Border Patrol agent found dead

A cleaning crew found a U.S. Border Patrol agent dead Sunday morning in the weight room at the agency’s regional facility in Port Clinton, Ottawa County officials said.
Alex Green
Jan 14, 2014


Border Patrol agent Scott Schoen, 30, died of natural causes, Ottawa County coroner Daniel Cadigan said.

A cleaning crew found Schoen’s body at about 7:40 a.m. Sunday lying face-up next to a pool of blood, according to Ottawa County deputies.

“The pool of blood was not unusual for someone who died of cardiac arrest or something similar,” Cadigan said.

A Border Patrol agent in the building attempted to resuscitate Schoen for several minutes, as did paramedics who soon arrived from North Central EMS, deputies said. He was quickly taken to Magruder Hospital in Port Clinton, where he was pronounced dead. “There are no suspicions of foul play” Cadigan said.

A Border Patrol watch commander said Schoen recently told his wife he was having chest pains while working out, deputies said. Officials from the U.S. Border Patrol did not return messages seeking comment.



So sad, anytime a seemingly healthy 30 year old man has chest pains Get to the ER. Pronto.

Stop with the macho pride and the "tough it out" attitude .

Yes it may be a pulled muscle Always err on the side of caution.

So sad.


I agree that if one has anything that seems like chest pains then go to hospital asap but I doubt a pulled muscle is anything like chest pains. Prayers to the family.


double post


A pulled chest muscle hurts like a mo-fo. So does muscle inflammation around the chest area. Both can cause cramping. Had to call a squad for two people in unrelated situations ( one of which was my mom) Scary as hell. They gave them nitro as a precaution. And as I recall they both broke out in a sweat.


Careful Star, mo fo is ebonics talk!


Well, Deer, then you know how bad the pain was, besides I cannot repeat the words my Ma used - on here. Pig Latin's too obvious. And I don't know the German version.