Suspended officer’s trial continued

Windnagel to stand trial in July on domestic violence
Alex Green
May 25, 2014


Suspended Carroll Township police Officer William Windnagel’s trial was continued for a second time this week.

He was granted more time because he recently switched attorneys, according to his new attorney, Tom DeBacco.

Windnagel is set to stand trial in July on a domestic violence charge.

Last November, Ottawa County deputies were called to Windnagel’s Oak Harbor home, where they found his then-girlfriend partially clothed and hysterically crying, according to a deputy’s report.

She told deputies Windnagel forcefully held her against a couch, demanding to know who she had told about his extensivepornography collection. A USB drive containing Windnagel’s pornography was sent to a Toledo crime lab for analysis, the deputy’s report said.

Investigators determined the pornography was legal because it did not contain content of minors, only adults pretending to be children.

Ottawa County Detective Amanda Cross said the subjects of the pornography acted childish by holding teddy bears or wearingschoolgirl outfits. Technology at the crime lab was able to determine the subjects were not children, Cross said.

Windnagel’s original attorney recently came under fire for allegations of harassment. The victim said the attorney repeatedly showed up to her workplace, asking her to drop the charges, according to a Port Clinton police report.

DeBacco said he’s unsure if this is why Windnagel changed attorneys.

“They were lifelong friends,” DeBacco said. “They couldn’t work the case out, and (Windnagel) wants to fight (the case)”

Windnagel is on unpaid leave with the Carroll Township police department.

Police Chief Jody Hatfield said he will let the trial play out before any decision is made regarding Windnagel’s employment. His trial is slated for July 10.


Stop It

Why is his choice of porn looking like under aged girls? I don't care if it's real child porn or not, that's just sick.

Ralph J.

He appears to have a fetish for little girls.


The really offensive issue is the fact that his prior attorney was stalking and harassing the victim in this case in efforts to get her to drop the charge in violation of RC 2921.04 (intimidation of a witness in a criminal proceeding) a felony of the third degree; and Mulligan did nothing to protect his witness and victim in the case.

It's just another example of Mulligan's hostility to the rights of victims especially women and children when the alleged predator is well connected such as a police officer.


WOW, Just WOW.