Sandusky County jail guards sexually exploited naked woman

Three jailers sexually exploited a naked, schizophrenic inmate while she was locked for six hours in a jail cell flooded with urine and water, according to information in a police investigation.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 1, 2012

Three jailers sexually exploited a naked, schizophrenic inmate while she was locked for six hours in a jail cell flooded with urine and water, according to information in a police investigation.

Sandusky County jail guards Frank Kaiser, Charlie Pump and Joshua Smith are on paid leave pending the outcome of disciplinary hearings stemming from the Jan. 10 incident.

The 21-year-old woman remains in the Sandusky County jail without bond.

Fremont police arrested the 5-foot, 100-pound woman Jan. 10 for falsely accusing her ex-fiance of phone harassment, according to police.

She appeared in court that morning and threatened to kill herself when she was taken back to the jail, according to a 43-page report by Fremont police Sgt. Dean Bliss, who investigated allegations against the three guards at the request of Sheriff Kyle Overmyer.

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The report, made public Monday, unveils lurid details of the alleged interactions between the mentally ill woman and the guards. 

Over those six hours, Kaiser, Pump and Smith played varying roles interacting with the woman as she masturbated and performed sexual acts on herself, according to statements the men’s coworkers made to investigators.

Bliss’s report describes a “frenzy” atmosphere where the guards watched the woman masturbate. At least one of the guards encouraged the woman to “get on all fours” and show them her genitals.

Because Sandusky County prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt redacted the names of Kaiser, Pump and Smith from the report, it’s impossible to tell which guard did what.

The activity continued on and off for hours, until nightshift supervisor Capt. Matthew Bender arrived to work. At that point the woman’s cell was finally cleaned and a female guard complained about how the three men had treated the inmate.

The inmate herself told Bender what happened that afternoon — how she’d been left naked in her cell while the guards talked “dirty” to her and encouraged her to masturbate.

“Deputies from the previous shift were watching her from the window naked in the cell and were encouraging her to ‘touch herself,’” Bender said in a written statement to jail supervisor Tom Fligor. “(The inmate) advised she was a stripper and was not shy, so she complied with their requests and proceeded to masturbate in their presence.

“In my opinion, this is totally ridiculous, uncalled for and very unprofessional,” Bender’s report stated. “If (the inmate) was ‘going off’ she should have been placed in a suicide gown and placed in the restraint chair, not left naked for personal pleasure for many hours.”

While Bliss’ report provides the name of the inmate, the Register does not identify victims of sexual misconduct. 

Pick up Tuesday's Register for the full story, and also be sure to check out the PDFs below to read the full investigative report. Read a previous story on this issue here.

PLEASE NOTE: The investigative report contains graphic language and descriptions that may offend some readers.



 Sarah I would like to let you know that I am a well respected community member and I take your comment completly offesnsive.  Just because I voice my opinion doesnt mean that you can go and attack my character.  And for you to say that I am qualified to be in jail is complete nonsense and you should check your facts before you post.  No it is impossible for me to take you up on your offer because I would hate impose on you since you must already be there.


 I counted 4 people acting like animals...



CatsAreBest .. we are all well respected members of the community and if you were offended by my comments it would be a good idea for you to be a little more careful in voicing your opinions! For example:

Cats said -- "But the point that I am trying to get across is that nobody made her do it and she is the one chose to do it herself."

Cats, that is a direct quote that you made and it is probably one of the more obtuse comments I have ever seen. A person who is mentally challenged, when confronted by overpowering force, remember these guys are carrying guns, would be compelled to do whatever these guys suggested. The fact that they would suggest this to her, with her in a cage, is criminal. If you wish to condone their behavior, then you open yourself to being offended and I would hope by everyone, not just me.

And that is only one of your comments that I would personally take issue with.


Sarah the last post that you made tells me that you have no idea what you are talking about.  I suggest that you check your facts before you post again.  There are two shows on the television that you can watch that can help you get your facts straight.  They are either Jail on SpikeTv or Las Vegas Jail House on TruTv.  To say that these officers carried guns in the jail is false.  And you can find this out to if you would watch one of these shows.  It is common since that in any normal jail the guards are usaully out numbered two to one.  With these odds all it would take is for any guard to get over taken by any convict and have their fire arm taken and the convicts would have complete control of the facitlity and it would be a complete massacre.  So that is why no corrections officers in any jail in the whole United States carries a fire arm in any corrections facitlity.  So once you get your facts straight feel free to post again.  I will be looking forward to it.


CatsAreNuts ... I was referring to people in positions of authority, such as these guards. When a person puts on a uniform it gives them an upper edge. I am sure that if he was wearing a gun or not, didn't change the perception that you'd better do what he says, let alone 3 guards!

As an upstanding member of our community who is an authority on everything because she watches Jail on Spike TV and LasVegas Jailhouse on TruTV ... oh god .. I can't even finish this comments because I am laughing so hard that tears are running down my face and I can't see the keyboard ... oh somebody pick it up please!!! You ever thought of doing standup comedy .... you're great at it!


Sarah you still havent proved to me that you know what you are talking about.  I simply mentioned the tv shows because I figured it would be an easy way for you to gain more knowledge.   Since you lacked the common knowledge that any type of firearms are never carried into any correction facitlity.  You should be the one who takes up stand up comedy.  When you say that when people put on uniforms it gives people an upper edge is funny.  So when workers at walmart or any other retail shops puts on their uniform they can make anybody do anything.  So if I was the victim I would never leave the house then because everywhere you go there is always somebody wearing a uniform.  Who knows what else people in uniforms can supposedly make her do.  Once again read the report she started pleasuring herself when she heard one of the guards voice and she thought it was attractive by her own admission.  Nobody forced her to do it.


CatsAreTheBest; You need to read a book on mental illness before you judge people. When it comes to kitty litter I may listen to you but beyond that you have no clue!!!!!!


Shame on you Sandusky Register for reporting this! Not!

I gotta go back and read about all the FOP grouppies taking the plunge!


I love cats but I teach mine better English and they all have an open mind but know indecency when they see it.

Amerian Dad

All I can say is, Really?  What the he!! is going on in Sandusky County?  A legend of a man, Sheriff David Gangwer, is rolling over in his grave seeing that a department he built is self destructing.   Wow get it together people. 

To Taxpayer, nice to see you are on your Union kick, but this isn't a union issue, this is a hiring issue!  Wonder how much of a background investigation was done on these three prior to employment.   Like I said, Sandusky County better get it together..............there won't be no more county with all the civil law suits they're stacking up.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained racist or discriminatory remarks. Discussion Guidelines


 what was racist or discriminatory about my post? 


The handwriting on some of the reports is very unprofessional as well. A 3rd grader can print better than that. How in heck does some one decipher what they write in a report....hopefully they have to type it out. Stupid dip shites


I read the entire report and as upset as I was at first reading the headlines, then upset after reading the news story; then drawing a conclusion of being really po'd at the deputies being on paid admin leave.... I did not read in that public file where the officers did anything wrong except make innapropriate comments to each other and were neglectful in getting the inmate's cell cleaned up quicker. I dont know Sheriff Dept policy on getting pshych attention for inmates, (that might fall under neglect too) The inmate certainly was gross, crude, and abnormal.

Officers are in situations we would never want to be in. Same goes for school teachers. If a teacher touches or says something to a student, then a blame "game" may begin and a teacher has to defend his/herself too. But this incident sure isn't and shouldn't be blamed on the voters re the Mental Health Levy!

I think the inmate has emotional and mental problems and her behavior is sad and shameful and she was lying to begin with about the phone call harrassment or she wouldnt have been in jail.

This young lady was/is a beautiful young girl who went "bad" somewhere along the line. I remember her attending my kids' school. Her mug shot is hideous and I am pained to think she behaves (or looks) like this now. Hopefully she gets the help she evidently has needed for quite some time. Did this behavior go unnoticed by friends and family prior to this?

In my opinion there should be some discliplinary action on the deputies for sure. And if the officer fails a polygraph suggested by the investigator, then shame on him. And shouldn't the female attendant have called someone sooner and not just wait until next shift?


What is going on in Sandusky County???  Come on!  This is about THREE UNION individuals who made a decision and committed the rational choice to have some laughs at the expense of a weak individual.  This has NOTHING to do with Sandusky County!  Get a LIFE and stop the liberal BLAME!  I am sure all the neighboring counties to Erie are wondering what is going on with all the idiotic residents, crime, corruption, UNIONS, LE and politics in Erie County!  After all, WE have been in the headlines more than all the other counties combined!  Don't like the TRUTH?  Just peruse through all the stories on this blog for TWENTY pages back and SEE the PROOF that Erie County is such a spectacular, liberal place to live with such lovely liberal, loser residents.  That is if you are not a dropout and have the ability to read and comprehend.  Ha! Ha! 



Taxpayer .. I don't understand! This has nothing to do with the UNION and has everything to do with three police officers who acted in a criminal manner. I don't give a rats behind if they are union members. What does that have to do with anything? These officers who are sworn to serve and protect and they did neither. They took advantage of a weaker person to get some kicks and laughs. They should be prosecuted and sumarily fired and if the UNION prevents this, then is when I get down on the UNION. Until then, the UNION has nothing to do with it, period.

Why are the moderators allowing your posts? They violate several of the guidelines that the paper has said that they would enforce. Go take a pill and when you calm down and can think and write and make some sense, try again!


If true, what these deputies did was certainly a crime.  Read Ohio Revised Code 2921.44 Dereliction of Duty, a 2nd degree misdemeanor.



@ Woody Hayes says

Great post from a 30 year veteran UNION Firefighter. Taxpayer=HYPERCRITE.






your argument is invalid.

please repost with something more intelligent as it relates to the issue.



sandtown resident

The assault on the american taxpayer is out of control these goverment employees asaulted this citizen assaulted her parents and assaulted us the taxpayer who pays there salary  and then they are put on paid leave doesnt paid leave=vacation they should be fired charged with the crime they committed but instead they will be slapped on the hand and given a pension to sit on there ass for doing wrong this young girl should have been protected and not exploited and the shrerif of sandusky county should be ultimitely be held responsible we are all supposed to respect law enforcement and praise there work or mourn there death  so what happens when they do this i will be watching


 This is a very sad account of a serious ethical breach by men who are entrusted with a mentally ill woman.

I do not understand why this woman was being held in an area of the jail where men were watching her. Why were women police officers not in charge of watching a female inmate? 

Anyone who has dealt with mental illness in their family- a son, a daughteer, a parent, should be horrified by this breakdown of ethical, dignified behavior by police officers. Overt sexual behavior is one of the symptoms of a bi-polar episode. That these officers encouraged and found enyjoyment in watching a mentally ill woman act out during a manic episode is beyond despicable.

These men were trained police officers. This was not a strip club, or a frat house. NOT ONE of these people stood up and stopped this. The true obscenity here is the actions of rational, sober, trained police officers of the Sandusky Sheriff's Department. 

I can only hope that there are laws on the books to put these men in jail for their failure to protect an inmate in their care.

The SPD has lost all credibility with anyone who has dealt with mental illness. 

Truth or Dare

I'm all for "innocent until proven guilty", so allow me to  correct my comment;  Should any of this be true, I would hope the UNION, as well top Adm. will be LOUD AND CLEAR regarding such  behaviour within our LE everywhere, demanding themselves the immediate termination of these Deputies!  On that note, seems a few here are completely clueless as to what it means when one suffers from Schizophrrenia.  So, for the clueless;

Schizpoprenia is only one of many mental  (NUEROLOGICAL/BRAIN) disorders.  t's onset strikes around adolescence or early adulthood.  The signs and syptoms vary from individual to individual, but all people w/the disorder will show one or rmore of the following symptoms;

1. Delusions

2. Hallucinations

3. Bizarre behaviour

4. Disorganized speech

5. Negative symptoms

What treatments are currently available?







Help is available for family and caretakers of those that suffer from Schizpophrenia through the following;  NAMI - National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Mental Health Net, NARSAD - National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia, Open Door.




Truth or Dare

Hey tzu4u;  This is the Sandusky County Sherriff, not to be confused with the Sandusky Police Deptartment! 


 I stand corrected. thank you.

Doubt It

The mere idea of this is horrifying - why has anything like this been allowed to happen in Sandusky County's jail?  This is really sad for all the people involved.  You hear horror stories about jails but this is just really bizarre.

I think instead of attacking each other over unions and politics people should be attacking the jail and all those who have allowed things to get this bad and out of control.  It just seems to me that this sort of behavior wouldn't be an issue if those in charge had control of their jail.  Rather than arguing amongst themselves over petty issues that are irrelevant, people should be banning together demanding order from those sworn to protect it.  It's obvious from the comments that people are pretty fired up, let's try channeling that in a direction that will get some results.

This article is misleading as well - was the woman really crazy and acting on her own accord or were the jailers sexually assaulting her?  Either way ... really?!  How was this allowed to go on in any form in the first place - and for six hours?  I guess the long and short of it is you get some pretty strange people taken to jail and some pretty strange people working in jail. 

It also makes you wonder of the things that happen every day that aren't reported ...



 why does it always have to be about union. most of the stuff you union haters dont understand is most issues people have of union workers is do to poor management, which is usually a non union or salary worker. is overmyer in the union as a elected official? a union worker can be fired as any other just the right steps have to be done. i would think in a jail there is cameras everywhere that caught all this on tape. those who participated should be let go.


This poor girl has obvious mental problems, one look at her ranting/posting on her facebook page will tell you that.

Her pictures on facebook actually show a very pretty young girl, but the rantings are quite disturbing, and then the current mugshot cleary shows a crazy person.

In her rants on facebook, she describes herself as crazy and she even writes that she is schizophrenic in the above report.

When you compare her report to the three stooges, I mean guards, you immediately learn at least two things,

1) This person the guards are calling crazy, is a better speller than they are. And her writing is more legible.

2) This person the guards are calling crazy is more honest, than all three of them put together.

I compare these three guys to the employees of nursing homes that sexually abuse the mentally ill, weak and trapped who are unable to defend themselves.

Not only did they abuse, entice, take pleasure, endulge and enjoy watching a mentally ill, helpless young girl have a break down, but they got PAID for doing it.

Not only that, but at the end of their shift, they were giddy and PROUD. They couldn't wait to brag to their comrades that a crazy woman thought they were hot.

Who is SICK now?


These are the people we trust.  Very Sad.

The Professor

This is strictly an administrative internal investigation completed by the police department at the request of the Sheriff.  The information contained in this report cannot be used criminally against the officers.  Is this a calculated move my the Sheriff?  You be the judge.  If this were a criminal investigation, the officers would have most likely been read their Miranda Rights and not Garrity.  Any criminal charges based upon this investigation isn't going to happen.   


 The Professor, Then why is the County Prosecutor Stierwalt involved?


In my opinion....if elected politicains and anyone else whose income is generated by taxpayer's money is found guilty for an crime.....the penalty eeds to be (minumaly) 5 X the norm. That would chage a lot of wrongs in this country BEFORE it (they) have an opportunity to get "dirty".