War on drugs in local schools

A routine drug sweep at Sandusky High School landed three students criminal charges Friday, according to Sandusky police.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 23, 2013


While searching the school’s lockers, 12 police dogs discovered the following items in three separate lockers: a marijuana grinder, a small amount of marijuana and larger amounts of marijuana wrapped in three separate pieces of plastic.

The students assigned the lockers were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and preparation of drugs for sale. The latter charge is a fourth-degree felony, while the possession charges are minor misdemeanors.

Police transported the arrested students to the Erie County Detention Center.

Perkins police searched Perkins High School with 12 police dogs Friday but said they didn’t find any drugs or drug paraphernalia.


Tru Grit

Wow stupid kids.


I am back because of popular demand that I should keep on posting my comments.

"While searching the school’s lockers, 12 police dogs"

12 police dogs???????????

Here is an idea. Take those 12 police dogs and sniff out the Erie County Prosecutor's office and all homes of attorneys connected to the Erie County (OHIO) Prosecutor's office. That would be a start to corrupt Erie County, Ohio.

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Julie R.

"Take those 12 police dogs and sniff out the Erie County Prosecutor's office and all homes of attorneys connected to the Erie County (OHIO) Prosecutor's office. That would be a start to corrupt Erie County, Ohio."

That was excellent!




Where is attorney Buff?


How many of you miss my comments?

Señor Clown

I miss any of the regulars, whether or not I agree with their opinions. In this case, I agree 100% - what a wasted effort to find a piddly amount of pot and paraphernalia. High school students smoking pot? The audacity!!!


I could tell you much about TONS of drugs enroute to Erie County, Ohio with POLICE assistance.

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I don't miss them at all.


I am certain there is a coverup at Perkins. It may be as simple as "we are having a drug search on a specific date at a specific time. Make sure you are CLEAN!" Enough said!!!


"I am certain there is a coverup at Perkins"

I can tell you about a LOT of coverups in Perkins
(Perkins Township within corrupt Erie County, OHIO)

What do you want to know?


Why does Perkins have to have a coverup because there was none found? I don't think so, if there was something found I'm sure we would have found out. And I know for a fact they don't tell the students " we are having a drug search on a specific date at a certain time". !


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Your comment tells me about the future of the SR blogs and comments. I find much humor on Youtube. But I find you to be a simpleton.


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Or perhaps I was tested above the 95% of my class in intelligence when I was 16 years old?

That was back in the 1960s. 50 years later I try to help the victims of the powers that be. I am no fan of MENSA.


What is your issue with Mensa? I ask honestly because my 6 year old niece is now a member of Mensa and skipped 2 grades.

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I thought that comment was great! I laughed so hard I cried! long fart! LMAO.


It was great. He must have took it personally because he was still thinking about it 4 days later. I was just Makin a funny.


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Perhaps a long fart could be a shart? :)

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btw... ask EJ, and Chris P


The 4th Amendment was written SPECIFICALLY to prevent and forbid this specific search! It was written to stop the abuse of "writ of assistance', they were general warrants that never expired and which allowed sheriffs or other officials to just search what they felt necessary, and later the abuses became evident. This general warrant was one of the main issues as to why we broke away from Britain! Madison, Jefferson and others said, "NO, this can't happen, we are a FREE society". The 4th Amendment was specifically written to FORBID general search warrants which these public officials did to this school! Because most citizens have never read their Constitution and Bill of Rights they are ignorant and allow these cops, TSA, FBI, ATF, NSA and Homeland Security to search EVERYTHING! Russia now has more rights than we.


Lockers are school property.


While you are correct Truth, you are wrong about searches like these. This property is not the students, nor the parents. Its the schools property and they can conduct searches like this all they want without ever getting into legal trouble.

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Go live in Russia truth.


3313.20 Rules - locker search policy
(a) Search any pupil's locker and the contents of the locker that is searched if the principal REASONABLY SUSPECTS that the locker or its contents contains evidence of a pupil's violation of a criminal statute or of a school rule;
b) Search any pupil's locker and the contents of any pupil's locker at any time if the board of education POSTS IN A CONSPICUOUS PLACE IN EACH SCHOOL BUILDING that has lockers available for use by pupils a notice that the lockers are the property of the board of education and that the lockers and the contents of all the lockers are subject to random search at any time without regard to whether there is a reasonable suspicion that any locker or its contents contains evidence of a violation of a criminal statute or a school rule.

"Schools Have Authority To Search Lockers"


"However, a recent Ohio appeals court decision found that the second part of the Ohio law was unconstitutional. In making that decision, the court relied on the 1985 ruling of the United States Supreme Court in New Jersey."

"And how does this apply to “sniffer dog” cases?"

Most Wanted

I find it a little sad that any of you find it ok or a joke that any type of a drug was found in a students locker at school. Regardless of your thoughts on marijuana, school is not the place for it. It's not ok. The point is not how they found it. It's that it was found in a school. It was either in the locker to be sold or used in a school of learning. Lockers are provided to students to store their books and coats...not drugs.


Again this proves why weed needs to be legal. Talk to people under 21. They will tell you it is easy to get weed - harder to get beer. (No I don't advocate the use of weed in school either)


Agreed 18 and up.


I don't see any problem with the drug bust. I have a kid and other relatives in Sandusky schools. If you are dumb enough to bring drugs into school you should go to jail. They have been doing these types of searches since I was in school.

pigeon farmer

Why not run a drug sweep during a school board meeting or during parent teacher conferences? Zero tolerance is zero tolerance. The city and county commissioners meet in public buildings. Lock them inside and bring on the dogs.

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Nothing but a Draconian Police state that ignores the 4th Amendment. Nothing to see here. Why were these brave officers not out fighting actual crime?