Police: Man attacks wife, teenage son

A Milan man was arrested early Tuesday after he allegedly attacked his wife and the couple’s son was forced to intervene
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 9, 2014


Charles Greenberg, 48, Milamar Drive, was charged with two counts of domestic violence. It was just after midnight when Milan police and Erie County deputies were called to the family’s Milamar Drive home, according to a deputy’s report.

Greenberg’s wife told deputies that Greenberg locked her out of their bedroom, forcing her to climb through a window to gain entry, the report said.

But when she made it inside, Greenberg hopped out of bed and allegedly began to assault her. At first, Greenberg pushed thewoman, but then he began punching her, the report said. Deputies later observed her nose appeared broken.

The couple’s 17-year-old son stepped in between them during fight, prompting Greenberg to grab his shirt and punch his face. The teen fought back and each time Greenberg began to charge at his son, the boy punched him in self-defense.

Greenberg told police his wife and son climbed through the window and attacked him.

He could not explain his wife’s injured nose.

Greenberg remains in the Erie County jail.



Not to side with this idiot, because he deserves to be in jail for hitting his wife. But for pete's sake, the man likely locked himself in his bedroom to get away from her, and instead of leaving him alone to cool off she decides to go through the bedroom window? Did she actually believe that doing this wouldn't add fuel to the fire? Let's face it, if a man did the same and gained entry to a locked room where the wife was trying to get away from him, he would also be in jail. I think there is more to the story, and I believe the wife was ticked off about something and wouldn't just leave it alone, then she climbed in the window and probably started assaulting him. He!! hath no fury like a woman scorned.


I have to say that your version sounds like the truth.

Justin G

First of all, im his 19 year old son who actually took care of this. And he took her phone cigs and keys away and was verbally abusing her before the incident. she did not add fuel to the fire. it is pretty idiotic to assume stuff when you dont know the whole story, it says a lot about yourself...

Stop It

Looks like you got a few good right pops in. The whole left side of his face is swollen. Good on ya. Glad you were there.


Daaang ! He must have used his face to beat on his son's fist !


Dragger...I thought the same thing. Why didn't she just leave him alone to cool off but no lets just stir the sh..it up and see what happens.

Justin G

No one stirred anything up, refer to comment above. Use ur brain and stop assuming


Your best bet is to quit posting if you are the son because his attorney will pull all of your postings and then use them against both you and your mother in court. Best thing to do is let the court sort it out and don't risk your moms case by responding to people on here. Everyone has an opinion, it's just an opinion. The truth will come out. Bottom line is once he went to the room and locked the door you should have called the cops. Entering through the bedroom window makes it look like your mom wouldn't let it go and wanted to continue the fight.

Justin G

i agree and apologize for coming off like that. thank u for the advice, its just the whole situation aggravates me, and the comments about my mother dont help, but youre right everyone has an opinion once again i apologize. Just no excuse for putting your hands on a female, especially your wife just because of his own personal problems


I bet the is wife problem. My friend got struck in his face by his wife. He called the cops & me. When cops showed up they asked if she could spend the night @ my house. They did tolerated her actions. If roles were reversed he would have went to jail. Double standard.

Justin G

Refer to comment above and stop assuming. Is it fair for a husband to continuously verbally and physically abuse his wife for years? And control her? let alone take away her keys, cigs, and phone that she all paid for?


That's a man?


Whoa! I was confused as well.... Thought I might be the only one.




A more important thing to ask is "Why does he abuse?"

By focusing on the survivor instead of the abuser, we are unintentionally blaming the survivor for the abuse. Turning that responsibility from men who are perpetrating the violence to women, who are receiving it, is an example of the systematic oppression towards women in our culture that ensures violence against women. If you are being abused at home, you are not alone call Safe Harbour Domestic Violence Shelter 419-626-2200 for help.


An abused woman usually does not climb through a window to again face her abuser and keep the fight going. Sounds to me like there was some mutual abuse going on.

Bottom Line

Is that Sloth from The Goonies?

Locoboriqua1970's picture

Looks like a week beaten transvestite prostitute.... Jr. did a number on ole dad. Good job Jr.


ha! i hope his family saves his picture. frame it and hang it up at home. it is suitable for framing..

Justin G

i commented the whole story of what really happened ABOVE...funny how the police are unable to get a story correct.

Justin G



Episodes of problem drinking and incidents of domestic violence often occur separately and must be treated as two distinct issues. Neither alcoholism nor drugs can explain or excuse domestic violence.


Dang dude ! How many times did you bust your old man ? Good for you for protecting your Mom....now both of you get away from his drunk a$$ and don't look back. I speak from experience.

Justin G

thanks man