Man charged with menacing neighbors

Might have pointed gun at multiple people Sunday
Alex Green
Jul 22, 2014

Witnesses said chaos ensued when a man wielded what they thought was a gun in a mobile home park and pointed it at multiple people Sunday, an Ottawa County deputy's report said.

Bryan McGlothlin, 30, of the 2000 block of E. State Road in Port Clinton, was charged with menacing.

Police received a call about a man who pointed a gun at several people, and they found McGlothlin, who fit the caller's description, the report said.

A toy gun was ultimately found in the area and a firearm never was located, the report said, though it was unclear exactly what was used.

A witness said she found the toy nearby and disposed of it, but she was unsure whether the item was what McGlothlin allegedly pointed at the mobile home residents.

Another man said he heard McGlothlin in an argument with a woman in a nearby mobile home, so he went over to defuse the situation, deputies said.

After the argument, McGlothlin told the man he had a Glock handgun with 18 rounds in it, deputies said. McGlothlin was seen by the man with something strapped in the back waistline of his pants.

Witnesses said McGlothlin approached a different man who ignored McGlothlin and kept walking. A woman said this is when McGlothlin pulled the gun and pointed it at the man and others in the area, the report said.

Deputies said McGlothlin was highly intoxicated and uncooperative when they questioned him on the porch of his mobile home. They said he yelled profanities when they told him he was under arrest for inducing panic.

The reporting officer said he did not feel inducing panic was a fitting charge, and agreed with Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan that McGlothlin should be charged with menacing, the report said.

McGlothlin was taken to Ottawa County jail on $4,025 bond.



Between this mobile home park, Lakeview Estates and Erie Gardens, the police are very busy around here. Then there's the heroin addicts in between that live in other neighborhoods. Always something going on.


Do you expect anything less from mobile home parks? They only bring the best of clientele!


I knoq its been awhile sense I lived in P.C . But the park isnt Fountains Trailer Park . Is it ? I know fountains is on Perry Street . But tgeres a road behind it . Dont recall the name of it .
Fountains has always been a very low key and quiet place to live . But then this was twenty something years ago

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