Reogas trial delayed again

Coroner not available to testify in bludgeoning case
Courtney Astolfi
Aug 5, 2014


The trial for accused killer Tommy Reogas was pushed back yet again this week, marking more than two years since his alleged victim was found bludgeoned to death in a Wilbert Street home.

Reogas, 36, was slated for a jury trial this week, with jury selection set to commence on Monday.

But last week, the prosecution asked Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Tygh Tone for another delay.

The new trial date is now scheduled for Sept. 22, court employees said.

When they served her a subpoena to appear at trial on July 24, officials learned the coroner who conducted the autopsy on Reogas' alleged victim would not be available to testify as planned, according to court documents.

Dr. Maneesha Pandy of the Lucas County Coroner's Office is out-of-town for most of August, which would've created a massive problem for prosecutors had the case gone forward as scheduled.

Officials tried to record Pandy's testimony before she left the area Aug. 1, but were ultimately unable to due to scheduling conflicts with Reogas' attorney, Ronnie Wingate, the documents stated.

As a result, prosecutors asked for the new date, and Wingate did not object to the change, according to the documents.

This most recent delay is the latest in a series of roadblocks— in November 2013, Reogas' defense attorney fell ill and required surgery.

Another trial date was set for April, but the defense was given additional time to have evidence independently reviewed after a failed attempt to have DNA samples kept out of proceedings.

Reogas has now been behind bars at the Erie County jail for more than two years. He was arrested in July 2012 after officers learned he'd allegedly used a staple hammer to fatally bludgeon John Debski in his west-side home.

Pandy conducted Debski's autopsy soon after, concluding he'd died from multiple blows to the back of the head, police said.

After police initially gathered evidence at Debski's home, Reogas allegedly snuck back inside, where officers later found him hiding and arrested him.

Reogas is facing a multitude of charges, including aggravated murder, kidnapping, felonious assault and aggravated robbery. He'll remain in the Erie County jail without bond until his September court date. 



So what's happened to right to a speedy trial?


Maybe he waived it?


I would say the defendent and his lawyer waived his right to a speedy trial


Not always a wise thing to do!


Not to worry. When they finally do try him, then presumably find him guilty (if he is proven to be so), they may call for the death penalty. If he is sentenced to death for his crime, he'll sit on death row for 25-30 years before any final resolution is provided. Meanwhile, his lawyer can file umpteen appeals, based on all sorts of bull ship excuses (to kill time), and he will be well fed, provided for, and entertained at our expense. If I were any victims family, I would be totally outraged at the blatant incompetence of our legal justice system. Go figure, run by our lame government. Same mentality as the USPS!!


Previous article states that this is not a death penalty trial.




this is not only horrible on the victims family but also on Tommy's children they feel that their father is innocent and he will be coming home soon. The sooner this trial is over the better it will be on both families. both John and Tommy have young children. Today is the two year anniversary of the death of John's children's mother. His 3 under age children lost both their parents within 24 days. And they can't move on with their lives until this trial is over.