Sandusky County jailers fired for engaging in sexual misconduct

Two correctional officers accused of sexually exploiting a mentally ill female inmate were fired Tuesday from the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 21, 2012

Two correctional officers accused of sexually exploiting a mentally ill female inmate were fired Tuesday from the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office.

A third correctional officer involved in the incident resigned, Sheriff Kyle Overmyer said.

The departures follow disciplinary hearing results released Tuesday that indicate supervisor Franklin Kaiser and corrections officer Charlie Pump engaged in sexual misconduct and failed to follow proper procedure for a mentally ill inmate.

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Kaiser, Pump, and Josh Smith were placed on paid administrative leave Jan. 11 after another supervisor reported the incident to the sheriff.

The three men were working the afternoon shift Jan. 10 when a female inmate began acting out. She was placed in a cell by herself on suicide watch after she threatened to kill herself, according to investigative documents.

While in her cell the 21-year-old woman tried to flush her paper gown down the toilet, flooding her cell. She was then left naked for the next six hours with only a toilet water soaked blanket to cover herself.

Kaiser, Pump and Smith were accused of various workplace violations, including encouraging the schizophrenic woman to masturbate and otherwise act out sexually throughout the six hours.

Kaiser also denied a female deputy's request to provide the naked inmate with a new gown. It wasn't until just before a night shift supervisor arrived that the woman was given a gown to cover herself.

Overmyer fired Kaiser and Pump on Tuesday afternoon.

Smith, who was a probationary employee not entitled to a fact-finding hearing, resigned.

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Texx Reloader

The core of the problem is this (bear with me please): It is a cultural problem in the county. There is a very disrespectful view of mentally ill people, and of people who get in trouble with the law. Don't buy every thing you read about those people either. They are not above personal vendettas against certain citizens. Once again I cannot say enough how terribly WRONG it was what these deputies did, if they truly did what was said. I have made it a life long pursuit trying to help mentally ill people and people who "can't quite get it right with the law," (not the hardened criminals!) and it enraged me at first, but then I had to stop and think about the possibilies. Of course it was sexual charges. No one questions that. If some kindly old man ticks of a neighbor call him a child molester. No one will question it. But the real tragedy probably lies with the "new guy" on the force. What was done was wrong, but what was his example? Seasoned officers? What was the consequences for him if he did  not "go along." Sure he should have stoood up, but how many do on a new job when things are going south. Particularly in the day and age where jobs are hard to find. And where did those seasoned officers get their behavior models? From their superiors, thats where. People who have learned have learned how to say bigoted, discriminatory remarks with such subtle method, it can never be proven in court. Kind of like using racial slurs around the house, and the kids use them and get into trouble until the bigot parent teaches them how to "do it right."  You could even use this technique to trick new recruits into getting themselves fired if they found something you were hiding yourself, and threatened to expose you. Ah. The problem is a glaring lack of proper leadership. Lack of professionalism at the top. Stuff rolls downhill. Responsibility must always be shared between labor and managment. This may mean nothing at all to most people, but if you have ever had a relative or close friend who was mentally ill, or comitted a crime, but was not a hard criminal, it should mean a lot to you. Some of these people are so deluded they actually don't even see the problem with this mentality. It is a common problem in Law Enforcment, but the cure is always money. Lawsuits have a way of causing a complete change of heart. History proves this. When people start seeing thier hard earned tax dollars go more and more for higher and higher liabllity premiums, these officials will get relgion.


Texx Reloader, Don't buy your argument. You've been on here what a bit over 3 weeks? So you work with the "mentally ill", and once again the organization that profits the most from the mental health levy which is going for what it's 7th try? Call me callous, call me uncaring, call me whatever, but I don't buy into it. Talk to me about nepotism, let's talk about WSOS then......What is the term out there used when referring to them? Oh yeah a self-licking ice cream cone. 



The probationary officer that resigned possibly did feel intimidated to speak up about the corrupt behavior the seasoned officers were displaying. 

Too bad for him.  

Thank goodness the female officer had more spine than a gummy bear. 

Corruption does run deep.  So do high morals.  Every person has a choice.   Every choice, a consequence. 



 Czechurself you are mistaken on one thing the female deputy is just as guilty as the probationary officer.  If you read on the report the Captain on the midnight shift is the one that got this whole investigation started when he reported to work that night.  Which would of been at the end of her shift.  So why didnt she speak up why didnt she call her superiors.  She would of never said anything if the captain would of never came to her about it.  So if you ask me she is just a spine less as everybody involved.  She should of lost her job right along with everybody else she was just as involved as the other three if you ask me.


 What differecne does her BAD past have about this particular subject?  No one cares!!! Get it?  None of us can make that any more clearly stated than that.  It MAKES NO DIFFERENCE what her past is, or anythng that she did PRIOR to when she went into that jail cell.

JEEZZEE. Some  are intent on a so called " right to post about the other side".  what other side is there than she was incarcerated and at the cop mercy??????   Who cares what her past is?????   

LOOK, and READ and try to UNDERSTAND, ok?  No one cares about anything until she STEPPED INTO THAT JAIL CELL. From then on, that is what matters.  No one cares about the policemen's pasts either.  OK  

We only care about the time frame inside that jail cell and what happened at those points in time when the four or five of them were together.  GET IT???????

That is what matters.  It is done and over with.  The cops made a HUGE mistake.  They paid with their jobs.  A poor woman with mental problems was harassed and tormented by men who should know better.  END OF STORY. 

This is not a hard concept and yet some people just do not get it.  They want to muckrake some poor lady who has already been viciously and unjustly attacked already.  I cannot help but wonder why that is?  Like her past makes it ok to do so???? 

It seems, since the police have fired them, this should be the end of the major part of this story for the time being. 

I would bet there is more to come, but not right now.  


 I think its time that the public demands to read an UNredacted report since the investigation is over. That way you all can stop thinking it was a group activity and you can stop assuming that all three of them are such awful people when no one really knows who did exactly what UNLESS you know and have spoken to the deputies personally. I for one am DYING for the unredacted report to be released, until then I reserve judgement about these three.

after all, kyle is holding public record. now that its all over he has no choice but to release it. i have yet to see one kyle!


Seeing all the documents pertaining to this incident, unredacted, would be great. The register did post some of the statements and such as a .pdf under one of the related articles of this story. With careful reading, you can get a sense of the role each officer played during this event. It would be nice to be able to access some other documents and statistics to help fill out the greater scope of the picture. Bits and pieces from statements help, but don't do much to fill in the gaps of knowing the day to day operations and working atmosphere in the jail.

I also believe in the comments of one of these articles someone that knew the girl stated it took the county 2 days to get her the meds she needed. It would be nice to know when the girl did finally get her meds, and what the protocol is for meds in a situation like this. I think somewhere in the articles and reports someone said they made efforts to get the girl her meds while the event was going on. Makes me wonder if it wasn't so much she was denied meds to keep her "show" going or if once the county has reported the need for medication or mental evaluation, that it is a matter of being a very slow process in getting the aid to the inmate. I'd like to know how this process is handled, and what the average amount of time it takes to do this. I'm also interested in her behavior for the midnight staff and following shifts, did they have to put her in a restraint chair until she could get meds and get control of herself? What were their experiences with her, and how was she for subsequent shifts?

As far as the female deputy...if Sheriff Overmeyer is really out to set an example, the role her actions played should come under consideration too. The general sense I get from this is "Good job for stepping forward and reporting this", but it has ended there. If the Sheriff is using this incident to outline his expecations of conduct for his staff, he has to amend the "Good job for stepping forward and reporting this" demeanor to a "You are now expected to have a more proactive role and report potential problems as they are happening" mandate.

As for the topic of not putting the girl in a restraint chair- I'd like to see the record of use on that chair. How often it is used, and what criteria are needed for it? I'd like to see the official version of that form- and I do understand there is a difference of interpretation from a civilian's stand point, and a professional/legal stand point on topics.  Seems like she was wild and acting out due to her mental illness, but as noted the staff believed she not in danger of harming herself. She wouldn't keep a paper gown well would the headline have been received if she was naked in a restraint chair for 6 hours? Or in a chair with a paper gown on, making sexual comments and remarks?

What options would have been available for the shift supervisor had he wanted to remove Pump or Smith from this brouhaha while it was happening? Sit an officer out for an already short jail staff and call in a replacement? Could Pump or Smith been placed in a role that wouldn't have put them into so much contact with the girl? I think people overlook the fact that this girl wasn't the only inmate there at the time, and other functions and actions have to go on at the jail.

I do think this was a case of bad decisions and shoddy over sight that compounded into a bigger problem on a slow news day. I don't think it was a systematic set up of abuse and gratification of this girl. I think alot is being read into that is not there. People tend to look at situation and judge after the fact, once the whole story has unfolded, not as it unfolded. "Oh she should have been put in a chair, none of this would have happend"...sorry, can't prove a negative. Good for the Sheriff in responding to this matter and trying to show he's taking an active hand in guiding and setting forth expected work practices, but I think he's missed several key points and it has set him up for more stutters in his steps to progress.


Dear CatsAreTheBest-For the last time this girl has no criminal past and I know for fact she has a diagnosis, bottom line is that the Judge should have sent her to hospital and not to jail and none of this would have happened.  I am sincerely asking you to not judge as this would be a different story if this young woman was your acquaintance or family member.


 Abcdefg12345 just because you know your alphabet and numbers that makes you a credible witness and I should believe everything you say.  I am sorry but I am not taking you word for it.  I agree that the Judge should of sent her to a mental hospital instead of jail.  But the voters made sure in November to vote down a mental health levy that would of funded alternatives to jail.  I also agree thats what should of been but without the funds jail is the next best thing.  If you want me not to judge the woman then I sincerely ask you not to judge the deputies.  I agree that some of the activities were handled wrong that night but you do not know which deputies did that night so do not judge them either then.


I am a very credible witness to the victim, and just reading the 44 pages of the report is enough evidence that the three deputies did not do the right thing and they are the ones that wrote the statements, while it may be locker room talk it was not done in a locker room. When someone has a mental illness and is in hypermania they DO NOT make rational decisions. Bottom line is they did not try to get her out of the situation they just added to it.  Although I don't sympathize with the deputies, I do sympathize with their families and friends because this is a very diffiult situation for all involved, and by God's grace may these deputies learn from their mistakes and move on.  Again if the law enforcement involved and the Judge would have taken the appropriate measures expressed by family before the incarceration or atleast soon after the incarceration all of this would have been avoided. About the mental health levy-this situation has absolutely nothing to do with this type of occurence. When someone is acting out at the jail they have options-being evaluated at a hospital has nothing to do with a mental health levy or does having an on call mental health worker coming to do an evaluation.  If you must know this inmate was incarcerated 2 weeks before this most recent episode for the same charge and was placed in a restraint chair, evaluated and sent to a hospital-so why should there be any difference in protocol from one incident to the next.  One more thing-there are actually other inmates that were there at the time whom are willing to testify on behalf of the victim.  Not that what she did was acceptable but the way it was handled was unacceptable. Now according to all the reports there was no way the other inmates should have known anything going on at the time because the victim was "so called" being protected and no one else should have seen anything, but unfortunately this was not true because their is atleast one inmate that knew everything going on and the only way that could have happened is by that person being able to see or hear her which if she was loud the hearing part may be understandable but how would they know details unless jail employees were running their mouths.  I rest my case at this point because what was done can't be taken back and it is a crying shame.  All I do know FOR SURE is this young lady has a difficult road ahead of her but as long as she stays out of her past relationship where she was sexually,,physically, mentally and financially abused for 3 years and continues to stay compliant with her mental health care hopefully she can overcome this mess.


 Alphabet and Numbers you lost all you credibility with this last post you made.  The reason I say that is you cannot get your facts straight.  In a previous comment you made you stated that the victim has never been in jail before.  But now in this post you state that she had been in jail two weeks earlier.  How can you say that they did not try to get her out of this situation when it is stated in the reports that one of the deputies was on the phone with the victims mother trying to get her the medication she needed.  It is also not there fault that the victim chose to go off her medication for as I believe it was stated in the report 14 hours.  You act like you are a mental health advocate but then you argue with me about the mental health levy.  This has everything to do with this situation this levy would provide for all of examples that you stated in you previous post would it not.  I also think that the levy if passed could fund other alternatives other than jail.  You also stated in a previous post that you dont care what happened to the victim prior to her being in jail for example her arrest that night.  So why do you bring up things that happened to her the past three years then.  Are you trying to hold these three deputies responsible for those thing to.  I agree it is a shame that all these things has happened to her but you cannot blame these deputies for choices that she made that night.



I said it did not matter about her past and I wil stand behind that. It doesn't matter if she robbed a bank, didn't pay child support or ran through the streets naked, bottom line is no matter who it was or what they did to get there the actions were unjust and inhumane. Personally I don't care how credible I am to you I am stating facts. About her being in jail previously for the same charge-what I was trying to get across is that they didn't have a problem calling Firelands at that time, and they didn't have a problem putting her in a restraint chair and lastly the Judge didn't have a problem sending her to Rescue Crisis for the proper treatment. So how can say that the Mental Health Levy had anything to do with what happened when the somewhat proper procedure was used just weeks before.  The next issue is the medication;  people with mental health issues often do not take medications because when they are in a state of mania it feels better that way than being at the other end of the spectrum which is severe depression and many times when a person has not been on these meds for atleast three weeks, the meds can make them feel like a zombie and then they get scared because they just don't feel right. When a person is a state of mania they feel more empowered and in control of their life.  The jail did not try hard enough to get her medication which may have helped. It does not take a Mental Health Levy to pass to call the prescriber of her medicine to verify it and get a script called in stat.  Finally unless you are a superhuman it is possible for anyone to have a moment of weakness for someone and get into an abusive relationship and many times an abusive relationship will send someone into a downward spiral especially if they are scared of what that person will do if they leave the relationship. Do some research on battered women-the most dangerous time for the victim is after they LEAVE the relationship and in this situation the abuser has had many reports and attempted protection orders against him but the victim was afraid to pursue them because she was probably because she was afraid of what he might do or have someone else do to her-so unless you actually know what post traumatic stress disorder can do to a person (I will fill you in-it can cause mental issues beyond your control) you probably shouldn't judge someone, also this abuser has a criminal record a mile long that would probably scare most people without mental illness.  Again my heart goes out to the victim and her family and friends and also to the families and friends of the deputies involved, and on the other hand to the Judge, the police officers and the deputies that were ever involved with this mess all I can say is shame on you and I pray you learn from your bad decisions and never let this happen again.  To make myself clear I want it known that a few bad apples shouldn't ruin the credibility of all of the law enforcement and court officials in Sandusky County because there are alot of caring people that work for these agencies.

To CatsAreTheBest- you leave alot of great comments on issues just keep them fair as you would not want to be judged by people that did not know facts.




Fired? Criminal Charges?


Forget the union. Put them in jail! They need prosecuted! We demand justice! Sheriff you can’t look the other way on this you also took an oath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Simply fired? Overmyer needs to explain why no criminal charges have been filed!



According to The News Messenger one day last week, the director was looking into filing criminal charges but haven't seen or heard anything more. Hopefully they don't push it under the rug since the investigation is over.


If there is such a demand to pursue criminal charges, why aren't there any posts at the News Messengers comment section?


RobertPaulsen ...  If someone were to sexually assault a female relative of  yours, should someone have to make comments in a newspaper comment section before the they were charged criminally? This is not a question of what they did. It is well documented! The problem is apparently that Kaiser's father is in the prosecutors office. This is a clear example of conflict of interest. If it had been anyone else involved, my bet would be that they would already be charged and in jail.


That is a good question.  I am sure there is an internal reason why the News Messenger is not allowing comments and it is probably an order straight from the Sheriff's office.  It seems suspicious to me.


 abcdefg12345 Or anyone else close to the victim/ the true story wants to get the full story. If any one does not want this swept under the rug use the guest submission and leave your email address. You can remain anonymous.


If someone were to sexually assault a female relative of  yours, should someone have to make comments in a newspaper comment section before the they were charged criminally? This is not a question of what they did. It is well documented! The problem is apparently that Kaiser's father is in the prosecutors office. This is a clear example of conflict of interest. If it had been anyone else involved, my bet would be that they would already be charged and in jail.


Sarah- I know what they did was wrong, regardless if they knew the inmate had a mental illness or not. It is good that issues like this can be put in a public forum to gauge reaction, get supplemental information, different view points and so forth. I was trying to express that there seems to be much more feedback posted in the Registers comment section than in the Fremont News Messenger. I thought the NM would have a good amount of feedback in the articles for this topic. It seems there are only a handful of responses posted in the NM. I was wondering what the factor is that makes the SR have much more feedback than the NM.