UPDATED: Police search for robbery suspects

Woman was bound in her home, but was able to call law enforcement
Courtney Astolfi
May 15, 2014


A Sandusky woman in her 70s was ambushed in her own garage Wednesday morning, bound with duct tape and robbed of her pricey jewelry.

Two men made off with an undisclosed amount of valuables, and police are still searching for them. 

“This was not a random act,” Sandusky police Detective Dana Newell said.

Nellie Lee Dauch was getting ready for work at about 7:30 a.m. at her Pinewood Drive condominium when she stepped outside, opened her garage door and began to slip on her boots, said Don Dauch, the victim's son. 

Two men — described to officials as a short white man and tall light-skinned black man, both in dark clothing — stormed into the woman's garage. They bound the woman's mouth and limbs with duct tape, carried her inside and threw her onto the bed, Newell said.

Their sole target appeared to be the expensive jewelry Lee Dauch was known to don.

“They threatened to kill her if she didn't tell them where her jewelry was,” Dauch said. 

The pair ripped a necklace off her neck and stripped her fingers of her rings. They fruitlessly attempted to steal one of the rings, which they couldn't yank off her finger due to arthritis, Dauch said. 

The men also looted a jewelry container inside the home. 

The only other item apparently stolen from the home was a checkbook that was in Dauch's purse. Curiously, the thieves left more than $100 cash and Dauch's credit cards untouched. 

Once they stole what they were after, the men fled on foot. Dauch then managed to wriggle out of the tape and call police. 

Sandusky police swarmed the area, and Venice Heights Elementary School was placed on lockdown until officials determined there was no longer a threat, Newell said. 

Dauch's relatives speculated the men were lying in wait, scoping out her house until they saw an opportunity to enter. The house is protected by an alarm system, Dauch said, and he believes the suspects waited for his mother to open the garage so as not to trip the alarm. 

Dauch said investigators are now searching for the possible getaway vehicle. Police believe the suspects were familiar with the victim, as does Dauch. “She had a lot of expensive jewelry," Dauch said. "To me, they were specifically targeting the jewelry."

In the two decades the woman has called Pinewood Drive home, she's never had problems and never dealt with breaking and entering, Dauch said. 

Though she was not outright assaulted during the invasion, Dauch later went to Firelands Regional Medical Center for back pain, from when the men threw her onto the bed. She was shaken but will recover, her son said. 

Newell and Sandusky police officers, meanwhile, were tight-lipped about the incident. Newell acknowledged Dauch was bound and that the men stole her valuables. He declined to comment on particulars because detectives are still in the throes of their investigation. 

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation agents assisted Sandusky police at the scene. 

Anyone with information is urged to call 911 or Sandusky Police at (419)627-5863



omg. what's next?


What a turd


unassumer... Simple.. more of this and worse.


While law enforcement target seat belt violators.....

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Its true.


SCUM OF THE EARTH!!!!! Get the he!! out of our town!!!! Can't stand the fact that this once nice little town has so much TRASH living here anymore!

dont get it

I agree 100%

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47% yes, 47% that's right, 47% rental property!


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Pitiful! In her 70's and still going to work and this scum does this to her~ GET A JOB!!


If her son finds out who these thugs are, it will be over immediately.


This story sounds like a horror movie. I can't imagine what the lady went through. I have always been an advocate of the elders in all of the communities I have lived in over the years.

But, to be completely open...the story has me a little puzzled and somewhat skeptical. I don't mean to be insensitive and I apologize if I am coming across that way. But...my intuitive radar has been summoned.

Maybe I'm the only one who feels that way. Something just doesn't 'feel' right. I guess...we will have to wait to hear how the investigation unfolds. Again, I don't mean to sound insensitive. This is just one of those curious news stories.

Julie R.

I'm somewhat skeptical, too. Something doesn't sound right.


I agree. Has to be more to this story. I too hope the lady is okay but it is not wise to floss. It attracts criminals. You never know exactly who is watching you.

he said she said

@Pragmatic, I somewhat agree with you.

While I'm glad that the woman is going to be ok, I have to wonder why, in times like they are now, someone would wear expensive jewelry to anywhere...alone. I know crime can happen at anytime to anyone, but thugs will target who they think are weak.

I don't fault those that can afford expensive things but sometimes, wearing costume jewelry is just as beautiful and safer.


They'll still cut your finger off for a fake diamond.. they are not gemologists.

All they see is bling.


Desperate Predators are very observant.
And the victim should have more common sense.
There is a teachable moment here......
i hope they check the local gas station video cameras. I'm sure these yahoo's needed a forty, blunt, stem, or something.
They'll be caught soon.... Who's gonna buy the jewelry.


So its her fault that she likes nice things (and obviously works hard for them) and likes to show them off? NO NO NO!!! Its all the robbers fault.... NONE of Ms. Dauchs'!!


Agreed, RNR!


Nice reporting job, no description of the thugs?


If the lady has a cleaning service or lawn service provider, check with them they sometimes scout out these places for their thug buddies.

fed up in 44870

is it me or is this story just a neon light flashing alot of information for future robberies of this woman..too much info in my book


My first thought was to first get in the car, lock the car doors and then open the garage door and reverse the process when coming home to make sure no one is hiding nearby.

She could have been observed in a checkout line at a grocery store or a hundred other different scenarios.

Thankfully all she lost this time was stuff and not her life. These two could be the same criminals that killed Mr. Martin for all anyone knows.

dont get it

reading signs...that was my first thought, if i remember correctly, there were 2 guys, one was tall and the other was shorter. Also I live close by, not in the condo's or apartments, but close. I also know Lee and have known her for over 25 yrs. Yes,she earns nice salary,and works very hard for it.Some people on here, are insinuating maybe it was a set-up,if this should happen to you, I hope you get the same reaction....smh

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The thieves left MORE than $100 cash behind? Specifically targeting the jewelry? WTH did they run off to?


How many of you would have shot these guys?... or believe that she should have... Just a question.


Don't be "flashy & Bling'in" - it's a neon sign that says rob me... Especially when someone is older & more vulnerable. I don't care who you are or how hard-working or honest or Christian or anything. Personally i think she has played a part in this - as far as making herself a target.
Hello .... U can live in a fantasy world all you want but in reality their are ADDICTS & desperate people everywhere.
Keep Bling'in .... Just don't be surprised when you're targeted.


Why did I have to search the Register site for this article? I would think this story would be front page news.