Man shot in eye with BB gun

Incident apparently was an accident
Tom Jackson
Jul 14, 2014


A 21-year-old Sandusky man was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center early Saturday morning after being shot in the right eye with a BB gun pellet.

The man was injured in an incident in 100 block of W. Adams St., near Sandusky Library.

A 24-year-old man was questioned by police and said he did not realize a BB was in the BB gun. He said when he fired the gun at a metal shed, the BB ricocheted off the shed and hit the Sandusky man in the eye.

Police said the Sandusky man was transported to St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo for treatment.



Any info on the Coast Guard drug bust over the weekend?


Probably not, because that is something good that local law enforcement has done.


Ralphie: I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!

Mrs. Parker: No, you'll shoot your eye out.

Darwin's choice



Guess he did. They warned him.


I bet you couldn't do it again


I know WHO the shooter IS and I also know WHO the victim IS. If the Sandusky Register wants ANY information, PLEASE contact me at.


There is a liar among this story. I have details.


Hahaha baby I bet you do


@justwow ......... The shooter's name is Jeremy Champion. He lives on Jackson Street. The victim's name is Justin Harris.

The liar I was referring to IS Jeremy.

If you read the Sandusky Ohio Police Report, the officer that responded to this incident KNEW 2-3 times that Jeremy Champion WAS lying and NOT being truthful with him.


That's the link to the police report.