Three dead in Fremont bar shooting

Elmore police officer among those killed; fourth victim from bar shooting, and fifth victim in an unrelated shooting both flown to a Toledo hospital
Mar 9, 2014

10:45 a.m. update: Names of dead released — Fremont police released the names of three people who were killed in a 1:30 a.m. shooting this morning at the Last Call Cantina in Fremont: 

The dead are: 

• Jose Andy Chavez, 26, an Elmore police officer

• Ramiro Sanchez, 28

• Daniel Ramirez,  25

A fourth person was injured in the Last Call shooting and flown to a Toledo hospital. His condition is unknown. He is: 

• Ramiro Arreola, 25.

A fifth person was flown to a Toledo hospital after an unrelated shooting about two hours later and his condition is unknown. He is:

• Cardall Beachum, 44

Click HERE for photos from the scene early Sunday morning

Earlier updates

Three people were killed in Fremont overnight when a gunman opened fire inside the Last Call Bar on West Sate Street.

"Two were pronounced dead at the scene," a news release from the Fremont Police Department states.

A third person died later at Fremont Memorial Hospital, and a fourth victim who was shot was flown to a Toledo Hospital.

There was a second shooting at about 3 a.m. in the area of the Night RIders Motorcycle Club in the 200 block of Allen Street, police said. Nobody was located after police went there, but a male later showed up at the Fremont Memorial Hospital suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

That man who was shot in the second incident refused to provide police information about what happened.  

The two incidents appear unrelated, police said, and they are still searching for the shooters involved.

A  person who contacted the Register said an off-duty Elmore police officer was among the dead. 

The woman told the Register she was at a restaurant when she heard about the shooting. 

"I was at Denny's eating when everybody started talking about this shooting," she said. "I drove by and there were 17 police cars, local, the sheriff and the state police there."

She said she was told a bouncer at the bar was killed, along with an off-duty Elmore police officer.

An Elmore police cruiser was among the many police cruisers she saw at the Last Call when she drove past the bar.  A body was still lying in a doorway, she said. 

The shooting at the Last Call occurred at about 1:30 a.m., police said, and the suspected gunman was described as a short male.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact the Fremont Police Department at 419-332-6464.

Detective Sgt Bliss and det. Captain Wolf are investigating. 

Check back here for updates as they become available.



That may have been uncalled for, but who corrects someone, has that person acknowledge he was wrong, then still attacks his comment? YOU WERE RIGHT, I WAS WRONG

Dr. Information

I wasn't attacking. Sorry man, its all good, enjoy the day.


Thank you, you do the same.


I thought the same thing. Seems some people can get away with the name calling and some can't.

Simple Enough II

Wrong, the law was changed due to so many places like applebees @ such having a liquor license. If its posted " no firearms or weapons allowed" don't get caught carrying in there. Before you get your ccw you might want to go to the Ohio attorney generals website and become familiar with the laws.


I'm taking the class in a month, I do try to keep updated on new laws, I certainly hope they will cover where I can, and can't carry when I take the course though.


Also, read the comments before posting. I had already acknowledged I was wrong at 9:00 a.m. Then you come on here at 9:21 a.m. To tell me what I already knew. Dr. information already corrected me, twice. I am such a dumb person for not knowing that.

Dr. Information

Who are you taking your class through?


I was planning on going to the place on Perkins Ave across from the car wash beside the storage facility,but My wife got us a guy in Sandusky county, I'll ask her his name and get back to you.


I rarely post anymore but this came across my FB feed just now. In Ohio its not a CCW its a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) but thats here nor there. My wife and I went to a class in Columbus (I know a drive from Sandusky) but after hearing horror stories from so many people about bad instructors and leaving the class feeling no more informed than when they walked in, I had to do some research on classes. Mid Ohio Firearms is just flat out awesome. One day, all day class that assumes you have never handled a firearm before. The guy who instructs it does it out of his house (he has a classroom in his house) and its very clean and professional and the guy is a really good instructor. We went to the Powder Room in Powell for our on sight training firing our handguns and each person there fired 50 rounds, having to hit at least 20 inside a 9 inch circle. He taught us different stances also which was very informative. If you need any more information just Google mid ohio firearms. Its a wonderful class and you will leave feeling so much better.

Seen it All

Thanks for that info.


There is an attorney, Terry Rudes (not sure of the spelling), I think he teaches the CCW class in or around Sandusky County. People speak highly of him. I am thinking of taking the class myself.


"Terry Rudes"

He is the best in this area. He is an attorney and knows the CCW laws backward and forward. He is also a very longtime shooter.


Cleland's in Swanton, OH (Maumee, basically) also offers an amazing CCW class.... all in one day as well.... and a bit closer than Columbus. Couldn't have asked for a better overall understanding of everything you posted above. Thanks!!! This is their link:


Mid Ohio on SR# 590? HA! That is where my husband took the class and he said all it was was a "I hate Obama" lovefest. But then again, I don't see how taking a 12 hour course, even if you've never shot a gun in your life, qualifies anybody to carry a concealed weapon.


mid ohio firearm is on N. Toussaint S. Rd
Oak Harbor OH 43449, sportsman stop is on sr590


You're right chasf! - Sorry, got the two confused. I wish he would have gone then to Mid-Ohio.

Simple Enough II

Good catch on that! Steve Stotz and Mr. Seaman do a very good one, with covering the laws etc and going into good detail and they have a very practical firing program.


The mid ohio firearms I was referring to is in Dublin Ohio.

Simple Enough II

Um, because the post didn't initially go through.

Simple Enough II

Um, because the post didn't initially go through.


The signage behind the bar is an ATF government sign. If you have a chl that no longer applies, the sign is for non chl carry (whether illegally concealed or legal open carry). The business must have a sign stating no firearms of their own, any business not just a bar. And if you are carrying in a business that has a sign posted they can ask you to leave, if you dont they can call police for trespassing.

Simple Enough II

Flight before fight if given the option!


AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN GRUMPY!!!!! You are right on the money on EVERY post. Situational awareness AMEN (don't go calling me names about being about "religion" due to my amens... i'm not a "bible thumper" Amen means yes... just to save you some time replying...)


I've got the pistol, CCW class in a month.


Yeah, it's getting more that way. No place truly is safe. Instead of using words or fists when a problem arises, a lot of people have a gun handy, and choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Anger and a handy firearm are a horrible combination, and since our amygdala allows emotion to trump reason, this sort of thing happens all the time.

The truly scary thing about it is how callous we've become towards gun violence. No one even bats an eye anymore when someone kills someone with a gun. Heck, I'll bet a gun nut could even shoot up an elementary school, kill 20+ kindergartners, and the 2nd Amendment folks would STILL fight sensible/reasonable background checks. Oh wait...that already happened.

swiss cheese kat

oh shut up.


So true! Don't have a brain or a better way to solve a problem? Get a gun! And brag about what a Christian nation we are, too.


So you make no distinction between a few idiots and law abiding citizens. How easy it is for you to ignore the fact that if you take citizens guns away only the criminals will have them, and that is a fact.

You people will make excuses for a religion that murders people by flying planes into buildings and tell us we can't condemn all of them for a few bad ones, it would be nice if you applied that logic to gun owners as well.


I don't know who you mean by "you people" and you seem to have jumped to a lot of conclusions. Nowhere did I say all the guns should be taken away or banned. I am just sick of some of the mentality that I see quite often these days. A gun should be nothing more than a tool, a last resort, not an object of worship or a problem solver for people who don't have the brains or guts to figure out a better alternative.