Coast Guard rescues two people, two dogs

Rescue happened near Middle Bass Island
Jul 21, 2014


The U.S. Coast Guard rescued a pair of people and dogs from a 33-foot pleasure craft around 9:30 a.m. Sunday on the northeast side of Middle Bass Island.

Trouble began once the boat, occupied by two people and two dogs, hit a rocky bottom. The boat began taking on water.

Shortly thereafter, officers aboard a U.S. Coast Guard 32-foot boat, stationed in Port Clinton, responded to the distress call within minutes. A commercial salvage vessel also responded.

Officers transported the two people and two dogs onto their boat, who were all transported back onto the mainland at a U.S. Coast Guard station in Marblehead. The commercial vessel tugged the pleasure craft boat into the mainland.

There were no reports of injuries, medical concerns or signs of pollution. The U.S. Coast Guard did not release the names of those rescued.


Whiskey Tango F...

I blame the DNR for putting those rocks there! Was the horrible poisonous ALCOHOL involved? According to the coast guard there are only accidents when alcohol is involved! This incident was near the border, were the homeland boys involved? Maybe the put in bay police were in pursuit with another frivolous arrest and chased them over these rocks! So many options for such a simple little inbred community.

From the Grave

Doing what they are SUPPOSED to be doing!


Were they wearing helmets?

Whiskey Tango F...

Coasties or the boat operators? Or the dogs? Man so many options. Why no names?