Business owner investigated for theft

Allegedly stole $5,000 in charitable donations for dying friend
Courtney Astolfi
Aug 14, 2014

A local business owner may soon be arrested for allegedly stealing about $5,000 in charitable donations from his dying friend.

Police have been investigating Timothy Nyman, owner of Black Tie Dance Studio on Perkins Avenue, for about a month, Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman said.

On July 18, family members of Brian Stuckey —who passed away in late December — reached out to investigators, wondering where  thousands of dollars raised for Stuckey's medical expenses had gone.

Wichman began investigating and soon learned Nyman, who was a supposed friend of Stuckey and his family, had agreed to organize fundraisers to aid in his battle against multiple sclerosis, Wichman said.

Nyman opened a bank account in March 2012 under the name "Benefit of Brian Stuckey" and proceeded to host three fundraisers.

Two dance fundraisers were held at the then-headquarters of Nyman's studio: one in April 2012 at the Elks Club on Adams Street, and one in July 2013 at the Knights of Columbus on Columbus Avenue.

A third fundraiser was held at The Elite School of Cosmetology in Norwalk, Wichman said.

On that event's Facebook page, the following was posted under Nyman's personal account name:

"For anyone who does not know Brian: He is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. He has been diagnosed with ALS but is not giving up. He is trying everything he can to wage a battle on his illness (whatever it may be).
As a community anything we can do to stick together and help our locals is a great thing. Hope to see you there."

Between the three events and other donations, Nyman deposited just about $5,000 into the bank account.

Investigators recently obtained a subpoena for bank records, and soon noticed several transfers of cash into Nyman's personal account, Wichman said.

"It appears it was being used for everyday living," Wichman said.

Nyman allegedly made large cash withdrawals of the donated money, totaling about $2,000. He also used the account to finance trips to the gas station, liquor store, restaurants and clothing stores, Wichman said.

The day of Stuckey's death, Black Tie Dance Studio posted "Brian has passed. RIP dear friend." on the business's Facebook page.

About two weeks later, the account had been drained completely and Nyman closed it down, Wichman said.

The detective has made numerous attempts at contacting Nyman, but didn't receive a reply until earlier this week.

Nyman sent Wichman an email, advising that he'd obtained an attorney.

"There's sufficient probable cause to issue warrants," Wichman said Wednesday.

When Nyman is eventually arrested, Wichman said his charges will likely be elevated to a higher degree, due to Stuckey's medical issues.

As of Wednesday night, Nyman had not been located, nor arrested. 


Julie R.

This is disgusting, but $5,000.00? I mean, really? Joe Yost stole $560 thousand and everybody applauded Binette for making him pay back $2,717.00.


One has nothing to do with the other. Obviously.


Sure it underscores the serious disparity in prosecutions of theft crimes depending on the status of the defendant. Yost's crimes affected thousands of people as he stole from the community of Sandusky and his tenants and he stole far more money.

What this man allegedly did is reprehensible but it's a far less serious crime than those committed by Joe Yost who could have faced felony 1 racketeering counts and a mandatory 10 years in prison for the money and resources he stole.


Seems everyone in Obamaville is broke and desperate.


You are such an asehole.


LOL Sugar, no mercy!


Gee, guy runs and out gets himself an attorney. If he's innocent of wrongdoing why wouldn't he bother to get questioned first? Hmmmm....

sandtown born a...

It sounds like he is guilty although the innocent should retain a attorney before the guilty hands down


Oh man! I was in the middle of my dance lessons! What do I do now?


Hoof it... :}


I am a former student, and Timothy stole money from me during
my dance lessons. I left that shady studio a LONG Time Ago!

dire wolf

felony charges should be pending. what a class act this guy must be. shame on anybody that still goes to his dance studio.

JT Adams St

Yep. If he has already been tried by the police and the Register, he must be guilty. Why do we waste all of that money on a courthouse? Last time I checked, the police have never, ever arrested the wrong person. This is open and shut, just like the case Colin Powell made that Saddam was sitting on a big pile of weapons of mass destruction. Airtight. The Perkins police probably have some rocket launchers. Couldn't they just take out his dance studio?

Julie R.

I agree on one thing --- we sure ARE wasting money at that corrupt courthouse!


It's all about the house isn't it Julie?

Julie R.

It sure is and I'm not the only one who knows it. Some long-time Norwalk attorney said Erie County is more corrupt now than it was back when Maschari was a judge and it was corrupt enough back then. Maybe you'll get to be a victim of the arrogant corrupt jokes yourself someday.




Ahhhhhh, our new pinata offered to us to hit with our baseball bats.


Isn't he and his wife the same couple who borrowed money from Erie County to start their "dancing" business? Then, defaulted on the loan???


That's less than 5% of the amount of public money (over $1,000,000) given to the county prosecutor for his private business Island Express only to have the company fail and hose the taxpayers for over $200,000 in back taxes, but no felony charges there.

Julie R.

How about the probate court bringing in their favorite rent-a-judge (Cirigliano) not only to rule in favor of the county prosecutor in matters pertaining to his mother's probate estate, but also to (illegally) seal the records in the estate?


Shady ..shady..shady...You will pay or be setting. Shame on you...Go get real man's job when you get out....


Wow. Not too many things lower, I don't think: Stealing candy from babies, and taking money from dying people. Nice.


What a creep.

thinkagain's picture

pot meet kettle


The "christian" shows his colors.


ALLEGEDLY. I love the way SR wrote this article. he has already been tried and convicted. he tried to start a small business not understanding that there aren't enough people in Sandusky to sustain a business that has utility bills in the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS EVERY MONTH. I wouldn't go near our prosecutor or police dept. without a lawyer either. if he needed money his family has plenty. only women can dance? Astaire, Hines, and all the other MEN that dance ARE real men. Who was the man that wore tights and danced the ballet? I cant spell it but I think its Michal Barishnacof. absolutley a man! good luck mr. Nyman as another poster put it you get to be the piñata of the day!


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Julie R.

Who was the lawyer?

(I saw your comment before they deleted it)


Every bit of our gov, every office, every bureaucrat, every board, fines us, fees us, finds a way to punish us. We didn't follow the rules, we didn't pay on time, we are regulated and taxes to death. Behind it all is LAWYERS. They have rigged everything to benefit themselves.

Julie R.

You're correct about lawyers but the real truth behind that is lawyers can only get away with what the judges and the prosecutor in a county allow them to get away, so wouldn't it make more sense to say it's the judges and prosecutors that are the real problem?


But they're lawyers also.

Julie R.

Judges are supposed to report any unethical and dishonest acts by attorneys that prove they are unfit to practice law and vice versa --- attorneys are supposed to report judges, too. In corrupt Erie County they don't do that because they all work in illegal collusion together.


There may be trouble ahead
But while there's music and moonlight and love and romance
Let's face the music and dance

Before the fiddlers have fled
Before they ask us to pay the bill and while we still have the chance
Let's face the music and dance

Soon we'll be without the moon, humming a different tune and then
There may be teardrops to shed
So while there's moonlight and music and love and romance
Let's face the music and dance


Good on that....

Holding Court



I'm trying to make sense of this. I just don't know what I have a harder time believing.

That this guy was actually married to a woman, or that he stole money from a dying friend?