Sandusky County jail guards sexually exploited naked woman

Three jailers sexually exploited a naked, schizophrenic inmate while she was locked for six hours in a jail cell flooded with urine and water, according to information in a police investigation.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 1, 2012


Three jailers sexually exploited a naked, schizophrenic inmate while she was locked for six hours in a jail cell flooded with urine and water, according to information in a police investigation.

Sandusky County jail guards Frank Kaiser, Charlie Pump and Joshua Smith are on paid leave pending the outcome of disciplinary hearings stemming from the Jan. 10 incident.

The 21-year-old woman remains in the Sandusky County jail without bond.

Fremont police arrested the 5-foot, 100-pound woman Jan. 10 for falsely accusing her ex-fiance of phone harassment, according to police.

She appeared in court that morning and threatened to kill herself when she was taken back to the jail, according to a 43-page report by Fremont police Sgt. Dean Bliss, who investigated allegations against the three guards at the request of Sheriff Kyle Overmyer.

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The report, made public Monday, unveils lurid details of the alleged interactions between the mentally ill woman and the guards. 

Over those six hours, Kaiser, Pump and Smith played varying roles interacting with the woman as she masturbated and performed sexual acts on herself, according to statements the men’s coworkers made to investigators.

Bliss’s report describes a “frenzy” atmosphere where the guards watched the woman masturbate. At least one of the guards encouraged the woman to “get on all fours” and show them her genitals.

Because Sandusky County prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt redacted the names of Kaiser, Pump and Smith from the report, it’s impossible to tell which guard did what.

The activity continued on and off for hours, until nightshift supervisor Capt. Matthew Bender arrived to work. At that point the woman’s cell was finally cleaned and a female guard complained about how the three men had treated the inmate.

The inmate herself told Bender what happened that afternoon — how she’d been left naked in her cell while the guards talked “dirty” to her and encouraged her to masturbate.

“Deputies from the previous shift were watching her from the window naked in the cell and were encouraging her to ‘touch herself,’” Bender said in a written statement to jail supervisor Tom Fligor. “(The inmate) advised she was a stripper and was not shy, so she complied with their requests and proceeded to masturbate in their presence.

“In my opinion, this is totally ridiculous, uncalled for and very unprofessional,” Bender’s report stated. “If (the inmate) was ‘going off’ she should have been placed in a suicide gown and placed in the restraint chair, not left naked for personal pleasure for many hours.”

While Bliss’ report provides the name of the inmate, the Register does not identify victims of sexual misconduct. 

Pick up Tuesday's Register for the full story, and also be sure to check out the PDFs below to read the full investigative report. Read a previous story on this issue here.

PLEASE NOTE: The investigative report contains graphic language and descriptions that may offend some readers.



 Remember it is Law Enforcement who protects us from criminals like this woman who the Sandusky Register is making look like a Respectable resident. Fact she is a criminal!


Freedom12 -You honestly believe that telephone harassment makes you a criminal? The girl was in a state of hypermania when she made those calls because of the actions of her accuser. She has been sexually, physically, financially, mentally abused by this ex-boyfriend for 3 years and had made several attempts to press charges against him had even showed police her marks and bruises but sadly was afraid of this man because of this threats for retaliation against her and her family.  This young lady is not hardly a criminal just a very battered women who needs help. Post traumatic stress has caused this poor girl to have alot of mental issues and she does have a long road ahead of her, hopefully she can get the help she needs and remain compliant with treatment. She is a very intelligent girl and led a completely normal life until she made the wrong choice with this so-called ex boyfriend. She had a moment of weakness at the jail and they preyed on her weakness.  They are to serve and protect whether criminal or not. That is their job and if they can't perform their duties appropriately they need to be replaced. 

sandtown resident

Hey Rley44 you forgot 1 thing this girl is in JAIL if she wants to drink a beer that would be ok shes 21 maybe she might want to smoke a cig shes over 18 no problem right if she wanted to listen to music i bet she wouldnt be able to do that but a 21 year  old blonde wants to masturbate alright the 3 stoogies OK d that shes in jail dummy you dont put yopur socks on without permission in a real jail and after the lack of proffesionalism and lack of leadership how do WE know mr. jones died here that Rley44 DIED for the same reason this female inmate was exploited makes me sick


Once this is over and IF ALL IS TRUE, those deputies need to go to jail. I wonder if their phones were looked at, to see if they texted or sent photos to friends. Someone asked about the female deputy, she would have been in the female section and wouldn't  have been able to leave unless the entire jail was locked down . That should have been done, until the woman was put in the chair. Most of the Correction Deputies are not Law Enforcement Deputies. Training for Correction Deputies is abount 3 weeks long, and training for Law Enforcement Deputies is over 6 months.


 Santown resident word sums up your response...what? I already said it was unprofessional and fire them and move on. But exploited is a stretch for someone who strips for a living did ALL that sexual behavior on her own free will no one forced her to say the sexual things that all witnesses verify she said so why should we feel sorry for a slut who wanted attention and got it...I don't think it's right that this activity is being done in our county tax ran facilities and they deserve to be fired but a girl who makes paper penises telling the guards how she's not shy strips ,voluntary gets naked and tells the guard she wants to do him is hardly a exploited woman. She was about to throw feces ok I'm sorry but that is an out of control inmate acting up and being a slut Because that's what she does for a living...said it herself ...and yes the guards are wrong but I don't feel bad for her plenty of other women got processed at that jail and nothing like that happened so that says a lot to me. 


You really should not judge people with a mental illness. Also do you eat out of that nasty mouth of yours?



Schizophrenia is a complex brain disorder. It can affect the ability to think clearly, manage feelings, make decisions, and relate to other people.