

While a bit tongue-in-cheek with crude moments (meant to put the "safety" of Pinterest into context) - so I wouldn't watch it at work or with those unfamiliar with the trolls and memes of the Internet - this is a funny video that summarizes the above point:

The Bizness

Lots of "fitsperation" images on there...girls with nice stomachs and nice butts.

Anyways, its a good time ha

Stop It

Definitely a girly site. Had to block it from FB. I think '50 ways' really killed it for me. I don't care if they could teach me how to make bread outta pig s&*t. That site is banned from my PC altogether....;)