Opinion: Vote for Most Disappointing Public Servant

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May 22, 2014


The Register has reported numerous complaints from numerous families about difficulties they've encountered with some public officials. It's become a horse race as to which elected officeholder, or public employee is most non-responsive when family members seek answers to difficult questions.

There's a pattern, however, across boundaries and agencies from the local to the federal governments to simply ignore inquiries from families and from reporters.   

But here's your chance to express your opinion and vote your preference for the worst service rendered by a public servant since Jan. 1, 2014.

Copy and paste your vote, or nominate your own worst public servant, in the comments section below.

• Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan

* Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard

* Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

• Sandusky County Prosecutor Tom Stierwalt

• President Barack Obama

• Put-in-Bay police Chief Rick Lampella

• Sandusky County clerk of courts Tracy Overmyer

• Ohio Attorney General Prosecutor Matt Donahue

• Ohio Supreme Court Visiting Judge Dale Crawford

• Ohio Department of Public Safety director John Born



I would have to say all of them


"Ohio Supreme Court" Visiting Judge Dale Crawford? Really? Ohio Supreme Court? Really?

How 'bout nominating the entire Register editorial board? Their motto: "Attack until proven wrong, then attack someone else."


The Ohio Supreme Court under the direction of Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor is responsible for appointing, creating, and therefore supervising the office of Retired Visiting Judge.

A vote for Crawford is really a vote for the retired judge system which needs to be declared unconstitutional. The system encourages judge shopping for political reasons; pay to play or for specific case outcomes, and is abused to protect incompetent and or unaccountable government. It in effect privatizes the judicial system for the well heeled and or well connected.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Blue.Streaker. But it might be better, perhaps, if you could provide substance for your concerns —like citing something specific — which would make it possible to address what you suggest troubles you. Unfortunately, your comments usually amount to sniping without any context or valid information that can be reviewed. The Register also is not a publicly funded agency and therefore does not qualify for the award. But thanks for thinking of us.


How many do you want?

1. When you started complaining that the Sandusky County Grand Jury was improperly drawn because the required public notice had not been published I asked whether Erie County published the notice. You said you'd look into it and publish your finding "in a few days." It's been a couple months.

2. When you got apoplectic over the amount of money spent on IT through the Clerk's office I suggested you compare it to what other area counties spend for similar services. You said you would look into it. Still waiting on that one, too.

3. During your continuous criticism of Tom Stierwalt I pointed out that he handles a similar caseload to Erie County with a fraction of the budget and about 1/3 the staff. Your response? More criticism of him.

4. When I pointed out that the Burdine claim couldn't achieve the civil burden of preponderance with the same evidence you want to support a criminal indictment, you feign ignorance and ridicule me.

The FACT is you and the Sandusky Register are simply fanning the fires of cynicism and suspicion in order to promote your business, with little care for those willing to put their reputations on the line by running for public office.

You will probably get what you are aiming for: a group of under-achieving public officials who are term-limited to one term each by a public who second guesses their every decision and calls for their heads when they make unpopular decisions or won't take orders from some out-of-town newspaper.

On the other hand, I talk with a lot of Sandusky County people. Most of them think you, the protesters, and the posters who will ridicule what I write are a bunch of loonies. They feel bad for the families involved, but they point out that most of these situations involve young people who were boozed up, drugged up, and then got hurt.

So keep 'em howling at the moon, SR. Keep stirring things up in adjacent counties where you are seeking sales of ads and papers.

But please realize that many of us see you for just what you are.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Blue.Streaker. While this looks like a substantial response it falls short.

1. Erie County does make public notice, and so does Sandusky County for that matter, except for the secret jury draw done in the Limberios case.

2. Since Sandusky County does not have a contract with Team Ray, or an understanding of the scope of services the company provides, it's not possible to provide an apples-to-apples comparison.

3. This isn't relevant and you don't substantiate your claim. 

4. Whether criminal behavior occurred is unrelated to the outcome of the civil litigation and you are mis-stating the outcome of the lawsuit and ignoring the irregularities that occurred. 

All of this has been explained to you previously.


1. You admit this criticism was not warranted, but wait until confronted to admit it.
2. You previously published IT expenses for the Erie County Clerk's Office which exceeded those you criticized in Sandusky County.
3. This IS relevant and I substantiated it weeks ago with links to the websites of both offices.
4. You continue to feign (?) the inability to understand that it takes a lot more evidence to be successful in a criminal case than in a civil case based on the same facts. Ask Babo to explain it in one of his columns.

You claim it's all been previously explained. Your "explanations" are shallow and self-serving, and have only fanned the flames of ignorance.

Matt Westerhold

1. The criticism of a secret grand jury selection in one of the most highly publicized cases in the last quarter century is absolutely warranted. It was the AG's office that filed the motion substantiating it after the Register reported about it, and you are inappropriately misstating this information, or misinterpreting it.

2. It's not possible to make an apple-to-apples comparison so your suggestion has little value. 

3. You say it's relevant but budget constraints don't mean that portions of the Ohio Revised Code don't apply. 

4. I do understand the point and accept it. It simply isn't relevant, however, to the question of whether a full and complete criminal investigation should occur.

Obviously your flames are fanned.


You're cute when you try to think hard.

The Bizness

I find it funny Matt needs to respond...poor guy got his feelings hurt. This paper is a joke and well done Blue streaker.


For years former Sheriff Bratton refused to investigate alleged public corruption crimes along with his crony Prosecutor Mark Mulligan and the two special prosecutors (Timothy Braun and Dean Henry) Mulligan had appointed illegally as special prosecutors to undermine criminal investigations by targeting the messengers.

Now thoughtful people know why Bratton helped obstruct state criminal investigations despite overwhelming evidence of criminal conduct: He is an admitted thief and liar who refuses to understand right from wrong and has no respect for the rights of others just as citizens claimed for over 10 years.

There's plenty of evidence of criminal wrongdoing in Sandusky County just is there was and continues to be in Ottawa County. The problems in both counties are the persons with authority to investigate and prosecute crimes are financially benefitted by not investigating and prosecuting the crimes.


Today at 2PM, former Sheriff Bob Bratton will be sentenced in US District Court for theft in office of a program receiving federal funds. Back in 2012, when the Auditor of State issued findings for recovery against Bratton for theft of these funds, Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan not only refused to prosecute Bratton, he called him a great man.

Mulligan's opinion of Bratton is likely due to the protection Bratton offered many public employees including Mulligan as they broke laws and or misappropriated public funds. Thus, my vote would be for Mulligan as he has for well over a decade protected a pay to play justice system in Ottawa County that in terms of impact on a small county exceeds the scope of harm of the Cuyahoga County public corruption case.

Contact Information for US District Judge Jack Zouhary:
James M. Ashley and Thomas W.L. Ashley U.S. Courthouse
1716 Spielbusch Avenue, Room 203
Toledo, Ohio 43604-1363
Phone: (419) 213-5675
Fax: (419) 213-5680

Julie R.

I agree. Mulligan's a rat ....... and so is that visiting judge. Personally, I think ALL visiting judges are rats.


MATT How come you left off Sandusky county Sheriff Overmeyer? he's a disgrace


If it is a beer chugging contest my money would be on Wukie! Tracy Overmyer is not even qualified to do her job! She wins the joint venture award with keeping family in the loop award. If her brother Kyle was included I say he win the donut eating contest!. If was for the best bulldog investigator, who gives it his 110% then O'Connell would grab his "snitches" and steal the win.. If it is for F. S.O.B then Stierwalt wins no hands down. And if it is a Beauty contest Judge Crawford wins that crown. Make sure he approves his picture first!




And drum roll please.....

Best in "Show" is........ Mike DeWine!!!! He shows he really doesn't help or protect Ohio Families! He puts a Show on for the Families while not solving the issues or correcting the problems!


While I am aghast at the corruption and incompetence in surrounding counties, my nomination has to be local, namely Sandusky city government for failing to adequately staff 3 fire stations.

JMOP's picture

Chief Justice John Roberts


While there's not a name on the list that doesn't deserve to be there (and there are more than a few more names missing from the list), it seems to me that some are worse than others.

Those with the authority and the OBLIGATION to protect the rest of us from liars, cheaters, thieves, and frauds bear even more blame than those who betray their more limited public trust. In the State of Ohio, that would be Mike DeWine. But he only has a negative effect on one of the 57 (yes, I know...) states! Federally, Barack Obama has done incalculable damage to the economy, our world standing, and to liberty. In a national contest, there's no contest!



The Bizness

The Sandusky Register is a joke

You should have put yourselves on the list.


lets put the erie county deputy that just resigned also.


Mayor Murray


RE: "...the News Messenger for just standing there and doing nothing. This massive massive mess brewing and they simply do not report on it. That is just a huge ethical lapse and those people do not deserve to call them selves newspapermen."


Obama by a landslide...

Julie R.

My vote would be for quite a few of them in Erie County but I wouldn't call them a disappointment. I would just call them flat-out CORRUPT!

Pterocarya frax...

There is no doubt in my mind that SCOTUS justices Scalia, Roberts, and Thomas belong on the list, along with Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, and probably Kasich as well.

Note to Bottom Line: The fact that not one of the people I mentioned was on Westerhold's list pretty much proves my point that this newspaper leans the opposite direction of left.

Darwin's choice

Actually, there are 535 in Washington that need to be released from their jobs!


Thats funny bluestreaker I have talked to alot of people fron Sandusky county are on our side more than you say you have against. Alot of them afraid to say something public cause they afraid of being harassed or retaliation for opening there mouth. You sound like you stick up for them. Plus we are rallying not protesting. We get lots of honks for what we are doing. We will be rallying again Tuesday 3-5 count on the register to put a story in paper unlike the messenger who only puts in one pic and small article


Your use of the English language tells me all I need to know about you and your fellow rally-ers.

Enjoy your honks.


Typical bullying. Blue Squeaker, YOUR name tells US all WE need to know. When one is losing the argument, that's what you bullies do. I'm sure you are up to date with technology to know that talking into your mobile device, unless one goes back to proof read, there will be typos and inflections. Have some tolerance, will ya? Oh wait.....silly me.....you side with the anti-honkers. Tase...i mean, TEASE away.


So in your value system it's OK to talk into your device and hit "post" without proof reading? Knowing there will be typos?

In other words, you don't care if you sound ignorant or stupid because you're too lazy to proof read what you post.

Remind me to never hire you to work for me.


MY VALUE SYSTEM? Ignorant? Stupid? LAZY? Can we get a little more 5th grader here? Sticks and Stones, Streaker.

I will GLADLY remind you...PLEASE DON'T HIRE ME! and here is another reminder....YOU WORK FOR ME! *wink


I honk because I'm hoping it will drown out their rantings. Sheep will go where they're led


Which proves what a bs-er you are, twtt. Drown out rantings? Now im sure ralliers have the last laugh since it's a peaceful, quiet public awareness with signs. The horns beeping as they go by numbered quite a few ...showing their support and solidarity for Justice.


do not worry about my English. all I know is we got more followers than you think.if you go to justice for Jake and ella there is over 19,000 followers there to that support what we are doing.


Thanks Lil DaB well said