Lifesaving heroes given gratitude

Tow truck driver thanks law enforcement for saving his life
Luke Wark
Mar 19, 2014


Scott Farrell thanks Erie County Sheriff Deputy SGT Steve Hammersmith and Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper Shane Zehnder following a short award ceremony at the OSHP Sandusky post on Tuesday.

Zehnder and Hammersmith saved Farrell's life in January when they worked together to apply a tourniquet to his leg after he was struck by an oncoming vehicle while responding with a wrecker truck to a crash on Ohio 2 near Huron.

Click HERE for an On the Job story with Tpr. Zehnder



Boy... NO KIDDING....

Mr. Farrel is very lucky to be alive...

Reading about what happened that day was heart wrenching. People just don't realize that when there is activity on the side of the road to give it plenty of room at reduced speed. This involves "situational awareness", in this case looking ahead and making adjustments.... not being surprised when 50 ft away.

Please be aware of this.


Scott is my brother and these two officers are True Heros!!!! My family and I will be forever thankful to them.


Hey Keli, tell Scott his favorite slowest detailer of all time is thinking of him, I used to work for him at Cj's My name is Ken.