Sandusky County jail guards sexually exploited naked woman

Three jailers sexually exploited a naked, schizophrenic inmate while she was locked for six hours in a jail cell flooded with urine and water, according to information in a police investigation.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 1, 2012

Three jailers sexually exploited a naked, schizophrenic inmate while she was locked for six hours in a jail cell flooded with urine and water, according to information in a police investigation.

Sandusky County jail guards Frank Kaiser, Charlie Pump and Joshua Smith are on paid leave pending the outcome of disciplinary hearings stemming from the Jan. 10 incident.

The 21-year-old woman remains in the Sandusky County jail without bond.

Fremont police arrested the 5-foot, 100-pound woman Jan. 10 for falsely accusing her ex-fiance of phone harassment, according to police.

She appeared in court that morning and threatened to kill herself when she was taken back to the jail, according to a 43-page report by Fremont police Sgt. Dean Bliss, who investigated allegations against the three guards at the request of Sheriff Kyle Overmyer.

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The report, made public Monday, unveils lurid details of the alleged interactions between the mentally ill woman and the guards. 

Over those six hours, Kaiser, Pump and Smith played varying roles interacting with the woman as she masturbated and performed sexual acts on herself, according to statements the men’s coworkers made to investigators.

Bliss’s report describes a “frenzy” atmosphere where the guards watched the woman masturbate. At least one of the guards encouraged the woman to “get on all fours” and show them her genitals.

Because Sandusky County prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt redacted the names of Kaiser, Pump and Smith from the report, it’s impossible to tell which guard did what.

The activity continued on and off for hours, until nightshift supervisor Capt. Matthew Bender arrived to work. At that point the woman’s cell was finally cleaned and a female guard complained about how the three men had treated the inmate.

The inmate herself told Bender what happened that afternoon — how she’d been left naked in her cell while the guards talked “dirty” to her and encouraged her to masturbate.

“Deputies from the previous shift were watching her from the window naked in the cell and were encouraging her to ‘touch herself,’” Bender said in a written statement to jail supervisor Tom Fligor. “(The inmate) advised she was a stripper and was not shy, so she complied with their requests and proceeded to masturbate in their presence.

“In my opinion, this is totally ridiculous, uncalled for and very unprofessional,” Bender’s report stated. “If (the inmate) was ‘going off’ she should have been placed in a suicide gown and placed in the restraint chair, not left naked for personal pleasure for many hours.”

While Bliss’ report provides the name of the inmate, the Register does not identify victims of sexual misconduct. 

Pick up Tuesday's Register for the full story, and also be sure to check out the PDFs below to read the full investigative report. Read a previous story on this issue here.

PLEASE NOTE: The investigative report contains graphic language and descriptions that may offend some readers.



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Weeelllll...... freedom12,

vouyerism is sexual assault.  So even if she admitted to performing sexual acts or partaking in lewd behavior that was observed by jail guards, they are guilty of sexually assaulting the inmate. 

Sexual harrassment is any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or any verbal (or physical) conduct of sexual nature.  According to reports the jail guards have admitted to asking to her to "touch herself" and other vulgar requests.  Sexual harrassment manifests itself in subtle ways including sexually suggestive comments. 


Hey FREEDOM12, where are you?? Too busy trolling facebbok for girls that are DTF, to come back on here and defend yourself??

I just wanted to tell you that I did actually RE-read the report, and I wanted to point out that on page 22 of the 44 page report, Sgt Bliss states,

"ALL OF THE DEPUTIES, spoke that (blank) shows a lack of leadership when in charge, is LAZY and is constantly on his cell phone."

Those are not the words of a crazy woman/criminal/inmate. Those are the words of his friends/comrades/fellow employees.

So what were you saying about "respecting" the "hardworking" law enforcement officers?

"Constantly on his cell phone", great, I can't wait to read these transcripts of his texts! If he (you) were embarassed by this report, wait until the next one comes out!

freedom12, AKA one of the three stooges! Brand new commenter, creates a screen name to come on here and defend himself. Who else would?



Psychological testing should be mandatory (yes...another "mandate") before law enforcement officers, politcians and other "people of power" are allowed to hold their postions. I also feel it should be made a mandatory requirement before people are allowed to create our most precious and valuable natural rescource...children.

Mandates, laws, rules and regulations are a necessary "evil" due to mankind's own deeply imbedded or self-wrought penchant for sinful, disdainful and other wise anti-societal acts. It's a sad fact that many among us are unable or unwilling to self-impose a morality that necessitates laws. Therefore when those established laws governing our behavior are broken they need to be enforced with all due impact. To do less is to enable the cancerous growth to manifest itself.

I'll say again, "When anyone who is paid with taxpayer-generated money breaks the law...they need to be punsihed at a much higher level than the average lay person." Examples need to be set...not ignored.

(Barney Fife on steroids gets his jollies with Betty Mae Crochet while Andy slept at his desk.) (What, really,  would Auntie say?)





Thank you for the definition!  I re-read the report and there is no question that such acts were committed against this woman. The criminals here are clearly the guards!

By the way, she was arrested for falsely accusing her ex fiancee of telephone harrassment and making false alarms.  I would bet that they are busy trying to blunt what could be a HUGE  lawsuit! This woman may never have to work another day in her life!

Woody Hayes


Fremont PD would have to drop the charges, the were the inital arresting office.


Thanks for the correction Woody. I watched the news last night at 11 and they said that an independant investigation had cleared all involved of any wrongdoing. Go figure!


The report that WKYC was reading from is right here, and has been for 2 days, all 44 pages. The two quotes WKYC  used from the report can be found on pages 18 and 21.

The investigation is ongoing. The inmate has not even been interviewed in person, as stated on page 22, because she was in Toledo being evaluated. The statements she made in her written report have not been confirmed, but they are attached to the 44 pages.

Since everyone invovled agrees that the three stooges were all on the cell phones while they were supposed to be working, I am sure that those records will be subpoenaed and that will take some time.

Let's say hypothetically, they get phone records back and you got one of the three stooges bragging in a text to his buddy that "he told her to get down on all fours" and she did. That would back up the inmates claims,and case over.

This is far from over, and they have not been cleared.



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 WTF!  have heard from two seperate sources that the Sheriff has been suspended? 


For all the people defending the deputies I pose this question, especially the fathers of daughters: Would you feel differently if it was your daughter that this had happened to?


@freedom12 - you make me want to puke!  Hold your hands out.

Darwin's choice

Their charges would be "gross sexual imposition". They all need to be charged!

sandtown resident

The real disappointment is we enpowered these pithetic animals we the public authorized the control that they used against us or another citizen and of course they have family in law enforcement and in the prosecutors office the father in the prosecutors office should be suspended immediately no questions asked this whole thing makes me sick


I just read the Fremont Police Department investigative report. Three words come to mind: degrading, disgusting and dismissal.

I applaud Captain Matthew Bender and the other correctional staff for returning some sensibility and order to the jail the afternoon of these despicable events.

Any deputy who came forward with information that will prevent this type of behaivor from happening in the future has displayed courage, integrity and the metal we want to see in the men and woman who wear the badge/star. They deserve our respect. The others do NOT!

Sheriff Overymer, Chief Deputy Hirt and Major Fligor...c'mon man.



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Truth or Dare

Yep, made WKYZ Channel 3 News bright and early this morning!   The Newscaster read a statement made, can't remember who it was by though.  It was stated that "the Deputies did nothing more than act inappropriatley",  and what went on was referred to as "Locker-room talk". 

Hey Freedom 12;  "She chose to do it herself"?  What part of Schizophrenic , let alone coerrcion don't you understand.?  Not being of SOUND MIND,  off of and asking for her meds  explains her bizarre behaviour.  This young gal needed help, but instead of help and according to WKYZ News, this young woman was "Sexually Exploited".  Guess ya gotta be a big TV station, rather than a samll burb Newspaper to be able to use the words "sexually exploited"?!  FYI - Expoit (verb) - To make use of selfishly or unethically.  Sounds like what they tried to do by initially refusing to release the investigative report, let alone the treatment she received, or I should say the lack of comapassion and understanding that should've been shown!    

By the way Freedom,   you continue to rant that those of us that are disgusted by this are defending criminals, and it seems that we should pretty much blindly trust  LE.   Being charged with something is just that, a charge, it doesn't imply guilt, remember?  Or does that just apply to those that consider themselves to be  "pillars of sociiety"?  As if they don't break the law, right?  Pleeeeeeeese!   Just look around, pay attention to  the reality of our world!  That's why BS like this goes on, cause those pillars are too busy covering each others arse!    You're new here, folks that are being charged and find themselves in the newspaper, are tore apart here, not even given a chance, and on a daily basis!    Kinda different when the shoe is on the other foot, eh?  This my friend is the epitomy of HYPOCRISY,  which does nothing more than earn you the lack of trust you and those like you so adamantly demand!    

Anyone here know if you can get a copy of that investigative report?  Cause if ya can get your hands on it, I would like a few.  On behalf of a young woman who is mentally ill, who has been unethically treated by LE just one county over, who definately needs help, rather than exploitation, and for Society as a whole,  I will be forwarding it along w/newspaper articles regarding this situation to the Columbus, Oh. ACLU and other appropriate Advocacey groups. 



 I've re-read the Fremont's Police Dept's incident report a couple times and I still come to my original conclusion that she shouldn't have been charged.

  The clerk says she heard her [on the phone] threatening someone that he was going to jail today for harassing her and beating women.  Why would the woman make the call if she wasn't upset?   In the report the officer appears willing to overlook the man's calls to her as being harassment when he said, "I informed her that I would talk with xxxxx and see why he keeps calling her."    The most logical conclusion to this incident would have been for the officers to counsel each person to their rights and the law without charging either one.

DGMutley, You are correct, during the initial arrest this girl was simply exhibiting her symptoms of schizophrenia, which are delusions, hallucinations and erratic behavoir. IMO the arresting officer was quick to judge without finding out the sorce of the crazy behavoir.

As far as I am concerned, this poor girl who already is a victim of a mental illness, fell prey to both law enforcement agencies, that both did an injustice to her.

I feel like this is a typical case of falling through the cracks, and everybody just passing the buck, so they do not have to deal with it. Very sad.

I find it interesting that in six hours, the three stooges, could not make contact with her family to get her medication, but WKYC came intoa strange town and immediately found the family and talked to them.

Truth or Dare

Hey PB&J;  You have kids?  Cause if ya do and birthed them yourself,  then you would be aware that it is possible for someone who, hypothetically speaking of course,  was diagnosed as a, let's say,  "normal", and I use that word loosely, a stable individual prior to giving birth, after giving birth can fall into the pits of Post Partum Depression, right?!  If so, count yourself fortunate you didn't have the displeasure of experiencing serious PPD, and women  should understand that even mild depression can/will take place afterwards. There are many cases where a normally stable new Mother, who due to severe PPD has killed their newborn child.  

 The brain is an an intricate machine, it's what keeps your body alive, and when it's not hitting on all cylinders can throw one for a loop! Just ask this young gal.  As one suffering from Schizophrenia,  it's a guarantee she also suffers/experiences probably deep depression!   Depression, from mild to severe, and other Mental Disorders  happen because of a chemical imbalance within the brain.  For women, that means there is the possiblity of mild to major hormonal imbalance not only during, but also after giving birth.   This is a topic that has received more attention in a serious clinical manner only over the last couple decades, if that long. 

How bout all these folks in important, powerful positions,  especially those within LE and the Judicial System, whether elected, appointed, hired, whatever, howbout they just start being as open, honest, as fair as they ask us to be?  Now that would earn them their due respect, even admiration!     As far as I'm concerned, personally, should there be any charges, even Civil,  and they are found guilty, they should be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.  No more, no less.     

Woody Hayes

Does anyone know who makes the call to take someone to Toledo Crisis Center vs going to jail? Just wondering.


Obviously, one of the three stooges should have made a call, to their boss, or mental health professionals.

They obviously lost all control of the inmate, when she immediately started trashing the cell, flooding it, writing on the walls, urinating, deficating, and masturbating.

If those are not signs, for one of them, to pick up a phone and get some help to gain control, what are?

What else exactly did she have to do before one of these guys did something to gain control of the situation?

They obviously did not want to gain control, because they were in a "frenzy" using her for their entertainment.

I feel like a dog picked up on the street, would be treated better at the dog pound than this poor girl was.


DGMutley & Dick Tracy, I must be reading a different FPD Arrest record than you are for these reasons.

Officer Halbisen investigated her claims at Circle K, he then went to Ex-boyfriends crib and investigated the complaint. Ex-boyfriend produced phone showing He had recieved 2 calls from that number for circle K and His phone had no evidence of out going calls to that number. after charges were filed against her based upon the investigation and warrants signed Officer Halbisen went to the Double A motel (Nce place, like the song "Alices Restaurant"), now she goes off on him and away to jail she goes instead of to the muni court as no one down there is going to put up with that. She was handed off to the jail for booking and if you read Officer Halbisen's report you will see in the last paragraph, that he (Halbisen) was informed SC Deputy would bring her to court later that afternoon. Page 12 indicates she had been to court per the "Pregnant female CO (Whoops I think the redacted word was Pregnant...can I say that without being censored?.)  She broke the law by claiming she was being harrassed etc and calling the ex-boyfriend, you will probably find out Officer Olvera had already investigated and warned her to knock it off she could be charged, she elected not to, she also was the one who decided (for whatever reason) not to stay on her meds. Page 16/45 last bullet point reads mentions her mother was contacted to try and locate and deliver her med's to the jail. Now this is in the investgation, if her mother was not contacted by the CO's then we will have a big problem with false reports etc.

I will not defend these Moron's, I'm sure everyone is in CYA mode and I hope all responsible players recieve the punishment they deserve, it is a black mark against all those who do the right thing day in and day out.


 It is so sad that the community is taking the words of this woman against these officers. Questions for the alledged victim? 


Has she been diganosed or are we taking her word for it? 


Why did she quit taking her medicine. 



Freedom 12   As a matter of fact she has been diagnosed and as a matter of fact it really isn't true harassment unless the victim really feels threatened or scared and if you had a clue about the history of the accuser you would know that he is the guilty one. She may be guilty of calling his phone repeatedly but that is the only thing she has done. Nothing to deserve what she has got.


 Freedom12, What about the accounts by the female CO and the oncoming shift captain's account of what he saw and heard by the CO's he was relieving? I seriously question what you are basing your post upon as it doesn't make sense based upon the information provided in the reports. 



"Crib", "Ex-boyfriend", "Alices Restaurant", " she goes off on him and away to jail she goes instead of to the muni court as no one down there is going to put up with that", "She was handed off to the jail for booking", "Officer Olvera had already investigated and warned her to knock it off".   Maybe we are reading different FDP incident reports, I see none of the above in the report.   You say that she broke the law by claiming she was being harassed.  How so?  Just because the guy said he didn't doesn't mean he didn't.  Just because the guy said she was harassing him doesn't mean that she was harassing him.  Without hearing the phone calls who knows what was said. Actually, to the contrary, the clerk heard her accuse the guy of harassment.  Why would she say that to the guy if there were no truth to it?    I'm simply saying that in my opinion both parties, the taxpayers, and Society would have been better served had the outcome been to simply to advise each party of their rights and the law without charging anyone.  
Peninsula Pundit

You probably said the same thing about the gestapo, freedom.

Freedom. What a misnomer. When the po-po gets ahold of you, freedom is the 1st thing you lose.

Then, much like this poor 21 year old, not much more than a child herself, you are forced to surrender your dignity as a person.

The police are supposed to protect and serve. These hooligans did neither.

And you defend them.

The only thing about your moniker that is accurate is the '12'.

That's your IQ.

sandtown resident

How could sandusky county get anymore out of control not only do they have the jones investigation where deputies shoot their citizens they turn the county jail into a strip club and exploit a misdemeanor violator this sheriffe should be totally ashamed of himself makes me sick