Three dead in Fremont bar shooting

Elmore police officer among those killed; fourth victim from bar shooting, and fifth victim in an unrelated shooting both flown to a Toledo hospital
Mar 9, 2014

10:45 a.m. update: Names of dead released — Fremont police released the names of three people who were killed in a 1:30 a.m. shooting this morning at the Last Call Cantina in Fremont: 

The dead are: 

• Jose Andy Chavez, 26, an Elmore police officer

• Ramiro Sanchez, 28

• Daniel Ramirez,  25

A fourth person was injured in the Last Call shooting and flown to a Toledo hospital. His condition is unknown. He is: 

• Ramiro Arreola, 25.

A fifth person was flown to a Toledo hospital after an unrelated shooting about two hours later and his condition is unknown. He is:

• Cardall Beachum, 44

Click HERE for photos from the scene early Sunday morning

Earlier updates

Three people were killed in Fremont overnight when a gunman opened fire inside the Last Call Bar on West Sate Street.

"Two were pronounced dead at the scene," a news release from the Fremont Police Department states.

A third person died later at Fremont Memorial Hospital, and a fourth victim who was shot was flown to a Toledo Hospital.

There was a second shooting at about 3 a.m. in the area of the Night RIders Motorcycle Club in the 200 block of Allen Street, police said. Nobody was located after police went there, but a male later showed up at the Fremont Memorial Hospital suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

That man who was shot in the second incident refused to provide police information about what happened.  

The two incidents appear unrelated, police said, and they are still searching for the shooters involved.

A  person who contacted the Register said an off-duty Elmore police officer was among the dead. 

The woman told the Register she was at a restaurant when she heard about the shooting. 

"I was at Denny's eating when everybody started talking about this shooting," she said. "I drove by and there were 17 police cars, local, the sheriff and the state police there."

She said she was told a bouncer at the bar was killed, along with an off-duty Elmore police officer.

An Elmore police cruiser was among the many police cruisers she saw at the Last Call when she drove past the bar.  A body was still lying in a doorway, she said. 

The shooting at the Last Call occurred at about 1:30 a.m., police said, and the suspected gunman was described as a short male.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact the Fremont Police Department at 419-332-6464.

Detective Sgt Bliss and det. Captain Wolf are investigating. 

Check back here for updates as they become available.



what do you call what you are doing, giving advice?


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NO reading signs, you DON"T have a point. The price reflects a discount for a "couple" meaning pair, not spouse. Also if you're that simple minded, you shouldn't be allowed to carry a CCW or CHL. Your comment has to be one of the most ridiculously ignorant, comment I've ever seen. What a joke!


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My intelligence is not in question. Those of you who are attacking my opinions by calling me names are an example of how violence escalates. I gave my opinion on something that I believe to be wrong and you have no compassion, understanding or strength of character to discuss it with me.

rbenn is really angry and it has nothing to do with me. I stand by what I said and I am not a gun owner, nor will I ever be. Next time, people, trying putting yourself in the other persons place. Anger and violence are a cry for help.


Yes I do have a point and I stand by what I said. I do not call anyone names to make them feel less than someone else and you might do well to change your attitude.


I'm glad you like my sense of humor. We could all do with a few more laughs so people will stop shooting each other to make a point.


I'm sure Mr. Colvin would be willing to consider a "couple" any 2 people who signed up for the class together. Not necessarily "single" as in married status. I believe it maybe should just have been worded differently. Single/Double, 1 person, 2 people, etc.


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Wow.... I bet you are totally ready to defend yourself after that. SMH


This is the reason I haven't done CCW classes for years, even though I have the NRA instructor certificate. Many if not most folks who take the training either have rarely shot a hand gun, or never shot a hand gun. If you aren't already competent handling and shooting a handgun you shouldn't have a CCW. But that is my opinion, the law doesn't state that, but my personal principals do.

That said most CCW's are not used. If they get a handgun it is rarely carried, but I don't want to know that some fool who can't handle a handgun is carrying and I passed them for his CCW. Especially if he uses it and shouldn't have. Like martial arts, golf, or even shooting pool , if you don't practice and learn, you might hit the ball, but that does not mean you can play on a pool league level, let alone a Minnesota Fats level.


It is good to know that you have these principles, too bad a lot of the others don't. Some of my posts may suggest that I am anti-gun, but that isn't true. I just don't like to see so many of these fools acting like a CCW or an arsenal is the answer to everything. And not knowing how to responsibly handle firearms, or having the sense to keep them away from small children or family members who are mentally unstable is becoming a big problem. I really think there should be age-appropriate gun safety education for children, just like they do with fire drills and the talking to strangers warnings. Teaching them that there is a difference between a toy and the real thing, etc. Maybe then they will grow up with some sense about firearms, unlike many of their parents with the glamorized vigilante attitudes.


Who are all these people you are referring to? I have never witnessed anyone with a CHL acting like billy bad butt and threatening to use their gun. You say so many and I call BS.

And there are age appropriate gun safety classes available all over this state.


You can call BS all you want. I'm not naming names or trying to start an argument. Maybe you don't see and hear what I do.

As for the gun safety, I am suggesting something in schools, like they do with Fire Safety week. Have a veteran or police officer give some facts to all the kids.


I think you are overreacting. With the amount of CHL currently in this state, there are far more upstanding citizens who you would never know are packing a CHL, let alone a gun vs those who act all big and bad as you say.

Im not reading about CHL citizens shooting people in the papers daily. I have and continue to read about non law abiding criminals using deadly force daily in the papers.


I am not targeting CHL (CCW) citizens or responsible gun owners. Maybe that is the impression I gave. What I do not like to see, is this bandwagon people want to jump on, every time there is a shooting, robbery, or some kind of trouble. Read through some of the comments, you may see what I mean. I see it on other posts, social media, and other news sources. Many have a George Zimmerman mentality and very short fuses. There are many, many accidental and preventable shootings that occur because people have the idea that they must be armed, and have not just one gun, but an arsenal. I have seen plenty of pictures on Facebook, family pictures of little kids with cute pink guns, and that to me is sickening. I am against the whole movement and paranoia that because there is a Second Amendment, it must be taken to the extreme and waved in everyone's face. It would be a whole lot smarter to not advertise the fact that you have them at all. Let the bad guy get a surprise.


I couldn't agree with Grumpy's post more. Perfectly said. Absolutely perfect.


Nothing good ever happens after 1:30am, too many morons can't fight anymore so they have to shoot....and they end up involving innocent people...

he said she said

I have a question. Why does someone always throw in religion when something bad happens? I'm not knocking anyone who is religious but not all people go to church, believe in God, or read the Bible. You can't teach religion to someone who has no interest in learning it. I'm not religious but I'm also not out shooting people. Please don't say that someone who doesn't have the spiritual guidance that is lacking in our society today is the reason for people to do the things that they do.

nosey rosey

Agree with you completely. I believe religion is a crutch but I would never think that hurting someone or breaking the law is a valid method of problem solving.


If you're referring to my comment, I can give this answer. A spiritual person chooses to do good because they know that to do otherwise will harm their souls.

Religion, in my opinion, dictates to people how they should act based on something written in a book and overlooks the spirit inside each of us.

People who are empty, spiritually speaking, will try to fill that emptiness with drugs, alcohol, food, sex or being abusive to others. They will not act differently until they make the choice to not do harm to others or themselves.

Violence harms more than just the people involved at the moment.

he said she said

Like I stated before, I'm not religious and I'm certainly not empty. I don't do drugs, I don't use alcohol, I eat 3 meals a day, have no interest in sex and I'm a DV survivor so I am not abusive to others because I know how it feels.

Add alcohol to anything and there is more chance of violence because alcohol affects a person's brain differently. Some become more calm, some are the lovers, some are a laugh riot (the happy drunk) and some get violent (the mean drunk).

You just can't blame everything on not having faith or spiritual guidance.

IMO only, people that holler religion are the biggest hypocrites because most of the ones that yell I'm a religious person are the same ones that are sitting in church on Sunday smelling of booze and are hung over from a night at the bar on Saturday...


Stop it, has Jim ever killed anyone or all his classes static? Stress fire vs static is proven to be very different. just asking


Shooting someone is one thing, being shot at and still being able to keep enough cool to be able to competently shoot back, is the tough part.

FBI used to keep statistics on a shooting incidents. For decades most shootout were within 12 feet and over 90% of shots missed cleanly. I haven't looked at those stats for quite awhile but I doubt they have changed, most folks can't shoot when being shot at. Flight or fight takes over and fear and adrenalin don't make for accurate shooting.

Simple Enough II

Very true, takes lots of practise.


Once again, Grumpy is RIGHT ON THE MONEY. And with the price of ammo and many other factors these days, it's very doubtful that most will get this adequate amount of training to be carrying a gun at all. This is when carrying becomes more of a threat than not carrying.


Agree. How many free throws do you think anyone of you could make out of 20 without practice? Now practice shooting FT's daily and see the results after a month.

Shooting a gun is no different.


My condolences go out to the families, friends and community. Im thinking the suspect is halfway to Mexico by now. Just saying.

Simple Enough II

Nah, more likely picayune Mississippi,.


They have someone in custody