Man jumps off bridge for $5

He'll need more than that to get out of jail
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 19, 2014


A man said he jumped off the Port Clinton drawbridge early Sunday when he was offered $5, a Port Clinton police report said.

Jason Steel, 27, of Toledo was arrested for disorderly conduct and inducing panic.

Witnesses later said he was asking for $5 if he would do the deed, the report said.

Officers and Ottawa County deputies were informed of Steel's alleged act, and followed wet footsteps near Drawbridge Marina that led to the Commodore Inn.

They followed the footsteps to the third floor where they found Steel and his wet clothes, the report said.

Steel was taken to the hospital after he said an officer hurt his shoulder, the report said, and later taken to the Ottawa County jail.



Gee. Really? That deserved an arrest?


Emergency crews respond for this instead of being available for a real incident - yes he could have caused a real problem to become a bigger problem. It's still illegal to yell "FIRE" in a crowded theater as well.

lunchtime 175

did the officer hurt his shoulder or did he hurt his shoulder when he went into the water?


I admit that I dared him to do it except for 5 bucks it was supposed to be from the Ambassodor Bridge.


Sorry, I don't believe in criminalizing all of society. Make him pay for the emergency crews.