Power tools or a rake

We told Topey to go climb a tree.
Melissa Topey
Apr 22, 2013


Not everyone lets me use power tools and heavy equipment for an "On the Job" segment. 

On Tuesday, as I elbowed up next to employees at Nelson's Tree Service, my forays were strictly limited to a hand rake and a noisy leaf blower. 

I pleaded my case: “I've been a firefighter, I've been on SWAT. I can take care of myself."

No luck. Nelson Tree Service foreman Don McKillips, a friendly enough guy, broke the bad news to me. He simply could not let me up into the bucket truck with a chainsaw to help cut down a tree. He was also not comfortable letting me near the trimming equipment.

The Nelson crew took down three Bradford Pear trees on East Monroe Street for First Energy and the city of Sandusky. The trees were encroaching on power lines, creating the potential for a power outage. 

Did Topey trim the trees, or rake the leaves? Find out in today's Register. Click here for the ePaper, for home delivery or buy the Register daily at a newsstand near you.



No offense but these articles do nothing for the newspaper. If I were you I would focus your resources on something that actually further educates or entertains your readers.


i bet topey chose the tree so similar to a pole... hey Melissa do a segment at club rog


Melissa? Are you trying to do "dirty jobs done dirt cheap"? :)


They look more like power tools than rakes in the picture above if that's what you're asking.