Oklahoma twister tracked path of 1999 tornado

Monday's powerful tornado in suburban Oklahoma City loosely followed path of a killer twister that slammed region in May 1999.
Associated Press
May 21, 2013


The National Weather Service estimated that the storm that struck Moore, Okla., on Monday had wind speeds of up to 200 mph, and was at least a half-mile wide. The 1999 storm had winds clocked at 300 mph, according to the weather service website, and it destroyed or damaged more than 8,000 homes, killing at least two people.

Kelsey Angle, a weather service meteorologist in Kansas City, Mo., said it's unusual for two such powerful tornadoes to track roughly the same path. The 1999 twister was part of a two-day outbreak sweeping mostly across central Oklahoma — similar to the past two days.

The weather service has tentatively classified the Moore twister's wind speeds as an EF4 on a 5-point scale. Angle said less than 1 percent of all tornadoes reach EF4 or EF5.

The thunderstorm developed in an area where warm moist air rose into cooler air. Winds in the area caused the storm to rotate, and that rotation promoted the development of a tornado. The most destructive and deadly tornadoes develop from rotating thunderstorms.

The biggest known tornado was nearly 2 1/2 miles wide at its peak width, which the weather service describes as near the maximum size for a tornado. It struck Hallam, Neb., in May 2004.

The deadliest tornado, which struck March 18, 1925, killed 695 people in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

Deaths from twisters have been declining in recent years because of improved forecasts and increased awareness by people living in tornado-prone areas, especially in smaller and rural communities.




Wow , and the hits just keep on coming for them out there .thoughts prayers and hope goes to all of the victims of this
And I hope they find anyone else that they are alive


My statement was not a "political" statement.

Posts about how "sorry" you are will change nothing.

The loss of life is a sad event on any given day, no matter the cause.

My comments were meant to point out that rebuilding the "property damage" will be borrowed money that the diaper crowd will pay back.

Want to help..... send cash.........


@ Kimo:

"Climate changes cost money."

You DIDN'T REALLY have the kahunas to write that (bleepin') stupidity did you?

Reads like you're in good brain dead liberal company -

"Comedy Central 'Daily Show' Creator: Oklahoma Tornado 'Ordered to Only Target Conservatives'"

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noe...

There ain't NOTHING political about this tragedy!



These statements took a leap. Kimo only stated the obvious. The tweet was insensitive. Let's not bring politics into a national tragedy. I am absolutely positive that the folks in Moore Oklahoma are not thinking about that today.


@ eriemom:

And at this time, the so-called "obvious" would only be brought up by liberal "insensitive" mental 'boxes of rocks.'

About the only intelligent statement in your post:

"I am absolutely positive that the folks in Moore Oklahoma are not thinking about that today."

The Bizness

Contango, you know that I follow climate change science however no single weather event should ever...EVER be attributed to it. One weather event is just that, weather. It is sickening that people could use any single weather event as a means to get a political agenda on track.

This year has been a very slow tornado year anyways, so to say this is climate change related is lunacy.


@Biz: You are correct in your statement. Weather and climate are different. Insurance companies are reacting to the changes in weather patterns. They site climate change as the reason. What Kimo posted was that climate change costs money. Climatologist have long told us that reacting to climate change would be more expensive than mitigation.

Sitting In The ...

@ Biz THANK YOU !!!!


"About the only intelligent statement in your post"

Really? You didn't just post that I am intellectually challenged. Do I need to site my work? In the past you did not read them. Data backs up my informed posts. Blogs backs up your stand. Which is more credible?


@ eriemom:

IMO, bringing up AGW in this regard demonstrates poor judgment.

Is essence, your statement said that the townspeople could care less about evidence or lack thereof - I agreed.


First, I didn't bring the subject up. Second, I also did not bring up anything about the folks affected by this tragedy as it related to climate change. My post was that they could care less about politics right now. Please do not paraphrase, "in essence" what I write, when you wish only to prove your own opinion.

Kimo edited the original post.


I would think that with all ofour technology, we could come up with a way to deflect tornadoes or zap them out. I believe there is technology that creates them but I'm sure there's little chance anyone will admit it.

Sitting In The ...

Climate change has been happening for over 4.5 billion years and guess what the planet still here. Have the government had programs related to weather of course but this stupid weather control conspiracy is absolutely stupid.

The Bizness

Your welcome for the previous post but please understand that anthropogenic climate change is accepted science and as of right now there are no credible peer reviewed studies to disprove it. We still need to make global, national, local, and personal choices on how we want to mitigate our effect on our planet before it transforms quicker than we can adapt.