Cemetery theft suspect in court

Huey accused of stealing items from local graves
Courtney Astolfi
Aug 13, 2014



The Clyde man who was arrested last summer after he allegedly lifted dozens of grave ornaments from area cemeteries may soon have to answer for the crimes.

Jeffrey Huey, 24, now of Solon, but previously of Clyde, made his first Erie County court appearance Monday after having fallen off the judicial map for nearly a year. 

Huey was arrested early last June, after Sandusky police detectives solved a string of thefts plaguing northwest Ohio and portions of Michigan.

After learning of several flower pots, benches, urns and even trees stolen from Oakland Cemetery on Milan Road, investigators installed a hidden camera.

About a week later, they captured Huey stealing a potted palm tree from beside a grave — two trees just like it had already gone missing from the same spot, Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman said last year.

Officials stopped the alleged thief, tree in tow, a few miles down the road. Huey soon admitted to stealing it as well as three other urns, Wichman said.

He then allowed police to follow him to his Clyde home, where dozens of grave ornaments lined the driveway.

Wichman at first thought Huey was scrapping the metal items for cash. But the detective soon developed another theory: Huey considered himself an artisan, Wichman said, and suspected he was re-working the ornaments for re-sale. A Facebook page later revealed Huey was attempting to turn the items around for cash.

Huey was arrested, then indicted by a grand jury last August. He attended his arraignment the next month, but never showed for a hearing in early December, court records stated.

As a result, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Finally, Huey's attorney, Gene Murray, went before Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Binette on on June 25.

Murray told the judge he'd had medical issues at the time of the hearing, arguing that Huey was not to blame for skipping out, court records stated.

Binette ordered that Huey turn himself in on the warrant so court proceedings could resume.

Huey did just that on Aug. 6, and was then placed on house arrest at his Solon home.

He appeared before Binette Monday morning.

No plea deal has been reached in the case, though Erie County assistant prosecutor Aaron Lindsey said the state is considering a diversion program.

Before they agree to that deal, however, the victims will be consulted, Lindsey said.

A final plea date has been set for October 20, and if that does not pan out, a trial is tentatively scheduled for the following week.

Wichman said Tuesday that many of the stolen ornaments have been returned to their rightful places at Oakland Cemetery.

The detective also hand-delivered one missing statue to a Bryan woman.

Other items are in storage at the Milan Road cemetery, Wichman said.



Perhaps making him dig graves for a year, with a shovel, would help change his attitude about stealing what does not belong to him!

From the Grave

Dig his OWN


A shovel ? Make his punk arse dig those graves with a spoon !


"Not in Sandusky, you piece of scum," Some police department would not find the resources to close this deal. Sandusky has an awesome PD.


I'm all about due process but when they have you on camera, follow you with what they seen you steal and see a ton of other stolen items at your home; your more than a suspect.

Left Sandtown

Give him the death penalty!


The five foot tall urn was missing from my great-grandmother's grave. It was not among any of the items recovered. He either sold it or has another stash somewhere. He is a thief. No plea bargan for him.

honest abe

you are one of the victims you need to speak up to the court no gift sentence demand justice for once all victims to speak up btw am very sorry for your loss im sure many people were hurt by this


I'm sure he sold many . Just disgusting.


He should be given a 10 year prison sentence. What makes someone steal from graves? I mean, copper is like $3 a lb. Is it really worth spending hours to make $10. It's more feasible to panhandle outside of the mall. You don't have to work hard and you could make more money. This guy is a loser.


Why is his face posted for all to see. I don't agree with this type of reporting. Let the man learn a lesson, take his punishment, work to pay back everything he stole, and move on with his life. We all don't need to hate on him; he's got enough problems to deal with right now.

honest abe

this young man needs to learn to respect other peoples property if they let him go he will go on to bigger and better things this is not the first time he has done something and got away with it and they never paid any thing back if you knew the family you would know why I say this and now they want to claim its because he is bipolar and was not taken his medicine its time our country teach people right from wrong if their parents cant teach it

honest abe

just wanted to let everyone know his Mom told several people the day he was suppose to show up for court he was packing his clothes and things moved to Brown city Michigan was there for a year now I see he is back in ohio which makes you wonder what he did there that he had to leave there even if there is a warrant out in Michigan its only good there just like while he was there the arrest warrant was only good in ohio just something I learned us honest people don't know these things