Reporter has blast at Wagner Quarry

Topey armed with TNT
Melissa Topey
May 20, 2013


I brought down a wall of limestone in less than one second.

“I feel powerful,” I said Thursday, as I armed 68 small explosives that would soon create the single blast to collapse a wall of stone like a house of cards.

Yes, you read that right. I worked as an honorary blaster at Wagner Quarry, a Hanson Aggregate stone quarry on U.S. 250.

“Wait till you see it detonate,” said blaster Jeff Haase, an employee of the Lisbon-based Hilltop Energy, the subcontractor Hanson uses for detonations. Also with us was Tom Racheter, blaster-in-charge.

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I've always wondered what it looks like back there. Any more pictures?

2cents's picture

Here is one done well, they use a sequential capacitor discharge programmable blasting machine. Some are made in Milan township, the quarry here used to use them back when I built them. Yep 2cents played with detonators back in the day, LOL


"I feel powerful"?