Erie County beefing up patrols

Extra shifts to seek out drunk drivers
Aug 9, 2014


The Erie County Sheriff's Office scheduled extra deputies to work high-visibility traffic enforcement throughout Erie County, specifically looking for drunk drivers and speeders from middle August through Sept. 1.

Deputies will pay closer attention to motorists on Ohio 4, U.S. 250, Ohio 61, Ohio 60, Ohio 2 and U.S. 6 corridors.

"It is hopes that these efforts will result in a safer trip for those traveling  during what is usually a busy time period on area roadways," according to a related release.



Ironically, the ad next to this headline on the front page was for "BUD LIGHT"!!! Coincidence or is the Register staff sending a subliminal message....

just observing

Wouldn't increased patrols of residential neighborhoods, and business be the goal of the sheriff's department and let the highway patrol look for drunk drivers on state routes.

From the Grave

Why don't they just stop everyone like the coast guard seems to do?

Another Day

Perkins PD just sits at Columbus and Perkins intersection every night, if you do not use your blinkers (even though I do), they will pull you over in the drive-thru at Hy-Miler while getting your gallon of milk for the morning breakfast. Total waste of time, they should be sitting on the surrounding streets and stopping the dragsters , the teenagers who are walking the neighborhoods and causing vandalism and checking out what really is going on in the subdivisions since the crime is about to start up again this fall and Christmas money theft starts now. Watch your doggies, they start stealing them in September, especially the nice cute small ones.