Teenager killed in crash

14-year-old girl ejected in one-vehicle crash
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 10, 2014


Release from the Ohio State Highway Patrol

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is currently investigating a single vehicle fatal crash that occurred on SR 105 near milepost 8 in Harris Township. The crash occurred at 1:18 am on Sunday, August 10th.

A 1995 GMC Yukon driven by Austin M. Limpf, 18, of Curtice, Ohio, was westbound on SR 105 when the driver stated he fell asleep. then ran off the right side of the road. The driver overcorrected and ran off the left side of the road then overturned several times ejecting the front seat passenger before coming to final rest on its wheels. Mr. Limpf sustained minor injuries and was taken to Bay Park Hospital by Elmore/Harris EMS where he was treated and released. 
The front seat passenger, a 14 year old female juvenile, was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene.
The crash remains under investigation at this time. Alcohol does not appear to be a factor in this crash. 
SR 105 was closed for approximately 4 hours during the investigation.
The Ohio State Highway Patrol was assisted on scene by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department, the Elmore Police Department, Elmore/Harris fire and EMS, the Ottawa County Coroner’s Office, and Bill’s Towing.


lunchtime 175

Why do newspapers have to make a alert for someone that died in a accident?? Its bad enough for the family let along blasting the news all over the internet on newspapers, etc. Its a shame that newspapers and tv news thrive on tragedy???? My condolences to the family on their loss.


This is news, presented In a solid report, without sensation or opinion. Thank you, Sandusky Register.


I agree.....prayers to the family.

The Bizness

I really don't think it needs to be an alert though. The alert should only be used to important messages.


Fair point, but if that placement gets one extra person to read this story, which appears to be a cautionary tale about wearing seat belts, I can live with that.


why do people think reporting is sensationalism? too big a word? sorry. why do people who can't spell or form a sentence always comment first? news is comprised of good and bad, just like life. unfortunately someone died but it doesn't have to be a secret.


Condolences to the family and to this young driver. What a burden he will bear for the rest of his life.


condolences to both family & friends


Wear your safety belt, it's the law. So sad for both families.


very sad...I am just surprised the SR didn't publish 50 pictures of the car that was in the accident. I am thankful they didn't.


pictures of an accident should be perceived as a lesson to what can happen and not as a shameful thing to hide or as something offensive. published by a newspaper is just a reporting of the facts of an unfortunate event and not a personal affront to anyone. people project their own feelings onto the publication of pictures. I don't know where you or others got this attitude from but I find it ridiculous. I imagine if it had happened in the area that the Register covers, they would have published pictures.

Brick Hamland

prayers to the families. Parents share this article with your teen drivers and make sure they understand how dangerous a vehicle can be. Then hug them and be glad you have them. RIP to this teen and prayers to the family