Guard fired in sex scandal drops grievance for $5K, ‘neutral’ reference

State officials are still trying to decide if they should investigate three former Sandusky County jail guards accused of mistreating a mentally ill inmate.
Jessica Cuffman
May 19, 2012


State officials are still trying to decide if they should investigate three former Sandusky County jail guards accused of mistreating a mentally ill inmate.   

Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer’s office, meanwhile, is paying $5,000 to one of the ousted guards, Charlie Pump, as long as Pump agrees not to dispute his termination.

It remains to be seen if Pump and former guards Frank Kaiser and Josh Smith will face criminal charges for the alleged sexual exploitation of a female inmate at the jail earlier this year.

The three men played varying roles in allegedly harassing the 21-year-old schizophrenic woman Jan. 10 while she was locked in a jail cell, according to investigators’ reports.    

The woman threatened to kill herself that day, and she also flushed her gown down the toilet, which flooded her jail cell. 

Instead of cleaning her cell and providing her with a new gown, the three jail guards left her naked, with only a wet blanket to cover herself, investigators’ reports said.

She remained that way for six hours. During that time, Pump allegedly encouraged her to masturbate and otherwise act out sexually, the reports said.

Pump and Kaiser were fired Feb. 21 and Smith resigned.

Pump and Kaiser later filed grievances, claiming the decision to terminate them violated the union’s collective bargaining agreement.

Smith was a probationary employee when he resigned; as such, he was not entitled to union protection. Pump and Kaiser both claimed they submitted to polygraph tests that proved their innocence.

“I have the proof that I did not engage in the alleged sexual activity,” Pump stated in an appeal when his unemployment compensation was denied. “The other alleged violations are ridiculously trumped up and in all reality are not worthy of termination.”

Pump’s appeal was scheduled for arbitration this month, but Overmyer reached a settlement with him last week.


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Pump accepted the terms Monday. The agreement requires him to withdraw his grievance.

In exchange, the county will pay him $5,000 and will only provide “neutral” references to his potential future employers.

That means county officials can only confirm certain information for Pump’s prospective employers, such as his start and finish dates and his rate of pay.

The agreement also stipulates Overmyer and Pump will not make disparaging remarks about each other, and they will not discuss the settlement.

Sandusky County prosecutor Tom Stierwalt referred the criminal investigation to the Ohio Attorney General’s office for review.

Attorney General’s spokeswoman Jill Del Greco said special prosecutors are still reviewing the case.

“No one has been assigned to the case,” Del Greco said. “We haven’t accepted the case or rejected it, either.”

Kaiser’s grievance is still pending.



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With the name Charlie Pump, he ought to be able to find a lucrative career in the Porn industry. LOL


It seems to me that Overmyer is hiding something after reading the companion story on this.  Who gives a flying f___ if they say anything about each other.  The girl is the victim, not each other.  What the heck is going on in that jail.  Why is Overmyer protecting HIMSELF so much?  It seems to me that there NEEDS to be a very thorough investigation into this and quickly. 

Ever heard the phrase "me thinks thou dost protest too much".  Why would Overmyer give this guard $5000 to go away quietly unless there is something to hide?   No.  I think the State boys better investigate this deeply and quickly.   Someone needs to get to the bottom of what appears to be a very rotton apple barrel here. 

What else is being hidden by Overmyer that he wants left alone??????   There are too many questions and not enough answers to go around and until there are answers to fit the questions, someone better start digging.  The State needs to do just that.  DIG. 

Tru Grit

these three men should be in the jail themselves, this is disgusting and makes now understand why some people have so much negative feelings about law enforcement. These guys are the utter most dogs of Sandusky County.


I like how "they are trying to decide whether to investigate".  Wow!


I like what deertracker said, " they are trying to decide whether to investigate". Wow is right!

The real victim is the woman. These guys have no business getting money in a deal, they

should be procecuted and found guilty and put in jail for their actions.


Welcome to the entitled protection of the UNION!  As I have posted before, all three will IMMEDIATELY have their terminations go to arbitration.  Both the PEOPLE of the county and the UNION split the cost for ALL expenses of the selected arbiter to travel, stay, eat and any other expenses in Sandusky County.  These arbitrations could take a few months to YEARS!  The clock begins when they walk out the door of their home.  This is about their protected employment.  Their CRIMINAL conduct is not even on the table yet.  Yeah, that's right, many of YOU know of a plethora of people who are typical, liberal deadbeats that have taken advantage of the system and DEMAND everyone else pay for them.  Just take a look at a FEW employed by SPD and under FOP UNION protection.  They get to do anything they please and get PAID whether YOU like it or not.  They are responsible for the depletion of the UNION legal defense fund.  Not a bad liberal, socialistic system at all.  UNION = One for all and all for one.  Exactly like at a chain plant.  Ha! Ha!  $5K is peanuts to Sandusky County compared to the invoice they will receive if ALL these terminations go to arbitration.  The sheriff is NOT hiding anything.  You liberal freaks are doing the exact same thing you did with the Travon Martin case.  NOW, the FACTS are coming out and many of YOU are GUILTY of running your big mouths before any facts were made known.  Typical liberal, crybaby losers.  I no longer see any of you crybaby liberals on your soapbox for "justice" anymore.  I wonder why?  It is really NONE of your business as to what the sheriff is doing to get justice for the victim in this case.  WHO is the VICTIM, the three UNION members getting fired or the female inmate?  You losers getting confused again??  Ha! Ha!      


@ taxpayer....Ah, yes, what would a story about anything with public officials be without YOUR rant about Unions and liberalism.  Have we not heard THIS song again and again.  You really got to get new material, man.  If it isn't liberals, its unions.  If it isn't unions, its arbitration. 

Why don't you just run for an office and put an end to all of this instead of calling everyone else losers all the time.   God knows you think you have the answers to it.  You seem to think YOU know what is best and that you think you know the FACTS so lets here it.  How many of you would vote for Taxpayer for Sheriff?  Councilman?   State Rep?  Congress?   You could run as an independent then when something went wrong you could jump ship or be on the fence and stilll blame everyone else!  That would be ok, wouldn't it?  That seems to be your style. 

I don't see anyone running their mouth but YOU at this point.  And yes, actions do speak louder than words so it appears the sheriff does want his name left besmerched.  Why is that?  Could it be political, ethical or is he hiding something?   My guess is all three.  But at least I am guessing and admit it.  What's your excuse for slamming everyone's opinion on here followed by the obligatory HA HA?  

As for the rest of the crap you threw in.  I see no mention of George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin on here, although it seems to me that the information released of late belies good old George's "facts" a great deal.  He sure had some time to make up his "story" didn't he?   As for the people at Union Chain,  for those who sit there and beat a dead horse, they could have gone back to work and chose not to.  That is their decision.  Who are you or I to cast stones on that decision.?   So don't even equivicate the two. 

Now, just go take your pills and sit down.  You and your Liberal loser crap gives many of us a frightful headache.    Learn another tune, taxpayer, like something entirely different for once.  It might be refreshing to YOU.  God knows it would be for  the rest of us.  


Has everyone forgot the real victim here? Remember the young lady in the cell that was treated like an animal. Those 3 jailers all need to spend a little time in jail and see how it feels.

Seen it All

LOL @ Knuckledragger! 

I really don't see the purpose of the "neutral reference".  All any prospective employer would have to (and most practice this now) is google Mr Pump to see what a fine piece of work he is.



The Rudy

I don't care how much it costs, these fools should not get a nickle, but be prosecuted to the fullest extent. The cost paid in the loss of integrity of the SO is far greater than any money spent on prosecution. I know one of the deputies involved, when his turn comes this summer he should be exposed for what he truly is. Irresponsible and lazy come to mind, and in this case at least, of poor judgement.


You all need to remember why the "Girl" was there in the 1st place and if she would have stayed on her meds instead of selfmedicating on Lord knows what. Is she a victim? Yeah, but she is also one of the perpetrators also. As for the 3 CO's they failed their oath.


@simple enough.....let us know when you get tired of whistling that same tired tune, because it is getting old.  We may be able to buy you some new sheet music to learn.   

No matter what reason she was in there.....she IS the victim!!!!!  NOT THEM.  It doesn't make any difference WHY she was there.  The conduct of these three men is the problem and you just don't seem to get that.  I doubt you ever will.   They were wrong, not her.  Their behavior was criminal.  They were supposed to be cops trying to see to her wellbeing once brought in, not there to get a peep show at her expense.  Geeze, how many times does this need to be explained before it sinks in????  

She perpetrated NOTHING.   Yes their failed their oaths, and then some.  So what do you want, for them to be let go????  No way, what they did was criminal and they deserve to be more than let go from their jobs.  They deserve jail time.  And, it appears now, there is something "fishy" with that Sheriff as well.