Grand jury clears Sandusky County jail guards

A grand jury found nothing criminal in the sexual exploitation of a 21-year-old schizophrenic inmate at the Sandusky County jail earlier this year, according to a report filed Tuesday.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 9, 2012

“We do not like what happened at all, but it did not rise to the level of criminal conduct,” the report states. “The officers in our opinion deserved discipline but not discharge from employment.”

Read the three-page grand jury report here.

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Get Friday’s Register for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s reaction to grand jury’s decision.



I smell some back pay.

Nic Williams

Heres a thought for you all and a bit of fact. In todays jails every corner of the jail and everycell has a com system in it along with every block. With this being said why is there any doubt as to wether they are innocent or guilty. It should be straight forward. Both recorded by video and sound. Im not claiming them to be innocent or guilty just want to know why with todays modern technologies there is any Q. as to wether this crime was commited or not?


Would the outcome be different if female guards expoited a male inmate? Shame on that grand jury! Let's hope and pray that none of them have daughters.


Wow. From what I have read about the case, I am shocked. I guess I shouldn't be, but I'd hoped we'd come further than this as a society. Apparently not.




How awful, this girl had mental issues and yet, these guards did nothing wrong....That entire system over there's so corrupt, im not surprised of this outcome


The Sandusky Register should appologize to these men for lying about them and posting outrageous headlines. Facts this woman was not sexually exploited! Fact this woman was not abused! Fact the guards are not criminals and one of the guards did nothing wrong! Fact the Sandusky Register should be ashamed for spreading hate and lies! These guards have been treated unfairly and lied about. If anything they are the victims!

Good 2 B Me

I bet that you voted for Mitt Romney

bored reader

That surely sounds like an Obama backer.


Who really has mental issues now! They were inappropriate in their actions and should be ashamed, taking advantage of someone so vulnerable is wrong. For those who think they did nothing wrong, shame on you. There was "nothing criminal" about what they did. That does not mean it was ok. If was definitely not ok.

"Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that affects 2.4 million American adults over the age of 18. Although it affects men and women with equal frequency, schizophrenia most often appears in men in their late teens or early twenties, while it appears in women in their late twenties or early thirties. Finding the causes for schizophrenia proves to be difficult as the cause and course of the illness is unique for each person.

Interfering with a person's ability to think clearly, manage emotions, make decisions and relate to others, schizophrenia impairs a person's ability to function to their potential when it is not treated. Unfortunately, no single, simple course of treatment exists. Research has linked schizophrenia to a multitude of possible causes, including aspects of brain chemistry and structure, as well as environmental causes."

Taken from The National Alliance for Mental Illness.


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Julie R.

When are people going to realize that grand juries are nothing more than window dressing for the prosecutor? A grand jury does not decide, or even offer an opinion, as to the guilt or innocence of the defendant, but instead decides on a majority vote whether or not the prosecutor has provided enough evidence to justify a criminal trial. Heresay is allowed, the accused have no right to present evidence, there is no supervision of a judge, and the prosecutor is not obliged to present any evidence favorable to the defendent. In other words, the prosecutor runs the show.

So instead of saying that a Grand Jury cleared the Sandusky County jail guards, why not say the PROSECUTOR did?

BW1's picture

Amen to that. If the prosecutor wants an indictment, he can get one.

So, the guards at Abu Garib who were prosecuted probably wish they were in Erie County


BW1 before you list again I suggest you get your facts straight and possibly re read the article this took place in sandusky county not eerie county. It's people like you who think they know everything and don't who go post asinine comments on here without knowing the true facts.


Excellent comment. The prosecuter controls what the grand jury gets to see and hear. Often the prosecutors lie and hold back on the truth. The grand jury only gets to see and hear the information provided by the prosecutor. Many on the grand jury are clueless like voters. I have seen newspaper clippings presented as factual evidence. Grand jury members should be required to take IQ tests. Too many dummies chosen by the prosecutor serve on juries to follow the agenda of the prosecutor.


This is just so wrong in so many ways. The Grand Jury and the citizen of Sandusky County should be ashamed of themselves. I hope this never happens to the daughters of anyone sitting on that Grand Jury. Just unbelievable


Kilroy, you better hope your son never becomes the victim of a slander. These guards are innocent.


And that is why a Deputy turned them in? because they are innocent?


If you read the report the grand jury ask why she wasn't disciplined along with the three men. So how innocent was she? Or was she just trying to save herself? Maybe throwing others under the bus.


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@ Julie R.
You remember what Jack McCoy used to say on Law & Order about Grand Juries?
That he could get a Grand Jury to indict a cheese sandwich. :)


Did anyone actually read the report? It says that these poor men were not giving a fair chance because of the way the sheriff and the media handled this situation, and that the first investigations findings were what the sheriff wanted. So what are we doing on here? Still not giving these men a fair chance. Its done and over with cant we let these men live in peace. If we should be upset with anyone it should be Sheriff Overmyer for bring disgrace to the county.


If the Grand Jury and Sherriff Overmyer accepts this behaviour, it is no wonder that people do the things they do, because they fear no repercussions for their actions.
As a taxpayer in Sandusky County, I agree, Overmyer is a disgrace.

Julie R.

So is your prosecutor.


and is everyone in Sandusky County. By the Grand Jury actions they are saying this behavior is acceptable to them.


A lot of people are happy in Sandusky County that the Grand Jury did the right thing. Know the facts read the Grand jury report! Dont believe the media


To freedom12, the Grand Jury did not hear enough facts for an indictment. That is NOT the same as saying that they did nothing wrong. There is definitely
something wrong at that jail. We have not heard the end of this yet.


I am willing to bet that if these deputies would have seen this happening on some street corner they would have arrested all of the participants. Well maybe not in Sandusky County as they seem to be fine with this degradation of a human being.

John Harville

Theh Sandusky County Prosecutor called in the state Attorney General so there could be no attachment of prejudice. Get the facts, please, Ms R.


Here's a question for all of you. Were you there that night? Do you know these three men and what really happened that night? The grand jury heard the story from 11 people that witnessed what happened. They didn't read the story thru the newspaper. So I'm going to believe they made the right decision. I am proud of the grand jurors for standing up for these three men because it would have been just as easy for them to wrongfully judge them like most of you are. Obviously there was some wrong doing that night but I agree with what the report said that the men did not get a fair chance and did not deserve termination.