Sandusky County jail guards sexually exploited naked woman

Three jailers sexually exploited a naked, schizophrenic inmate while she was locked for six hours in a jail cell flooded with urine and water, according to information in a police investigation.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 1, 2012

Three jailers sexually exploited a naked, schizophrenic inmate while she was locked for six hours in a jail cell flooded with urine and water, according to information in a police investigation.

Sandusky County jail guards Frank Kaiser, Charlie Pump and Joshua Smith are on paid leave pending the outcome of disciplinary hearings stemming from the Jan. 10 incident.

The 21-year-old woman remains in the Sandusky County jail without bond.

Fremont police arrested the 5-foot, 100-pound woman Jan. 10 for falsely accusing her ex-fiance of phone harassment, according to police.

She appeared in court that morning and threatened to kill herself when she was taken back to the jail, according to a 43-page report by Fremont police Sgt. Dean Bliss, who investigated allegations against the three guards at the request of Sheriff Kyle Overmyer.

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The report, made public Monday, unveils lurid details of the alleged interactions between the mentally ill woman and the guards. 

Over those six hours, Kaiser, Pump and Smith played varying roles interacting with the woman as she masturbated and performed sexual acts on herself, according to statements the men’s coworkers made to investigators.

Bliss’s report describes a “frenzy” atmosphere where the guards watched the woman masturbate. At least one of the guards encouraged the woman to “get on all fours” and show them her genitals.

Because Sandusky County prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt redacted the names of Kaiser, Pump and Smith from the report, it’s impossible to tell which guard did what.

The activity continued on and off for hours, until nightshift supervisor Capt. Matthew Bender arrived to work. At that point the woman’s cell was finally cleaned and a female guard complained about how the three men had treated the inmate.

The inmate herself told Bender what happened that afternoon — how she’d been left naked in her cell while the guards talked “dirty” to her and encouraged her to masturbate.

“Deputies from the previous shift were watching her from the window naked in the cell and were encouraging her to ‘touch herself,’” Bender said in a written statement to jail supervisor Tom Fligor. “(The inmate) advised she was a stripper and was not shy, so she complied with their requests and proceeded to masturbate in their presence.

“In my opinion, this is totally ridiculous, uncalled for and very unprofessional,” Bender’s report stated. “If (the inmate) was ‘going off’ she should have been placed in a suicide gown and placed in the restraint chair, not left naked for personal pleasure for many hours.”

While Bliss’ report provides the name of the inmate, the Register does not identify victims of sexual misconduct. 

Pick up Tuesday's Register for the full story, and also be sure to check out the PDFs below to read the full investigative report. Read a previous story on this issue here.

PLEASE NOTE: The investigative report contains graphic language and descriptions that may offend some readers.



Matt, thank you. That's all I have to say after reading this. I am sure Steve is very proud of the type of man you have become.


shaking my head.  Disgusting. 


This is sickening. Please make all those to used their authority to degrade this woman, and to watch and encourage someone with an illness to perform lued acts, accountable to the fullest degree. This is beyond unprofessional. Please replace those who participated in this with people who need a job who will take it seriously and act in a mature and professional manner. Basic human compassion is clearly missing here.


Julie R.

All they are is on paid leave? Those dirty b*stards should be sitting in a jail cell themselves!


What happened to that poor woman is a violation of her civil rights.  To allow her to be exploited and to wallow naked in her own filth for hours is despicable.  Not only that, these "officers of the law" have opened up the county to lawsuits that she will certainly win.  I hope, along with italianbell, that those responsible for what happened are punished to the fullest extent of the law they are sworn to uphold.  A few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch.  Kudos to the officers who stood up and reported this dereliction of duty.  

Texx Reloader

Civil Rights? That is something over there those people think is the punch line in their personal comedy routines. This has been going on for some time, and only bits and pieces have gotten out to the press. What about physical fights between Command Officers and staff? A lot of those people have absolutely no respect for you when you become CHARGED with a crime. You are "scum." They automatically assume you are gulity and treat you as such. You could be an "upstanding citizen" with a clean record but once the cuffs are on you, you are given no more consideration than a crack dealer. People that are mentally ill, fair the worst. They are mocked, and treated like garbage. These things have been brought to the attention of higher authorities, but somehow they keep doing it year after year. It was only a matter of time until it got completely out of hand, and I really don't believe this situation will stop it either without state or federal intervention. Look at the difference between the articles in the NewsMessenger and the Sandusky Register. It is like two different sources where used. There is a group of people in that town that cover each other, and need to be exposed for who and what they are. Like one man observed from another town, "it seems to me there are a few people in Fremont that controll the place, and everyone else is afraid of them." I just hope they wake up before someone gets seriously injured or worse.


All they are is on paid leave? Those dirty b*stards should be sitting in a jail cell themselves! i agree that these sexual deviants should be in jail. they all should be fired. typical of some men and their deviant ways.


This is beyond disgusting.  And the report should be taken down.  The victims name is not blacked out in some places in the report.

I hope these who are employed to protect and serve" lose their jobs and more. 


 Wait, so the only thing that they have proof of is that they didnt clean her cell and they made comments about her to other co-workers? Oh wait, this woman who isnt mentally stable says that they told her to touch herself and talked dirty directly to her. So it must be true. This woman is not mentally stable at all and she was putting her own feces into her food. But then she told Bender they did this they did that, so its obviously true. Need i remind you all there is not cameras in this area of the jail. The female corrections officer did not confirm that they commented dirty to her, she agrees that they shouldnt have left her there in her own soil. So for now lets believe what this woman who is severely schizophrenic because thats a smart choice. Poor guys, it couldve been any of the officers and she couldve said they did it and it wouldnt of been any different. They would still be exploited and put on paid leave. Maybe not all three are guilty. We will all know by Friday who stays and who goes. But dont worry, everyone will believe this woman regaurdlss. 


I suppose the officers who reported this lied about the fact that the on-duty officer(s) were bragging about what was going on and what they saw and heard.   The point is that there are protocols in place to deal with mentally ill, out of control inmates and they were not followed.  


 Your not getting it Alex, this person was on suicide watch, strapped to a chair and gowned, Not naked masterbatig for their pleasures dude, get a grip! 


You didn't give the girl's name but you gave her description, age, book date and the fact that she is still in...not hard to do a quick search and figure out who she is. She obviously needs help and privacy and you, SR, did her no justice by printing all of this information. Sheriff Overmyer is cleaning house, but when the unions are involved, it's not easy. There are bad apples in every organization across this country, whether it be professional sports, law firms, medical facilities, or even law enforcement. Sooner or later, those bad apples will cause their own demise, as long as there are people like Sheriff Overmyer that care and won't allow it to happen.


I really don't see Matt, being a captain, making reports against fellow employees unless there was a sufficient amount of reason to. There had to be extreme amounts of reason for him to go to that length. You are right, a few bad apples can ruin the whole bunch. But we need to back up our officers that actually make a difference and make the right choices instead of questioning them.

Truth or Dare

I don't need to read all 44 pgs., the first 15 were enough for me!  No wonder they were doing their best to suppress this info., for as long as possible!   Off on paid Adm. leave, until displinary actions are taken?    Really?  The only action good enough would be immediate termination from their jobs and charges brought upon these Deputies who have sworn to "serve and protect".  Hey Officers', like it or not,  that includes inmates, especially should they suffer from a mental illness!!!! 

 I certainly hope someone  steers this young gal, who suffers from SCHIZOPHRENIA, A FREAKIN MENTAL ILLNESS,  towards a really good civil/human rights lawyer.  Heck, maybe the big stations will pick this up, if they haven't already  and one will search her out!   This is just a  taste of the abuse of power, the degredation, the humiliation, the abuse that can and does take place within some of our correctional facilities, our PD's, and out in the field across this country.   Notice I said some, not all.  Just like some, not all LE is so freakin sick that they see no problem w/such behaviour towards female inmates, any inmates!!!!!   Those already within LE  that see no problem w/this.........They've truely chosen the wrong carreer field, for all the wrong reasons!     

My guess would be that "sensitivity" classes are on the horizon for Sandusky County Sherriffs?   Oh, and this is just one reason the SR does what it does.  THANK YOU SR & STAFF, and thank you too the female Deputy who had the ba!!s to step up, too truely man/woman up and TELL THE  TRUTH about such abusive  treatment of an inmate!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 



So, there it is.  I would like to wager if any of them lose their jobs.  As I posted before, if they are members of a UNION, they will be ALLOWED to keep their jobs.  ALL of you know the UNION mentality, are members of a UNION yourselves and know about the corruption and typical, liberal "FREE PASS" they will receive.  Now, there is a "rat" they will go after.  It is the typical liberal UNION template of BLAME and blister the person who reported all this instead of being ASHAMED of being GUILTY of thug conduct.  Forget the unacceptable conduct, go after the messenger and BLAME them.  You know the UNION motto "NEVER tell on a fellow UNION member" or YOU will get harassed and persecuted.  Sounds exactly like socialistic COMMUNISM.  Ha! Ha!   All they did was watch, encourage this behavior, and did NOTHING to stop it.  BUT, so far the report does not indicate any of them engaged in actual sexual contact with the VICTIM.  That means they will encounter progressive discipline which will be removed from their file later, or be allowed to resign.  They will NOT be fired if they are UNION members.  Gotta love that liberal UNION protection.  So, save all your outrage and BLAME.  Just remember all this if YOU, your daughter, niece, or granddaughter just happen to pay a visit to a county jail.  Then maybe, .......just MAYBE, you will appreciate that UNION culture.  Ha! Ha! 

my oh my

They are OPBA union members and you are right they will prob maintain there jobs although not right choic to make.


What is wrong with men anymore?  These men deserve to be fired.  There obviously needs to be a change of policy here, and heads need to roll for this.  This is the kind of crap we read about in other countries.  What a bunch of perverted morons.  Good Lord, I hope they arent fathers.  Well, on the bright side, the community can use the job openings.


I think they should have surveillance cameras.

here in ohio

Im sure the union will save them !!!!!  they will be back to work within the week !!


@ FruGal.........................So happy you said some men.

On the other hand, If their union goes to bat for them and they get their jobs back, it reveals the state of organized labor. Union members are some of the biggest crybabies on this planet...............

Hopefully, if found guilty, they'll get a taste of what they deserve.



Taxpayer ... this has nothing to do with liberal/conservative persuasion. When you speak of liberal union protection, why not just "union protection" because that is what it is. I am of the liberal persuasion and am sickened by this story and offended by your idioic remark, as if ANY liberal person would find these deputies actions acceptable. So just fire them, hell no, I say fire them, put them in a cell, and prosecute them and anybody that observed this and did not stop it. What is this Abu Graib Ohio?

Since unions are considered liberal unions then police officers and supervisors should be considered conservatives? OK so have these conservative police officers and their conservative supervisors ever shown shades of this kind of behavior before and if so why wasn't it addressed? This is not just aberrant behavior, it's criminal!


Sheriff Overmyer should worry less about his"Justice Center" garden that he uses for self promotion and supervise his employees more effectively.  Will have nice veggies this fall though. Maybe a delicious Pumpkin Pie will be on Thanksgiving Day menu.


 webofspit, that is why the sheriff is paying the big bucks  to the Major and the rest of the command staff for the CO section (jail). I think he's doing fine so far. I just wonder if the county HR will be getting involved and if she, sorry meant they can handle it with out blowing it. 


It seems to be that there are a few people in every city around here that control everything and if a longtime citizen, you are given special consideration, unless of course you are mentally ill and then well, this is what you get.  On the other hand, these guards are at the very least, perverted and inconsiderate and possibly mentally ill themselves, although perhaps only of the socially acceptable type.  As we all know, there's nuts walkin' around the streets and working right next to us everywhere.


Guards need to be fired for dereliction of duty. The woman inmate needs to be in a psychiatric hospital. The Sheriff needs to act on this immediately.

Tru Grit

 When I first saw this in the paper I knew it was going to be something negative. They were being so hush hush about it. These three boys, I can't even call them men for doing such a gross and really messed up thing. No matter how sane that girl truly is they still did a unspeakable act.

Problem with this situation is depending on the video footage of all this, if their is any. Might not get jail time to. That would be a real shame. They deserve it, the crime they commited are true. 

Kottage Kat

This is what SB 5 bought with our tax dollars?  All those who cried poor teachers and poor LE, more articles about the actions of these groups since the election. This is dispicable (sp).

Tru Grit

 I hate to say it, but this is news pal. What these boys were involved with is a serious matter. To me much more important then it being about some political election crap. Wouldn't be surprised if it's on any of the cleveland or toledo news channels. 


It is difficult to comprehend something like this can happen.  The county needs to clean house starting from the Sheriff on down.  The lawyers are going to be all over this one.


 Still in jail? Why ist she in a hospital getting help? How much time does she have to serve? As far as these duputies, and of course Sandusky county again,, Things need to be shaken up over there, alot of stuff seems to be happening over there lately.