Detective injured in foot chase

Stolen gun recovered in Sandusky
Luke Wark
Aug 9, 2014

Sandusky police recovered a stolen gun Wednesday afternoon after a teen led officers on a foot chase near Franklin and Neal streets.

A 17-year-old Akron boy was charged with felony receiving stolen property, tampering with evidence and obstruction. The teen was also cited for misdemeanor tobacco possession.

Officers were called to the area around 2 p.m. after a caller saw two teens pointing a firearm at someone, then pedal away down Wayne Street, according to a Sandusky police report.

While searching the surrounding neighborhood, officers located the Akron boy and a 19-year-old Sandusky man riding bicycles, who matched the description given by the caller, the report said.

As a cruiser closed in, the boy dropped his bike and allegedly fled on foot between a home.

The teen soon re-emerged however and dropped to the ground.

After he was cuffed, officers found a .25-caliber handgun and magazine ditched in the backyard.

During the chase, Sandusky police Detective Ken Nixon fell, causing a cut that required a few stitches above the eye.

Some cigars were later located in the boy's pocket, and a book bag was found in a separate yard, the report said.

Upon researching the weapon, detectives learned it had been reported stolen out of Sandusky County, Sandusky police Lt. Robert VanScoy said.

The boy was arrested and taken to the Erie County Detention Home. 


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Background check would of stopped this kid from possessing this firearm.

Oh never mind it was stolen like most guns carried by thugs and gang bangers.


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Would you prefer there were no background checks at all? There is no need to check the backgrounds of thugs and gangbangers!


getit right be4...

Yes I would prefer no background checks.

Any more dumb questions?


Along the lines of Jeff Foxworthy.....You know you're a CLUELESS MORON when...deertracker proves he/she is more intelligent than you are.


Yeah background checks. The military does it.


Excellent work, SPD!


Hope Ken is ok !! Our SPD rocks as always !!