Police search for vehicle

Woman left hospital with child, both had low oxygen levels
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 6, 2014


Updated 6:37 p.m.

A grandmother, who was healthy, was with the woman and the child. The grandmother was driving the vehicle when the mother and child left the hospital, said Sandusky Police.

Police officers would still like to check on the welfare of both mother and child, officers said.


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Sandusky police and area law enforcement are urging the public to be on the lookout for a beige Kia Sorrento with Michigan license plate CJQ 3071.

The woman had brought the child to Firelands Regional Medical Center as both were ill on their way to Cedar Point. Both were treated with oxygen and intravenous fluids, but the woman became dissatisfied and left the hospital with the child before being discharged.

Please call 911 with any information



ebola on the loose.....?????


What??? Why would their oxygen levels be low? What were they exposed too ? And why would the hospital care? No one is forced to be treated. Why would the police care?


they already started to treat them. they want their $150 for a tylenol pill..


And took O2 tank with them.


They probably didn't give insurance information or paid, apparently. You CAN leave but you can't leave without providing some kind of payment.


Check another hospital! It is likely they left because of the lack of care given in the dept. I was in Firelands ER a few months ago with family and friends. The staff is completely lacking compassionate care from the time you walk through the front doors until you exit. I was not impressed with the treatment for the patients involved in an automobile accident. Shame on Firelands ER! We all agreed that we will no longer go there for treatment. Fisher Titus or Bellevue may be a better choice! One of the patients was sent out the door with dried blood still on them! Clean up your act Firelands! Horrible experience! Firelands should be worried why these patients took off!


Killer Titus would not be my choice either.


I urge you to go to another ER so that you can experience some other care. You will come running back. Firelands openly asks anyone with a complaint to talk to a patient advocate so that if there is or was a concern, they will address it with the employees involved. Good luck with your future care.


Horrible Experience


I thank god for the staff that was on duty when I went in 3 years ago on fathers day and was having a heart attack. I was in and life flighted out of Firelands in less than 30 minutes. I didn't know I was having a heart attack but the doctor sure did.. Thank You.


People who are in the minority like Righteousness yell the loudest in order to overcompensate for being in the minority.


must of left without paying their deductable


Re: Chirp I have been a patient at the Cleveland Clinic for 15yrs. I have also been caretaker for many people including a stroke victim, traumatic brain injury, retinal detachment, just to name a few. I have traveled to St.Vincent Hospital in Cleveland and Toledo, Cleveland University, Mercy New Life in Lorain, Cleveland Clinic Main and Avon Lake, Ahuja Medical Center in Beachwood, Fairview Hospital, Fisher Titus and Bellevue. I would not consider that minority! Firelands Regional Medical Center has room for improvement. They rank last on my long list for quality in healthcare.


They might be concerned about their well being due to certain lab work, drug testing or something else that could compromise the public if they are driving.

William Jeffers...

Took my 80+ mother there a few years back. I had to fight with the doc to get her admitted as she was being pushed out the door with okay BP and pulse ox. I BEGGED the nurse (who was great) that testing was needed, but she said the doc had all the control, on our way out the door she started vomited blood all over the place, then she was admitted & needed two transfusions. She could have died had she left the building, and we were on the way out the door.

Dwight K.

Firelands saved my life almost 10 years ago


You are going to have people who have had great experiences with Firelands and others who found them inadequate. If you were in ER for maybe broken arm or needing stitches, you probably did have to wait or maybe the staff didn't treat you as if you were on your death bed. But, I've heard when it comes to trauma cases, or necessary surgery, there are one of the best hospitals around.

Dave Degnan

I worked in the ER as a paramedic and I understand that some people may feel that they don't get the treatment they deserve or feel that their needs weren't satisfied, but I have to say that those doctors, nurses, medics, unit coordinators, and orderlies work extremely hard to provide the best medical care possible as well as show compassion when needed. They are true professionals. Yes, there may be workers who don't live up to expectations, but they are eventually weeded out. I too have seen other hospitals and I feel very confident that the sick and injured treated in this ER are given the best care possible and transferred out immediately if needed. I have seen some of the most compassionate acts of kindness from not just ER personnel, but from everyone who comes into contact with the patients during their stay. They do one heck of a job with the resources they have and I know that they would look for your loved ones too if they left the ER before being medically cleared.


I took my husband there a few years ago. he was having spells where he couldn't speak,three times in the ER he did this. he sounded like he was drunk when he spoke. dr. jerk the heart doctor firelands uses said he was faking. three days later he couldn't speak at all I took him to Norwalk. he had a series of strokes that wiped out the speech center of his brain. the doctors said whoever read his MRI in Sandusky didn't know what they were doing. he is still learning to speak and it has been years. he may never recover. thanks firelands.


Why are the police involved!?