Triple homicide suspect arrested

UPDATED: He surrendered to police at a home at 611 S. Park Ave.; offered no resistance. Press conference set for 2 p.m.
Mar 10, 2014


UPDATE 12:10 p.m.

Two Fremont police officers arrested Igmidio "Roger" Mista at 9:29 this morning.

"The officers knocked on the door and were met by a relative of the suspect," a news release from Fremont police states. "(Mista) then came up to he door as the officers were on the porch."

Mista was taken to the police department, where he was served charges. 

Mista asked for an attorney, police said, and was not questioned. 

UPDATE: Monday, March 10, 10:10 a.m.

Igmidio "Roger" Mista, 33, has been arrested according to Chief Tim Wiersma of the Fremont Police Department. More details to follow

UPDATE: Monday, March 10, 9:25 a.m.

Fremont police issued an arrest warrant early today charging Igmidio Mista, 33, with 3 counts of murder in the shooting deaths of three people at a Fremont bar early Sunday morning. 

Police ask anyone with information about him to contact the Fremont Police Department at 419-332-6464 or the United States Marshal's Office at 1-866-492-6833.



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Such a smug mugshot


A.k.a "puppet" <---- street name


Check out the tattoo places, he is probably sitting in there getting his three teardrop tats.


check out the duck face. with those cover girl lips he may be too busy to get a tat..


He's in custody. WTOL 11 released a statement already. They win, Register loses! Lol


@babymomma aint cool j your babydaddy


Not sure what that means. So yea, of course he is. Is og supposed to be original gangsta? Because that's pretty funny if so. You see what being a gangsta gets you, a triple murder charge!


Suspect arrested this am.


Suspect arrested this am.


My necklace!


My goodness to kill three people. Amazing how a person can do this kind of terrible thing.


I figured he was halfway to Mexico by now..


He's filipino from what I've been told.


I'm glad they got him and I hope he never gets out of jail. He was a time bomb waiting to go off and did. Boom.


Technically, he's a cop killer , off duty or on, makes no difference. Probably gonna be in jail for awhile.

Whiskey Tango F...

Rapists are beaten in jail, cop killers are held high and respected in our prison system. We need a different type of punishment... Maybe since he likes guns, a firing line is in order... I will donate the bullets!


I'll be a gunman


Sounds good to me.

Simple Enough II

I disagree, he was just another moke out in a bar on a Saturday night.. excuse me Sunday morning. I'd like to know if he was carrying his off duty firearm while drinking in a bar... I liked the tv13 shots showing the latino or Mexican gal setting on the steps (I actually think it was the store front next door)with the flowers and such, what a nice staged photo opportunity...sniff..sniff.


Why are you so stupid. How do you know this was staged.


I drove by the vigil last night on my way back home. I saw the girl sitting on the steps, it wasn't staged. I saw no one taking pictures of anyone. Believe it or not, they were GENUINELY upset!

Simple Enough II

Duh, we get that, I travel through there just about everyday, when I went by mid afternoon there were only a few flowers & such on the door steps. Now I ask you what good does a vigil or whatever it is called outside the bar where they were murdered?


I disagree with YOU. Facts are the gentleman was a COP. Another was a SOLDIER. Just because you go out on the weekend to celebrate your birthday does not mean you suddenly lose your career.


One of them has been arrested for trafficking drugs, marijuana and heroin.

Just because they are dead, doesn't turn them into instant saints.

There is something to be said about, the company you keep. Especially as an officer of the law. (even if you are related.)

What if there was a Perkins cop inside the Outlaws clubhouse during a shooting? Wouldnt that raise some questions, about the crowd your with? The Last Call is not an Applebee's kind of bar, or a Chud's type bar.

We have all said on here that LE officers should be held to a higher standing. Let's face it, look at the crowd that night, how many felons where in that place?


So when a cop goes out at night he is supposed to run everyone's background check before he sits down to have a drink with buddies? Make sure there are no felons in the bar? I mean heck there could NEVER be a felon at Applebee's right?

Simple Enough II

I never said he should lose his career (where the he77 do you come up with that? Now as for the question was he carrying, was he drinking? Did anything take place where the shooter may have seen the cops gun if he had one? One thing for sure, the shooter had to be one PO'd to get a pistol, come in the side enterance and shoot 4 people.


Try to keep up with me here. The man slapped the officers wife while his and her family was in the bar. All the people killed were unarmed. He was pushed out of the bar and reopened the door and started shooting. As far as the drug charges, still doesn't mean they should die for something in their past. This wasn't a drug deal gone bad, this was a birthday celebration that turned deadly because someone thought someone else was talking smack about them. Senseless act of violence that claimed the lives of three men, two of which died in front of their wives. Let that sink in for a minute.


The comment started when someone stated the shooter was a "cop killer". Your reply, was "I disagree, he was just another moke out in a bar on a Saturday night." You make it sound like he was no longer a cop just because he went out on the weekend. That being off-duty on your day off, or on the weekend some how makes you not a cop. As far as if he had his weapon. From most of the cops I know.....not a ONE OF THEM would risk their career to carry their weapon into a bar and drink. He was celebrating his birthday and probably knew he would be having a drink or two. (just so I am not blasted this is my own personal opinion and only for the people I personally know and not all cops.)


Just allow one of the family members of the victims to shoot the SOB. Be done with him now.


that haircut should be a felony. jesus..

pigeon farmer

Remove all useable organs then put the animal down.


They might not be usable.

4-wheeler al

not a us citizen they will send him back to the Philippines if convicted.


looks like he is having a b.m. to me, I'm sure he doesn't regret all of this, just another step in a long career in the big house, Filipino gangs.


With a streetname of "Puppet" makes me wonder who pulls his "strings". Rumor is he is in a gang. Does he "work" for someone? He showed up in court with is pant leg pushed up. Still trying to be all bada$ $ . Seems to be nothing more than "little man syndrome".


Great job LE!! Stay safe!!!! It's a NUTTY world!!

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Locoboriqua1970's picture

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc..

Darwin's choice

Nice haircut. Looks like the brush drywallers use to texture ceilings...


Scary world !!


One of god's children.

Ned Mandingo

So is the off duty officer from another town going to be a "hero" because he got shot in a dive bar? Or is he a victim now like everyone else?


What's in the corners of his mouth?


Looks like a cross dresser without the wig. Is he wearing lipstick??? Serious looks like he chopped his hair to wear a wig and put on lipstick. Keep those dsl's nice and red.....he will need them for where he is going!!!