VIDEO: Accused killer gets nose broken in jail

Said fight stemmed from argument over LeBron returning to Cleveland
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 15, 2014

The Sandusky man who killed a 3-year-old boy in 2012 had his nose broken in a jailhouse fight on Friday, after he and another inmate bickered over LeBron James.

Michael Milner, 25, was treated for his injuries following the fight.

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The man who allegedly punched Milner—Bryce Stokes, 19—will likely face charges after the case is reviewed by a grand jury.

Just a few hours after LeBron announced his return to Cleveland on Friday, Milner and Stokes squared off on the basketball court inside the Erie County jail's recreation area.

Stokes later told Erie County deputies the pair had argued about LeBron in their pod earlier that day.  Milner tried to instigate a fight at that point, but Stokes said he brushed off Milner's comments, according to a deputy's report.

It was later, when they were both playing basketball, that Milner tried to fight Stokes yet again, Stokes said.

Surveillance footage from the recreation area show both Milner and Stokes playing basketball. They then began to argue—Stokes said Milner threw his hands up in the air, saying “What, you want to fight?”

Milner then chased Stokes around the court—but it was Stokes who landed one solid blow.

The force of the punch knocked Milner off his feet, but he hopped up again and continued chasing Stokes around the room, the report said.

Two other inmates alerted deputies to the fight after a couple minutes and the guards put an end to the scuffle.

Milner is currently awaiting his Aug. 7 sentencing hearing, after pleading guilty to one count of aggravated murder in late May.

His case stems from the July 30, 2012 killing of 3-year-old Owen Barker, who died from a fatal blow to the chest.

Milner was tasked with watching Owen that day at a Fulton Street home, while the child's mother, Danielle Flannery, was at work.

Milner maintained Owen slipped and fell on a toy, but officials determined the boy suffered abuse numerous times prior to his death and identified heavy bruising all over the child's body.

When Milner attends his hearing next month, he'll be facing four sentencing possibilities: life without parole or life with the possibility of parole after 20, 25, or 30 years.

Stokes, meanwhile, was jailed July 5 on rape and gross sexual imposition charges for the alleged assault of a 13-year-old girl at Kalahari Resorts.

Stokes had just ended his shift as a lifeguard when he allegedly took the girl into a conference room and sexually assaulted her, deputies said.


Watch video of the fight in the player below




Lmao! Man you just can't make this stuff up!!! Atleast they were able ti fight it out, deputies, must be heat fans lol
2:45 secs,, Now that's a Sandusky county move there...

From the Grave

I wish I could f@$#ing play basketball all day...


good thing i didn't listen to my bookie..


Bummer, rings is too big !


Hey look! There's Joe Yost in the background! Glad to see he is getting some excercise in the slammer.

He better not be getting any Toft's ice cream in jail, or "Andrew in Sandusky" is going to be really mad!


The one dude was floating like a butterfly and stung him like a bee. I feel bad for the other guy having to keep pulling up his drawers. Cant they get them some pants that fit. HEHE

Left Sandtown

I heard of the rope a dope,but I think that was the dope a dope.Good Luck M$M when you are sent to the Pros.God Bless that little boys soul.


what a beautiful jailhouse courtship dance! i can just feel the love!


Lol hahaha...The dope a dope...too funny! What was with them dancing around in a circle for over 2 minutes?!


it's a jailhouse courtship ritual..


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This has to do with a jail house fight how?


by the looks of the pics we know who's on the bottom..


County jail has a basketball court? Our tax dollars keeping a baby murderer and child rapist fit and trim! Can't bring myself to watch the video. Pathetic waste of the human race. They have too many rights and privileges at our expense.


My thoughts exactly. He should be empty honey buckets !

he said she said

All I can do is shake my head. Milner is a piece of work that is now trying to prove that he can handle himself behind bars and got a broken nose out of it. I don't care if you fight like Ali, you still killed a baby and will get yours in prison.

Taxed Enough Already

it looks like pair skating in the olympics, but that fall will cost them dearly in their final scores!


I hate to say it because I know they were doing their jobs, but it's too bad the guards broke things up quite so soon. Looks like Milner was on the losing end, and I frankly wouldn't shed a tear if he were to learn on a very personal level just how that poor baby felt the many times he was hit!

I am comforted, however, by he said she said's assertion that Milner will get what's coming to him in prison. Just because the state must remain above the level of the common criminal and is thus prohibited from cruel or unusual punishments, well, that doesn't stop criminals from sinking to their own level, and even THEY don't much care for baby killers!


Woo-hoo Sam, nicely put


Baby Killer and Rapist...can we just hang the both of them tomm. at High Noon???

lunchtime 175

hope the guy that killed that little boy gets life in prison with no chance at all for parole. I still think people that commit such crimes should be punished the same way they killed their victim. The prisons would have a lot less people in them wasting tax dollars if the judges would use my idea.

JMOP's picture

I support your idea


me too!


Sad, c'mon people! These men are ill.

2cents's picture

Yep and like rabid dogs they should be put down!


Have to read tomorrows paper to see which coward got the best of the other overnight. Either one beat the hell out of the other while he was sleeping or the other dragged him into the closest and locked the door.


Why isn't this Milner in Prison yet? That's when he will get what is really coming to him. hopefully a lot worse than a broken nose! I am with Margaritaville88


Congrats, boys! Your video hit the WKYC news at noon. Your parents should be so proud of your 15 minutes of fame.

he said she said

@SamAdams: Thanks. I'm glad I could comfort you.

I wish they would let me alone with him for about 15 minutes. He would have more than a broken nose. And there probably would not be a need for transportation to prison; morgue maybe but not prison.

I knew Baby Owen. He was the sweetest little boy that was just a bundle of love. RIP Baby Owen. Gone but Never Forgotten.

Keep your eyes open in the Jail roster for another Milner. That's his dad. They spend a lot of time together in jail.