State considers regulations to improve lake health

Ohio lawmakers are considering a new rule that would impact farmers and help reduce toxic algae in Lake Erie
Associated Press
Mar 31, 2014


The proposal would allow large farm operations to only apply synthetic or chemical fertilizers on their land if it’s done by someone certified by the state or working with someone who is certified.

The goal is to cut down on the amount of fertilizer that runs off fields and then winds up feeding the algae growth in Lake Erie.

A spokesman for the Ohio Environmental Council told The Blade the proposal is a modest improvement and that more work still needs to be done to slow down the algae.

The bill already has passed through the Ohio Senate and the House agriculture committee.



One part of the solution should be to tax fertilizer to pay for the damage it does.

Erie Sniper

You do realize that will raise the prices at the grocery store? Now I am paying for the damage.

The Big Dog's back

So, we should do nothing?


We can not continue to defecate on the face of our planet and expect Her to never extract a toll upon the Human race. 7,000,000,000 (and climbing) people are asking too much of our mother. All of our resources are at risk. American aquifers, river ways and the Great Lakes must be used wisely and protected constantly. To do otherwise will surely cost more in the way of health, lives and wars than any rise in groceries ever will. The fuses of the self-imposed time bombs our species and our species alone have created are not limitless. This is NOT (or shouldn't be) a political agenda but must be a human agenda. An agenda of sanity versus stupidity and short-term greed.