Intern stuck with poo

Topey dodged this On the Job: Picking up the dog's business
May 28, 2013



With a child-sized gardening hoe in hand, I swiped at the feces as the summer breeze pushed the stench up into my nostrils.

I started to gag. This was my first On The Job assignment as a Register intern, filling in for reporter Melissa Topey, who is on vacation.

She picked a great week. Within 10 minutes, I was staring to hope my first On the Job would be my last.

But I’m not a quitter. I tried to gently lift the poop, but I missed and instead stabbed at the heaping pile left by a Boxer. Flies were swarming, but I had to keep going.
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What a crappy job!


I know I'm gonna get slammed for asking, but is THIS really considered news??


Not really I must agree, but that is my Nephew, and reading the whole story in yesterdays paper was quite entertaining. Knowing how Brandon is around a lot of things, I found it hysterical! Keep up the great writing, Brandoman!!!!!

Erie Countian

I agree with "xtensionofme". I think this "On the Job" thing has pretty much run it's course, anyway.

Sharin' Johnson

Alt Headline: Sandusky Register Scooped Again

Is it that hard to pick up dog poop?


So you're telling me I have to get the ePaper for seven days to get seven days and the answer will magically appear?

"Get the ePaper seven days for seven days to find out." says the SR