Sandusky County jail guards sexually exploited naked woman

Three jailers sexually exploited a naked, schizophrenic inmate while she was locked for six hours in a jail cell flooded with urine and water, according to information in a police investigation.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 1, 2012


Three jailers sexually exploited a naked, schizophrenic inmate while she was locked for six hours in a jail cell flooded with urine and water, according to information in a police investigation.

Sandusky County jail guards Frank Kaiser, Charlie Pump and Joshua Smith are on paid leave pending the outcome of disciplinary hearings stemming from the Jan. 10 incident.

The 21-year-old woman remains in the Sandusky County jail without bond.

Fremont police arrested the 5-foot, 100-pound woman Jan. 10 for falsely accusing her ex-fiance of phone harassment, according to police.

She appeared in court that morning and threatened to kill herself when she was taken back to the jail, according to a 43-page report by Fremont police Sgt. Dean Bliss, who investigated allegations against the three guards at the request of Sheriff Kyle Overmyer.

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The report, made public Monday, unveils lurid details of the alleged interactions between the mentally ill woman and the guards. 

Over those six hours, Kaiser, Pump and Smith played varying roles interacting with the woman as she masturbated and performed sexual acts on herself, according to statements the men’s coworkers made to investigators.

Bliss’s report describes a “frenzy” atmosphere where the guards watched the woman masturbate. At least one of the guards encouraged the woman to “get on all fours” and show them her genitals.

Because Sandusky County prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt redacted the names of Kaiser, Pump and Smith from the report, it’s impossible to tell which guard did what.

The activity continued on and off for hours, until nightshift supervisor Capt. Matthew Bender arrived to work. At that point the woman’s cell was finally cleaned and a female guard complained about how the three men had treated the inmate.

The inmate herself told Bender what happened that afternoon — how she’d been left naked in her cell while the guards talked “dirty” to her and encouraged her to masturbate.

“Deputies from the previous shift were watching her from the window naked in the cell and were encouraging her to ‘touch herself,’” Bender said in a written statement to jail supervisor Tom Fligor. “(The inmate) advised she was a stripper and was not shy, so she complied with their requests and proceeded to masturbate in their presence.

“In my opinion, this is totally ridiculous, uncalled for and very unprofessional,” Bender’s report stated. “If (the inmate) was ‘going off’ she should have been placed in a suicide gown and placed in the restraint chair, not left naked for personal pleasure for many hours.”

While Bliss’ report provides the name of the inmate, the Register does not identify victims of sexual misconduct. 

Pick up Tuesday's Register for the full story, and also be sure to check out the PDFs below to read the full investigative report. Read a previous story on this issue here.

PLEASE NOTE: The investigative report contains graphic language and descriptions that may offend some readers.



Matt, thank you. That's all I have to say after reading this. I am sure Steve is very proud of the type of man you have become.


shaking my head.  Disgusting. 


This is sickening. Please make all those to used their authority to degrade this woman, and to watch and encourage someone with an illness to perform lued acts, accountable to the fullest degree. This is beyond unprofessional. Please replace those who participated in this with people who need a job who will take it seriously and act in a mature and professional manner. Basic human compassion is clearly missing here.


Julie R.

All they are is on paid leave? Those dirty b*stards should be sitting in a jail cell themselves!


What happened to that poor woman is a violation of her civil rights.  To allow her to be exploited and to wallow naked in her own filth for hours is despicable.  Not only that, these "officers of the law" have opened up the county to lawsuits that she will certainly win.  I hope, along with italianbell, that those responsible for what happened are punished to the fullest extent of the law they are sworn to uphold.  A few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch.  Kudos to the officers who stood up and reported this dereliction of duty.  

Texx Reloader

Civil Rights? That is something over there those people think is the punch line in their personal comedy routines. This has been going on for some time, and only bits and pieces have gotten out to the press. What about physical fights between Command Officers and staff? A lot of those people have absolutely no respect for you when you become CHARGED with a crime. You are "scum." They automatically assume you are gulity and treat you as such. You could be an "upstanding citizen" with a clean record but once the cuffs are on you, you are given no more consideration than a crack dealer. People that are mentally ill, fair the worst. They are mocked, and treated like garbage. These things have been brought to the attention of higher authorities, but somehow they keep doing it year after year. It was only a matter of time until it got completely out of hand, and I really don't believe this situation will stop it either without state or federal intervention. Look at the difference between the articles in the NewsMessenger and the Sandusky Register. It is like two different sources where used. There is a group of people in that town that cover each other, and need to be exposed for who and what they are. Like one man observed from another town, "it seems to me there are a few people in Fremont that controll the place, and everyone else is afraid of them." I just hope they wake up before someone gets seriously injured or worse.


All they are is on paid leave? Those dirty b*stards should be sitting in a jail cell themselves! i agree that these sexual deviants should be in jail. they all should be fired. typical of some men and their deviant ways.


This is beyond disgusting.  And the report should be taken down.  The victims name is not blacked out in some places in the report.

I hope these who are employed to protect and serve" lose their jobs and more. 


 Wait, so the only thing that they have proof of is that they didnt clean her cell and they made comments about her to other co-workers? Oh wait, this woman who isnt mentally stable says that they told her to touch herself and talked dirty directly to her. So it must be true. This woman is not mentally stable at all and she was putting her own feces into her food. But then she told Bender they did this they did that, so its obviously true. Need i remind you all there is not cameras in this area of the jail. The female corrections officer did not confirm that they commented dirty to her, she agrees that they shouldnt have left her there in her own soil. So for now lets believe what this woman who is severely schizophrenic because thats a smart choice. Poor guys, it couldve been any of the officers and she couldve said they did it and it wouldnt of been any different. They would still be exploited and put on paid leave. Maybe not all three are guilty. We will all know by Friday who stays and who goes. But dont worry, everyone will believe this woman regaurdlss. 


I suppose the officers who reported this lied about the fact that the on-duty officer(s) were bragging about what was going on and what they saw and heard.   The point is that there are protocols in place to deal with mentally ill, out of control inmates and they were not followed.  


 Your not getting it Alex, this person was on suicide watch, strapped to a chair and gowned, Not naked masterbatig for their pleasures dude, get a grip! 


You didn't give the girl's name but you gave her description, age, book date and the fact that she is still in...not hard to do a quick search and figure out who she is. She obviously needs help and privacy and you, SR, did her no justice by printing all of this information. Sheriff Overmyer is cleaning house, but when the unions are involved, it's not easy. There are bad apples in every organization across this country, whether it be professional sports, law firms, medical facilities, or even law enforcement. Sooner or later, those bad apples will cause their own demise, as long as there are people like Sheriff Overmyer that care and won't allow it to happen.


I really don't see Matt, being a captain, making reports against fellow employees unless there was a sufficient amount of reason to. There had to be extreme amounts of reason for him to go to that length. You are right, a few bad apples can ruin the whole bunch. But we need to back up our officers that actually make a difference and make the right choices instead of questioning them.

Truth or Dare

I don't need to read all 44 pgs., the first 15 were enough for me!  No wonder they were doing their best to suppress this info., for as long as possible!   Off on paid Adm. leave, until displinary actions are taken?    Really?  The only action good enough would be immediate termination from their jobs and charges brought upon these Deputies who have sworn to "serve and protect".  Hey Officers', like it or not,  that includes inmates, especially should they suffer from a mental illness!!!! 

 I certainly hope someone  steers this young gal, who suffers from SCHIZOPHRENIA, A FREAKIN MENTAL ILLNESS,  towards a really good civil/human rights lawyer.  Heck, maybe the big stations will pick this up, if they haven't already  and one will search her out!   This is just a  taste of the abuse of power, the degredation, the humiliation, the abuse that can and does take place within some of our correctional facilities, our PD's, and out in the field across this country.   Notice I said some, not all.  Just like some, not all LE is so freakin sick that they see no problem w/such behaviour towards female inmates, any inmates!!!!!   Those already within LE  that see no problem w/this.........They've truely chosen the wrong carreer field, for all the wrong reasons!     

My guess would be that "sensitivity" classes are on the horizon for Sandusky County Sherriffs?   Oh, and this is just one reason the SR does what it does.  THANK YOU SR & STAFF, and thank you too the female Deputy who had the ba!!s to step up, too truely man/woman up and TELL THE  TRUTH about such abusive  treatment of an inmate!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 



So, there it is.  I would like to wager if any of them lose their jobs.  As I posted before, if they are members of a UNION, they will be ALLOWED to keep their jobs.  ALL of you know the UNION mentality, are members of a UNION yourselves and know about the corruption and typical, liberal "FREE PASS" they will receive.  Now, there is a "rat" they will go after.  It is the typical liberal UNION template of BLAME and blister the person who reported all this instead of being ASHAMED of being GUILTY of thug conduct.  Forget the unacceptable conduct, go after the messenger and BLAME them.  You know the UNION motto "NEVER tell on a fellow UNION member" or YOU will get harassed and persecuted.  Sounds exactly like socialistic COMMUNISM.  Ha! Ha!   All they did was watch, encourage this behavior, and did NOTHING to stop it.  BUT, so far the report does not indicate any of them engaged in actual sexual contact with the VICTIM.  That means they will encounter progressive discipline which will be removed from their file later, or be allowed to resign.  They will NOT be fired if they are UNION members.  Gotta love that liberal UNION protection.  So, save all your outrage and BLAME.  Just remember all this if YOU, your daughter, niece, or granddaughter just happen to pay a visit to a county jail.  Then maybe, .......just MAYBE, you will appreciate that UNION culture.  Ha! Ha! 

my oh my

They are OPBA union members and you are right they will prob maintain there jobs although not right choic to make.


What is wrong with men anymore?  These men deserve to be fired.  There obviously needs to be a change of policy here, and heads need to roll for this.  This is the kind of crap we read about in other countries.  What a bunch of perverted morons.  Good Lord, I hope they arent fathers.  Well, on the bright side, the community can use the job openings.


I think they should have surveillance cameras.

here in ohio

Im sure the union will save them !!!!!  they will be back to work within the week !!


@ FruGal.........................So happy you said some men.

On the other hand, If their union goes to bat for them and they get their jobs back, it reveals the state of organized labor. Union members are some of the biggest crybabies on this planet...............

Hopefully, if found guilty, they'll get a taste of what they deserve.



Taxpayer ... this has nothing to do with liberal/conservative persuasion. When you speak of liberal union protection, why not just "union protection" because that is what it is. I am of the liberal persuasion and am sickened by this story and offended by your idioic remark, as if ANY liberal person would find these deputies actions acceptable. So just fire them, hell no, I say fire them, put them in a cell, and prosecute them and anybody that observed this and did not stop it. What is this Abu Graib Ohio?

Since unions are considered liberal unions then police officers and supervisors should be considered conservatives? OK so have these conservative police officers and their conservative supervisors ever shown shades of this kind of behavior before and if so why wasn't it addressed? This is not just aberrant behavior, it's criminal!


Sheriff Overmyer should worry less about his"Justice Center" garden that he uses for self promotion and supervise his employees more effectively.  Will have nice veggies this fall though. Maybe a delicious Pumpkin Pie will be on Thanksgiving Day menu.


 webofspit, that is why the sheriff is paying the big bucks  to the Major and the rest of the command staff for the CO section (jail). I think he's doing fine so far. I just wonder if the county HR will be getting involved and if she, sorry meant they can handle it with out blowing it. 


It seems to be that there are a few people in every city around here that control everything and if a longtime citizen, you are given special consideration, unless of course you are mentally ill and then well, this is what you get.  On the other hand, these guards are at the very least, perverted and inconsiderate and possibly mentally ill themselves, although perhaps only of the socially acceptable type.  As we all know, there's nuts walkin' around the streets and working right next to us everywhere.


Guards need to be fired for dereliction of duty. The woman inmate needs to be in a psychiatric hospital. The Sheriff needs to act on this immediately.

Tru Grit

 When I first saw this in the paper I knew it was going to be something negative. They were being so hush hush about it. These three boys, I can't even call them men for doing such a gross and really messed up thing. No matter how sane that girl truly is they still did a unspeakable act.

Problem with this situation is depending on the video footage of all this, if their is any. Might not get jail time to. That would be a real shame. They deserve it, the crime they commited are true. 

Kottage Kat

This is what SB 5 bought with our tax dollars?  All those who cried poor teachers and poor LE, more articles about the actions of these groups since the election. This is dispicable (sp).

Tru Grit

 I hate to say it, but this is news pal. What these boys were involved with is a serious matter. To me much more important then it being about some political election crap. Wouldn't be surprised if it's on any of the cleveland or toledo news channels. 


It is difficult to comprehend something like this can happen.  The county needs to clean house starting from the Sheriff on down.  The lawyers are going to be all over this one.


 Still in jail? Why ist she in a hospital getting help? How much time does she have to serve? As far as these duputies, and of course Sandusky county again,, Things need to be shaken up over there, alot of stuff seems to be happening over there lately.


Well I'm a bit disgusted with saga for the following reasons. 1. Missed a couple of names when you were redacting information. 2. Where was the shift captain, she was booked in late that morning. 3. Where was the Major responsible for the jail? Does anyone even do a cursory walk through anymore before leaving work at the end of the day? As a lot of this crap kicked off around 1530. I toured the plants I worked at at the end of the day, just to make sure things we okay and nothing was over looked. 4. Stupid..Stupid unprofessional behavior. 5. Maybe it's time to review what area responsibilities and policies are, Once again where was the shift Captain and if he was on the road the whole time then who runs the jail when he is not there? 6. Cellphones, and or repeated personal calls/e-mails while on company time (especially when trying to hook up with one of the LEO groupies), is a definite no no. 7. The chair restraint would have addressed most of these issues, the meds probably would have taken care of them all. Kyle, If the evidence supports the accusations I hope you are able to weed out the bad (have fun with the union). You may need to make some leadership changes also. This is twice now that the Corrections Officers group have show less than proffesional standards, I know they deal with all kinds, but they took the positions.


 Poor guys.


A few of you are making great critical thinking comments.  It IS all about liberal UNIONS.  Here is the TRUTH!  Three idiot employees and a few of their buddies with sworn authority to "protect and serve" took advantage of a weak individual under their care.  They decided it was funny to encourage and exploit a weak minded person for their own entertainment.  NO one thought to STOP this!  How many prisoners in the jail were witnesses to this?  Is this the norm for liberal UNION conduct?  If this keeps up and is considered "menial" conduct according to liberal loser UNIONS, then what does that say to YOU if you are on your way to jail?  How about any of your relatives or loved ones?  Still believe in that Monopoly game of "just visiting" during your stay in jail under UNION authority?  Ha! Ha!  If they are UNION members, they WILL keep their jobs and there is NOTHING any of you can do about it.  Welcome to the public sector UNION culture.  Many of you accepted and voted for this, now EAT IT!  



Well then Taxpayer, since the criminal activity was initiated by these conservative officers and allowed to continue by their conservative supervisors, why would you expect the liberal unions to do anything about it? After all the problem is the conservative officers not the liberal unions.



 lugnut, she wasnt strapped to a chair. she shouldve been. the OIC wouldnt allow them to strap her in. i never implied it was for their pleasure. just that you cannot determine that they supposed said and did certain things coming out of her mouth. cameras are needed in A/S. i do have a grip, i am just saying from a logical point she wasnt stable enough to make accusations. And Bliss, the officer conducting the investigation, has not been able to contact the woman. and btw i'm a female.


 Regardless Alex, this is wrong and this is my opinion


READ THE RELATED FILES............................

Jan 31, 2012
12:18 PM lugnut2511 says

 Your not getting it Alex, this person was on suicide watch, strapped to a chair and gowned, Not naked masterbatig for their pleasures dude, get a grip

Woody Hayes

Great post from a 30 year veteran UNION Firefighter. Taxpayer=HYPERCRITE.


You can't move out of this state fast enough.


can anyone remember when a person wanted to be a cop because they believed in the law? Yes, Mr. Chamberlin was such a person, along with a few detectives I've known. There are others on SPD that are good people and have moral characters, but so many are egotistical jerks that should be on the other side of the bars.


You guys are a bunch of hypocrites.  You say that she should of been in a mental instituition instead of jail but on the same hand the voters of Sandusky County voted down a Mental Health Levy that would have funded alternative sentences for people just like her.  If this levy would of passed more than likely this whole situation would of been avoided.  She wouldnt of been in jail instead she would of been in a place  were she would of gotten the help she needed.  This issue was endorsed by both parties so there was no reason why this issue went down except that are the voters of Sandusky County are to cheap.  On another note dont rush into accusations unless you know what really happened.  You have heard from the investigators and the victim but what about deputies they have the right to defend themselves and tell what really happened.


They did tell their side of the story...hence the 44 pages or written statements. Maybe you should read them and then come back on here and call us hypocrites


 I have read the reports and this statement you just made is completely ignorant.  And you are probably the biggest hypocrite of them all.  Sure they have made there statements in the report but what about the media contacting them and getting there side there names of been out for a week now.  Or did you forget about that.  


I agree with jon491.  You geniuses commenting need to read them.  One says she was strapped to a chair.  Another says no she was not.  The way I read it, she was NOT strapped to a chair.  She was given a gown which she tried to flush down the toilet, probably making the floor wet with overflow.  Some of you have the Officers tried, found guilty and ready for punishment and POOR TAXPAYER.  If only there were NO UNIONS.  What an UTOPIA we would live in then!!!!! Ha Ha.


Cats, Call me ignorant. I call that a personal attack and contrary to Rule 1. of the discussion guidelines. Can you clarify your statement?

"what about the media contacting them and getting there side there names of been out for a week now"


 I think I stated it very well in the last comment i have made.  You have heard from the investigators that put the report out you have heard from the commanding officer of a different shift and you have heard from the victim.  But have the 3 officers had there fair chance to tell what happened no.  Ok people say that they told there side in the report  but how many people are going to take time to read it before they cast there judgment.   The officers should of been given time to defend thereselves in the article before you people start attacking them.


A jailer has so much power over an inmate that  the kind of "encouragement" described in the article is coersion, pure and simple.




Cats, "Sure they have made there statements in the report but what about the media contacting them and getting there side there names of been out for a week now. "

Did you mean, Sure they have made THEIR statements in the report but what about the media contacting them and getting THEIR side. THEIR names HAVE been out for a week now.  ???????

their  (âr)
adj. The possessive form of they.
1. Used as a modifier before a noun: their accomplishments; their home town.
2. Usage Problem His, her, or its: "It is fatal for anyone who writes to think of their sex" (Virginia Woolf). See Usage Notes at he1, they.


OMG you are saying that i am personally attacking you but the statement that you just made I consider it a personal attack on me.  Oh big deal I did not use the right their.  Sue me.  Also I forgot it was a crime that somebody finds your voice attractive.  As it was stated in the report that was the reason why the victim started pleasuring herself in the first place.  Nobody forced her to do anything by her own admitance.


The Sandusky Register is doing an injustice to the brave people who keep our communities safe. They are taking the statements of a mentally ill woman to be true over the quotes of 3 respected deputies at the Sandusky County Jail. This article is not fair. They should have the ability to defend themselves and tell their side of the story. These people are being treated like dirt and labled criminals before having that basic right to defend themselves. I beleve law enforcment over a woman with mental issues. Shame on you Sandusky Register. 


Please tell me that these sickos are on administrative leave and are being investigated?  When proven guilty I hope they rot in the same jail they did this in.  What a bunch of perverts. 

These guys are NOT representatives of the entire group of people working there, I am sure, but a few rotten apples have a tendency to spoil the who bunch. 

Why didn't the female officer call the chief????  I would have and done so immediately when I realized what they were doing.  She has some responsiblity to the inmates in her care. 

They are sick, sick, sick.  And no, the Register isn't slamming the entire group....just the ones who deserve it.  And boy, do they deserve it. 


to cats............what is your problem???  It sounds like you know one or more of these guys and are out to defend them. 

What could they possibly have to say in defense of all this?  That they didn't watch?  That they didn't leave her in a cell filled with urine?  That they didn't encourage the behavior? 

Even if they did ONE of the things they are being accused of they should be dismissed.  Sure. I would LOVE to have them tell their version.  Let's hear it. 

But I bet a dollar to a donut that their attorneys will say....."no comment" and that will be the end of it. 


No I do not know any of these individuals.  I believe in standing up for people especially when I believe they are right.  This paper is so quick to critiscize any law enforcement agency that has any kind of problems no matter how small or big the problems are.  Without knowing any of the factual information.  And another thing the only reason that her cell was flooded because she did it herself nobody else did it.  Shes the one that chose to flood her cell and she is the one that pleasured nobody forced her to do it.  And I will take that dollar you are willing to bet because not every attorney is afraid of the press and will tell there sides


Cats, I didn't call you ignorant or a hypocrite.  I really didn't understand the sentence.

As to the pleasing voice and pleasuring herself commment, I say "REALLY, in Public?"




I agree with you I never said it was right what she was doing.  I also agree that the Sandusky County Jail is not the place for her to be doing it.  But the point that I am trying to get across is that nobody made her do it and she is the one chose to do it herself.


This isn't "unprofessional" behavior on the part of the guards. It's criminal. I sincerely hope it's treated accordingly.


How is it crimminal if anything I agree that some of what happened that night was unprofessional but not crimminal.  They didnt follow the procedures to the T but they did not do anything crimminal.  Once again the only reason this hole forum is going on is because of the acts that she chose to do on her own free will.


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Ok your statements are inaccurate.  All the information I have is from what I read in the report from the Register.  I guess I am the only one that is smart enough to read the whole thing and not just read bits and pieces of it and take it for the truth.  And no I am not the one that was DTF.  And it is absurd that you would say that. 



CatsAreTheBest ... I think I can arrange a night in the Sandusky County Jail for you where you can experience, first hand       ;o)     the non criminal behavior of the keepers. You sound qualified. Care to take me up on my offer?


 Sarah I would like to let you know that I am a well respected community member and I take your comment completly offesnsive.  Just because I voice my opinion doesnt mean that you can go and attack my character.  And for you to say that I am qualified to be in jail is complete nonsense and you should check your facts before you post.  No it is impossible for me to take you up on your offer because I would hate impose on you since you must already be there.


 I counted 4 people acting like animals...



CatsAreBest .. we are all well respected members of the community and if you were offended by my comments it would be a good idea for you to be a little more careful in voicing your opinions! For example:

Cats said -- "But the point that I am trying to get across is that nobody made her do it and she is the one chose to do it herself."

Cats, that is a direct quote that you made and it is probably one of the more obtuse comments I have ever seen. A person who is mentally challenged, when confronted by overpowering force, remember these guys are carrying guns, would be compelled to do whatever these guys suggested. The fact that they would suggest this to her, with her in a cage, is criminal. If you wish to condone their behavior, then you open yourself to being offended and I would hope by everyone, not just me.

And that is only one of your comments that I would personally take issue with.


Sarah the last post that you made tells me that you have no idea what you are talking about.  I suggest that you check your facts before you post again.  There are two shows on the television that you can watch that can help you get your facts straight.  They are either Jail on SpikeTv or Las Vegas Jail House on TruTv.  To say that these officers carried guns in the jail is false.  And you can find this out to if you would watch one of these shows.  It is common since that in any normal jail the guards are usaully out numbered two to one.  With these odds all it would take is for any guard to get over taken by any convict and have their fire arm taken and the convicts would have complete control of the facitlity and it would be a complete massacre.  So that is why no corrections officers in any jail in the whole United States carries a fire arm in any corrections facitlity.  So once you get your facts straight feel free to post again.  I will be looking forward to it.


CatsAreNuts ... I was referring to people in positions of authority, such as these guards. When a person puts on a uniform it gives them an upper edge. I am sure that if he was wearing a gun or not, didn't change the perception that you'd better do what he says, let alone 3 guards!

As an upstanding member of our community who is an authority on everything because she watches Jail on Spike TV and LasVegas Jailhouse on TruTV ... oh god .. I can't even finish this comments because I am laughing so hard that tears are running down my face and I can't see the keyboard ... oh somebody pick it up please!!! You ever thought of doing standup comedy .... you're great at it!


Sarah you still havent proved to me that you know what you are talking about.  I simply mentioned the tv shows because I figured it would be an easy way for you to gain more knowledge.   Since you lacked the common knowledge that any type of firearms are never carried into any correction facitlity.  You should be the one who takes up stand up comedy.  When you say that when people put on uniforms it gives people an upper edge is funny.  So when workers at walmart or any other retail shops puts on their uniform they can make anybody do anything.  So if I was the victim I would never leave the house then because everywhere you go there is always somebody wearing a uniform.  Who knows what else people in uniforms can supposedly make her do.  Once again read the report she started pleasuring herself when she heard one of the guards voice and she thought it was attractive by her own admission.  Nobody forced her to do it.


CatsAreTheBest; You need to read a book on mental illness before you judge people. When it comes to kitty litter I may listen to you but beyond that you have no clue!!!!!!


Shame on you Sandusky Register for reporting this! Not!

I gotta go back and read about all the FOP grouppies taking the plunge!


I love cats but I teach mine better English and they all have an open mind but know indecency when they see it.

Amerian Dad

All I can say is, Really?  What the he!! is going on in Sandusky County?  A legend of a man, Sheriff David Gangwer, is rolling over in his grave seeing that a department he built is self destructing.   Wow get it together people. 

To Taxpayer, nice to see you are on your Union kick, but this isn't a union issue, this is a hiring issue!  Wonder how much of a background investigation was done on these three prior to employment.   Like I said, Sandusky County better get it together..............there won't be no more county with all the civil law suits they're stacking up.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained racist or discriminatory remarks. Discussion Guidelines


 what was racist or discriminatory about my post? 


The handwriting on some of the reports is very unprofessional as well. A 3rd grader can print better than that. How in heck does some one decipher what they write in a report....hopefully they have to type it out. Stupid dip shites


I read the entire report and as upset as I was at first reading the headlines, then upset after reading the news story; then drawing a conclusion of being really po'd at the deputies being on paid admin leave.... I did not read in that public file where the officers did anything wrong except make innapropriate comments to each other and were neglectful in getting the inmate's cell cleaned up quicker. I dont know Sheriff Dept policy on getting pshych attention for inmates, (that might fall under neglect too) The inmate certainly was gross, crude, and abnormal.

Officers are in situations we would never want to be in. Same goes for school teachers. If a teacher touches or says something to a student, then a blame "game" may begin and a teacher has to defend his/herself too. But this incident sure isn't and shouldn't be blamed on the voters re the Mental Health Levy!

I think the inmate has emotional and mental problems and her behavior is sad and shameful and she was lying to begin with about the phone call harrassment or she wouldnt have been in jail.

This young lady was/is a beautiful young girl who went "bad" somewhere along the line. I remember her attending my kids' school. Her mug shot is hideous and I am pained to think she behaves (or looks) like this now. Hopefully she gets the help she evidently has needed for quite some time. Did this behavior go unnoticed by friends and family prior to this?

In my opinion there should be some discliplinary action on the deputies for sure. And if the officer fails a polygraph suggested by the investigator, then shame on him. And shouldn't the female attendant have called someone sooner and not just wait until next shift?


What is going on in Sandusky County???  Come on!  This is about THREE UNION individuals who made a decision and committed the rational choice to have some laughs at the expense of a weak individual.  This has NOTHING to do with Sandusky County!  Get a LIFE and stop the liberal BLAME!  I am sure all the neighboring counties to Erie are wondering what is going on with all the idiotic residents, crime, corruption, UNIONS, LE and politics in Erie County!  After all, WE have been in the headlines more than all the other counties combined!  Don't like the TRUTH?  Just peruse through all the stories on this blog for TWENTY pages back and SEE the PROOF that Erie County is such a spectacular, liberal place to live with such lovely liberal, loser residents.  That is if you are not a dropout and have the ability to read and comprehend.  Ha! Ha! 



Taxpayer .. I don't understand! This has nothing to do with the UNION and has everything to do with three police officers who acted in a criminal manner. I don't give a rats behind if they are union members. What does that have to do with anything? These officers who are sworn to serve and protect and they did neither. They took advantage of a weaker person to get some kicks and laughs. They should be prosecuted and sumarily fired and if the UNION prevents this, then is when I get down on the UNION. Until then, the UNION has nothing to do with it, period.

Why are the moderators allowing your posts? They violate several of the guidelines that the paper has said that they would enforce. Go take a pill and when you calm down and can think and write and make some sense, try again!


If true, what these deputies did was certainly a crime.  Read Ohio Revised Code 2921.44 Dereliction of Duty, a 2nd degree misdemeanor.



@ Woody Hayes says

Great post from a 30 year veteran UNION Firefighter. Taxpayer=HYPERCRITE.






your argument is invalid.

please repost with something more intelligent as it relates to the issue.



sandtown resident

The assault on the american taxpayer is out of control these goverment employees asaulted this citizen assaulted her parents and assaulted us the taxpayer who pays there salary  and then they are put on paid leave doesnt paid leave=vacation they should be fired charged with the crime they committed but instead they will be slapped on the hand and given a pension to sit on there ass for doing wrong this young girl should have been protected and not exploited and the shrerif of sandusky county should be ultimitely be held responsible we are all supposed to respect law enforcement and praise there work or mourn there death  so what happens when they do this i will be watching


 This is a very sad account of a serious ethical breach by men who are entrusted with a mentally ill woman.

I do not understand why this woman was being held in an area of the jail where men were watching her. Why were women police officers not in charge of watching a female inmate? 

Anyone who has dealt with mental illness in their family- a son, a daughteer, a parent, should be horrified by this breakdown of ethical, dignified behavior by police officers. Overt sexual behavior is one of the symptoms of a bi-polar episode. That these officers encouraged and found enyjoyment in watching a mentally ill woman act out during a manic episode is beyond despicable.

These men were trained police officers. This was not a strip club, or a frat house. NOT ONE of these people stood up and stopped this. The true obscenity here is the actions of rational, sober, trained police officers of the Sandusky Sheriff's Department. 

I can only hope that there are laws on the books to put these men in jail for their failure to protect an inmate in their care.

The SPD has lost all credibility with anyone who has dealt with mental illness. 

Truth or Dare

I'm all for "innocent until proven guilty", so allow me to  correct my comment;  Should any of this be true, I would hope the UNION, as well top Adm. will be LOUD AND CLEAR regarding such  behaviour within our LE everywhere, demanding themselves the immediate termination of these Deputies!  On that note, seems a few here are completely clueless as to what it means when one suffers from Schizophrrenia.  So, for the clueless;

Schizpoprenia is only one of many mental  (NUEROLOGICAL/BRAIN) disorders.  t's onset strikes around adolescence or early adulthood.  The signs and syptoms vary from individual to individual, but all people w/the disorder will show one or rmore of the following symptoms;

1. Delusions

2. Hallucinations

3. Bizarre behaviour

4. Disorganized speech

5. Negative symptoms

What treatments are currently available?







Help is available for family and caretakers of those that suffer from Schizpophrenia through the following;  NAMI - National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Mental Health Net, NARSAD - National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia, Open Door.




Truth or Dare

Hey tzu4u;  This is the Sandusky County Sherriff, not to be confused with the Sandusky Police Deptartment! 


 I stand corrected. thank you.

Doubt It

The mere idea of this is horrifying - why has anything like this been allowed to happen in Sandusky County's jail?  This is really sad for all the people involved.  You hear horror stories about jails but this is just really bizarre.

I think instead of attacking each other over unions and politics people should be attacking the jail and all those who have allowed things to get this bad and out of control.  It just seems to me that this sort of behavior wouldn't be an issue if those in charge had control of their jail.  Rather than arguing amongst themselves over petty issues that are irrelevant, people should be banning together demanding order from those sworn to protect it.  It's obvious from the comments that people are pretty fired up, let's try channeling that in a direction that will get some results.

This article is misleading as well - was the woman really crazy and acting on her own accord or were the jailers sexually assaulting her?  Either way ... really?!  How was this allowed to go on in any form in the first place - and for six hours?  I guess the long and short of it is you get some pretty strange people taken to jail and some pretty strange people working in jail. 

It also makes you wonder of the things that happen every day that aren't reported ...



 why does it always have to be about union. most of the stuff you union haters dont understand is most issues people have of union workers is do to poor management, which is usually a non union or salary worker. is overmyer in the union as a elected official? a union worker can be fired as any other just the right steps have to be done. i would think in a jail there is cameras everywhere that caught all this on tape. those who participated should be let go.


This poor girl has obvious mental problems, one look at her ranting/posting on her facebook page will tell you that.

Her pictures on facebook actually show a very pretty young girl, but the rantings are quite disturbing, and then the current mugshot cleary shows a crazy person.

In her rants on facebook, she describes herself as crazy and she even writes that she is schizophrenic in the above report.

When you compare her report to the three stooges, I mean guards, you immediately learn at least two things,

1) This person the guards are calling crazy, is a better speller than they are. And her writing is more legible.

2) This person the guards are calling crazy is more honest, than all three of them put together.

I compare these three guys to the employees of nursing homes that sexually abuse the mentally ill, weak and trapped who are unable to defend themselves.

Not only did they abuse, entice, take pleasure, endulge and enjoy watching a mentally ill, helpless young girl have a break down, but they got PAID for doing it.

Not only that, but at the end of their shift, they were giddy and PROUD. They couldn't wait to brag to their comrades that a crazy woman thought they were hot.

Who is SICK now?


These are the people we trust.  Very Sad.

The Professor

This is strictly an administrative internal investigation completed by the police department at the request of the Sheriff.  The information contained in this report cannot be used criminally against the officers.  Is this a calculated move my the Sheriff?  You be the judge.  If this were a criminal investigation, the officers would have most likely been read their Miranda Rights and not Garrity.  Any criminal charges based upon this investigation isn't going to happen.   


 The Professor, Then why is the County Prosecutor Stierwalt involved?


In my opinion....if elected politicains and anyone else whose income is generated by taxpayer's money is found guilty for an crime.....the penalty eeds to be (minumaly) 5 X the norm. That would chage a lot of wrongs in this country BEFORE it (they) have an opportunity to get "dirty".

sandtown resident

This young girls parents grandparents brothers sisters aunts and uncles are still paying these pithetic fools they are on PAID leave This sorry sheriffe is covering this as much as he can its unbelievable how out of control goverment has gotten we are paying the people to assault us ,when an officer is killed in the line of duty we are all there to support law enforcement lets see if they return the favor


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Super Judge

Is it true they created ababy that night?



Where is the respect for the men who keep our community safe. They have served us well in the past and I for one am sick of the people on this fourm backing a unstable criminal over law enforcement officers. This woman was not abused. They did not force her to touch herself. The register owes it to the community to stop protecting criminals and stand up for law enforcement.



to dollar is ready when you are.  When we see their lawyers, you have that donut ready, ok?  Because THEIR lawyers are NOT going to let them speak a word to anyone until they are darn good and ready. 

I am amazed that you seem to have sooo much to say about this and yet you claim not to know them or have anything to do with this, yet you state that SHE made the mess in the cell and she did the "show" without provocation by those men, etc, etc, etc. 

And how did you come by this first hand knowledge if you were not there and do not know these guys personally ?????  I would really like to know?  I am curious about your sources of information as it seems to have appeared as if my magic.  Tell us. 

I read each and every word written about this incident as described in the report listed here and in todays paper and it is just as vile and disqusting as it can be.  So where did you get the opposing information of yours?  You must have a source that none of the rest of us are priviledged to avail ourselves of, so please share. 

And I will gladly give you your dollar or collect my donut when we find out about those attorneys....I pay my debts


to Freedom:   Respect is earned, Freedom, not demanded or just plain expected because of one's position.

These men did not act according to what MOST of us expect of our police and firemen.  They acted, according to the reports, in an irreprehensible manner that you would expect of someone with less than a brain. They acted like animals.   

Had they acted more professionally, there would not be an investigation nor would there be such public outrage. 

The mere fact that there is an investigation should tell everyone something.  There is not an investigation for NO REASON.  And apparently the "powers that be" got it right for a change. 

These officers don't deserve to be treated with respect.  They certainly didn't show any to that woman.  There are ways to handle things in a dignified and respectful way in ANY law enforcement communiity and they know that .  They chose to ignore it.  Shame on them for that. 

You ask where is the respect?  It went out the window with their actions and their lack of respect and  inhumane actions. 

Oh, yes, Freedom.  You want respect, you get it through action, not demand.  And they will get it when they act like they deserve it   I should have thought anyone would know that by now.  Enough people have died to give us that right by now, have they not? 

Respecting others is the first start to earning it.  Maybe those boys need a refresher course. 

sandtown resident

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Wow! This article has inspired a lot of comments, but more interestingly, inspired new commenters:

- alexcrosscountry
- CatsAreTheBest
- freedom12
- The Professor
- buckeyenut73
- Doubt It



Paranoid Illusion

If just one of those 3 jailers would have stepped in, done the right thing, and put a stop to the despicable behavior they were engaging in with a mentally ill individual, they would probably all still be employed there instead of being fired after the investigation (which will happen if for no other reason than damage control and liability). Shame on them. They obviously were not thinking about how their families might feel about all of this when it hit the press!

Woody Hayes


Don't break your arm patting yourself on your back.


So if a mentally ill woman was touching herself in front of you in a parking lot at walmart and you watched (out of shock) for a minute you are a pervert committing a crime. This woman is no victim. Lets remember she was being charged for a crime. You people make her sound like a saint. I still trust my law enforcmenet officers before I trust a criminal with mental issues


When your being attacked by a dangerous person I hope you learn to respect law enforcement agencies instead of defending criminals


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal information. Discussion Guidelines




Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal information and personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines




If these guys are corrections officers, I don't think they carry guns in the jail. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they do not carry a firearm. Just in case they're jumped by an inmate that way the inmate doesn't take the gun and have a rampage in the jail.


Freedom12 says "I still trust my law enforcmenet officers before I trust a criminal with mental issues".

Under normal circumstances you would be right! But not here.

I would be slow to trust either these specific officers or this woman, she still is a human being and not a criminal. Yes she was arrested but has not been convicted of anything. Unless our system of laws has changed, she is still innocent and deserves the protection that these officers have sworn to give!

Now as to these officers, my gut tells me that they are far from "normal" police officers! It was their job to protect this woman, regardless of what she had done. John Hinkley shot the President of the US and was mentally deficient and they didn't put him in a cell and suggest that he play with himself.

These officers neglected their duties for self gratification! You want to tell me that they are trustworthy and are good officers? They are guilty of neglecting their sworn duties and should be fired and prosecuted for sexual assault among other things. They should never be in a position of authority again. Specifically they have proven that they are not normal policemen and suffer with judgement issues that keep them from doing their job correctly!!

And anyone who defends them should recheck themselves. If I got myself a bit drunk and some policemen arrested me and threw me into a cell, I would hope that their sense of duty would not have them make lewd and disgusting suggestions to me about what I should be doing or worse yet, having their manly way with me. It sounds to me like anything these animals would choose to do would be OK with you.


DGMutley, Alleged victim and reread the officers arrest report.


SarhTonin, My take is there was no leadership on the shift in question. Now maybe I'm wrong here, but if there is a captain on each shift for the jail where was the captain assigned to the shift? If he was off and they bumped a CO up from on shift to fill the spot and then schedule over and or bring in a CO from another shift to cover the vacancy and say the F.K. (aka Meals) was the CO bumped up to fill the captains vacancy (makes you wonder with his past performance and proffesional issues), they have some issues to address with policy and union contract. I'm still curious about if the Major made a cursory walk through before securing for the day. I know the fun of trying to disciple the bad behavior/poor performers in a union environment. Shame Kyle's trying to add staff and then we read about these theatrics where folks have time to surf the web, hang around playing grab arse and what not. One problem is I bet the Blue shield goes up, I just hope one of those fools makes a wrong comment to the CO who came forward, Hostile work environment charges, intimidation etc would be nice to add.


I am so glad I can go to work and live life without supervision reminding me to always act morally. Once again it has to be someone else's fault.

Julie R.

Once again, these filthy b*stards should be sitting in a jail cell themselves. If they don't get fired over this the people in Sandusky County better start picketing.


 If these people are fired there should be a protest because of the injustice that was done to them by the Sandusky Register. I beleve Law enforcement over a criminal. If you ever need to call the cops or Sandusky County Sheriff I hope you remember the hatred you are posting here. 


Go Julie R. damn straight! Why would these guys not be charged with sexual assault? -- Sarah


These " hard working"," highly respected" guards, should have put her in a restraint chair, cleaned out the cell, and contacted the proper mental health experts.

But no, what fun would that be, they couldn't see her naked, and they wanted to make sure she had both hands available so she could draw a picture of a penis out of ketchup and lick it up.

It would be too much work to mop up her mess, so, let's let her make more of a mess, and we will let the next shift clean it up!

Do you know what this reminds me of? When I would hire a teenager to babysit and I came home and my house would be trashed! I would yell at my kids and they would tell me, "but he dared us to do it", but "he lasughed when we did that". Regardless, I had to pay the babysitter and clean up the mess!!

The problem here is, these guys are not teenagers, babysitting. They are suposed to be trained professionals! Doctors, nurses and orderlies see naked patients of all shapes and sizes, and they don't get giddy and create a "frenzy" of excitement.

I can't wait to see the cell phone records, and the transcripts from all their text messages, from when they were "working so hard". You know these guys had to be bragging to their buddies about babysitting a naked inmate! Judging from the personal files,I would not be surprised if  they took pics on their cell phones, too.


 Sexual abuse according to most people is the touching of other people. NOT 1 oF THESE MEN TOUCHED THAT WOMAN This is not sexual abuse. They did not tell her to touch herself. Besides I want to know if this woman has been diganosed with a mental disorder or are we just taking her word. This woman is a criminal plain and simple and I support Law enforcement


Sexual Assualt is when you force somebody to have sexual intercourse. This is not sexual assualt and THEY SHOULD BE CHARGED FOR NOTHING This woman was not touched by any of them. 


freedom12, you might need to educate your self on sexual assault. I will make it easier on you!



Sexual assault takes many forms including attacks such as rape or attempted rape, as well as any unwanted sexual contact or threats. Usually a sexual assault occurs when someone touches any part of another person's body in a sexual way, even through clothes, without that person's consent. Some types of sexual acts which fall under the category of sexual assault include forced sexual intercourse (rape), sodomy (oral or anal sexual acts), child molestation, incest, fondling and attempted rape. Sexual assault in any form is often a devastating crime. Assailants can be strangers, acquaintances, friends, or family members. Assailants commit sexual assault by way of violence, threats, coercion, manipulation, pressure or tricks. Whatever the circumstances, no one asks or deserves to be sexually assaulted.

The law generally assumes that a person does not consent to sexual conduct if he or she is forced, threatened or is unconscious, drugged, a minor, developmentally disabled, chronically mentally ill, or believe they are undergoing a medical procedure. Some examples of sexual assault include:

Someone putting their finger, tongue, mouth, penis or an object in or on your vagina, penis or anus when you don't want them to; Someone touching, fondling, kissing or making any unwanted contact with your body; Someone forcing you to perform oral sex or forcing you to receive oral sex; Someone forcing you to masturbate, forcing you to masturbate them, or fondling and touching you; Someone forcing you to look at sexually explicit material or forcing you to pose for sexually explicit pictures; and A doctor, nurse, or other health care professional giving you an unnecessary internal examination or touching your sexual organs in an unprofessional, unwarranted and inappropriate manner.   Conduct of a sexual or indecent nature toward another person that is accompanied by actual or threatened physical force or that induces fear, shame, or mental suffering.
What the . . .

I am an avid supporter of law enforcement, but I also believe that law enforcement officers should be held to a higher standard of conduct because of the position of trust and responsibility that they hold and should be appropriately disciplined or punished for a breach of that trust.  On first blush, it does not appear that all of the officers in this case lived up to that standard of conduct, and if so, appropriate action should be taken.  However, I still don't understand the problem the Sandusky Register has with objectively reporting news involving law enforcement.   For example, the Register's headline in this case reads: "SANDUSKY COUNTY JAIL GUARDS SEXUALLY EXPLOITED NAKED WOMAN," while the Fremont News-Messenger headline reads: "INMATE SAYS DEPUTY ENCOURAGED SEX ACTS."   Now you tell me which publication looks more like a "news" publication reporting the facts objectively, and which is more like a supermarket tabloid with sensationalistic headlines and reporting. 

Objectivity is a significant principle of journalistic professionalism.  Journalistic objectivity can refer to fairness, disinterestedness, factuality, and nonpartisanship, but most often encompasses all of these qualities.


 FYI, Read the reports this criminal was not forced to masterbate. She did on her own free will. You people always choose to defend criminals which makes me sick. 


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Weeelllll...... freedom12,

vouyerism is sexual assault.  So even if she admitted to performing sexual acts or partaking in lewd behavior that was observed by jail guards, they are guilty of sexually assaulting the inmate. 

Sexual harrassment is any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or any verbal (or physical) conduct of sexual nature.  According to reports the jail guards have admitted to asking to her to "touch herself" and other vulgar requests.  Sexual harrassment manifests itself in subtle ways including sexually suggestive comments. 


Hey FREEDOM12, where are you?? Too busy trolling facebbok for girls that are DTF, to come back on here and defend yourself??

I just wanted to tell you that I did actually RE-read the report, and I wanted to point out that on page 22 of the 44 page report, Sgt Bliss states,

"ALL OF THE DEPUTIES, spoke that (blank) shows a lack of leadership when in charge, is LAZY and is constantly on his cell phone."

Those are not the words of a crazy woman/criminal/inmate. Those are the words of his friends/comrades/fellow employees.

So what were you saying about "respecting" the "hardworking" law enforcement officers?

"Constantly on his cell phone", great, I can't wait to read these transcripts of his texts! If he (you) were embarassed by this report, wait until the next one comes out!

freedom12, AKA one of the three stooges! Brand new commenter, creates a screen name to come on here and defend himself. Who else would?



Psychological testing should be mandatory (yes...another "mandate") before law enforcement officers, politcians and other "people of power" are allowed to hold their postions. I also feel it should be made a mandatory requirement before people are allowed to create our most precious and valuable natural rescource...children.

Mandates, laws, rules and regulations are a necessary "evil" due to mankind's own deeply imbedded or self-wrought penchant for sinful, disdainful and other wise anti-societal acts. It's a sad fact that many among us are unable or unwilling to self-impose a morality that necessitates laws. Therefore when those established laws governing our behavior are broken they need to be enforced with all due impact. To do less is to enable the cancerous growth to manifest itself.

I'll say again, "When anyone who is paid with taxpayer-generated money breaks the law...they need to be punsihed at a much higher level than the average lay person." Examples need to be set...not ignored.

(Barney Fife on steroids gets his jollies with Betty Mae Crochet while Andy slept at his desk.) (What, really,  would Auntie say?)





Thank you for the definition!  I re-read the report and there is no question that such acts were committed against this woman. The criminals here are clearly the guards!

By the way, she was arrested for falsely accusing her ex fiancee of telephone harrassment and making false alarms.  I would bet that they are busy trying to blunt what could be a HUGE  lawsuit! This woman may never have to work another day in her life!

Woody Hayes


Fremont PD would have to drop the charges, the were the inital arresting office.


Thanks for the correction Woody. I watched the news last night at 11 and they said that an independant investigation had cleared all involved of any wrongdoing. Go figure!


The report that WKYC was reading from is right here, and has been for 2 days, all 44 pages. The two quotes WKYC  used from the report can be found on pages 18 and 21.

The investigation is ongoing. The inmate has not even been interviewed in person, as stated on page 22, because she was in Toledo being evaluated. The statements she made in her written report have not been confirmed, but they are attached to the 44 pages.

Since everyone invovled agrees that the three stooges were all on the cell phones while they were supposed to be working, I am sure that those records will be subpoenaed and that will take some time.

Let's say hypothetically, they get phone records back and you got one of the three stooges bragging in a text to his buddy that "he told her to get down on all fours" and she did. That would back up the inmates claims,and case over.

This is far from over, and they have not been cleared.



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 WTF!  have heard from two seperate sources that the Sheriff has been suspended? 


For all the people defending the deputies I pose this question, especially the fathers of daughters: Would you feel differently if it was your daughter that this had happened to?


@freedom12 - you make me want to puke!  Hold your hands out.

Darwin's choice

Their charges would be "gross sexual imposition". They all need to be charged!

sandtown resident

The real disappointment is we enpowered these pithetic animals we the public authorized the control that they used against us or another citizen and of course they have family in law enforcement and in the prosecutors office the father in the prosecutors office should be suspended immediately no questions asked this whole thing makes me sick


I just read the Fremont Police Department investigative report. Three words come to mind: degrading, disgusting and dismissal.

I applaud Captain Matthew Bender and the other correctional staff for returning some sensibility and order to the jail the afternoon of these despicable events.

Any deputy who came forward with information that will prevent this type of behaivor from happening in the future has displayed courage, integrity and the metal we want to see in the men and woman who wear the badge/star. They deserve our respect. The others do NOT!

Sheriff Overymer, Chief Deputy Hirt and Major Fligor...c'mon man.



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Truth or Dare

Yep, made WKYZ Channel 3 News bright and early this morning!   The Newscaster read a statement made, can't remember who it was by though.  It was stated that "the Deputies did nothing more than act inappropriatley",  and what went on was referred to as "Locker-room talk". 

Hey Freedom 12;  "She chose to do it herself"?  What part of Schizophrenic , let alone coerrcion don't you understand.?  Not being of SOUND MIND,  off of and asking for her meds  explains her bizarre behaviour.  This young gal needed help, but instead of help and according to WKYZ News, this young woman was "Sexually Exploited".  Guess ya gotta be a big TV station, rather than a samll burb Newspaper to be able to use the words "sexually exploited"?!  FYI - Expoit (verb) - To make use of selfishly or unethically.  Sounds like what they tried to do by initially refusing to release the investigative report, let alone the treatment she received, or I should say the lack of comapassion and understanding that should've been shown!    

By the way Freedom,   you continue to rant that those of us that are disgusted by this are defending criminals, and it seems that we should pretty much blindly trust  LE.   Being charged with something is just that, a charge, it doesn't imply guilt, remember?  Or does that just apply to those that consider themselves to be  "pillars of sociiety"?  As if they don't break the law, right?  Pleeeeeeeese!   Just look around, pay attention to  the reality of our world!  That's why BS like this goes on, cause those pillars are too busy covering each others arse!    You're new here, folks that are being charged and find themselves in the newspaper, are tore apart here, not even given a chance, and on a daily basis!    Kinda different when the shoe is on the other foot, eh?  This my friend is the epitomy of HYPOCRISY,  which does nothing more than earn you the lack of trust you and those like you so adamantly demand!    

Anyone here know if you can get a copy of that investigative report?  Cause if ya can get your hands on it, I would like a few.  On behalf of a young woman who is mentally ill, who has been unethically treated by LE just one county over, who definately needs help, rather than exploitation, and for Society as a whole,  I will be forwarding it along w/newspaper articles regarding this situation to the Columbus, Oh. ACLU and other appropriate Advocacey groups. 


Truth or Dare

Hey PB&J;  You have kids?  Cause if ya do and birthed them yourself,  then you would be aware that it is possible for someone who, hypothetically speaking of course,  was diagnosed as a, let's say,  "normal", and I use that word loosely, a stable individual prior to giving birth, after giving birth can fall into the pits of Post Partum Depression, right?!  If so, count yourself fortunate you didn't have the displeasure of experiencing serious PPD, and women  should understand that even mild depression can/will take place afterwards. There are many cases where a normally stable new Mother, who due to severe PPD has killed their newborn child.  

 The brain is an an intricate machine, it's what keeps your body alive, and when it's not hitting on all cylinders can throw one for a loop! Just ask this young gal.  As one suffering from Schizophrenia,  it's a guarantee she also suffers/experiences probably deep depression!   Depression, from mild to severe, and other Mental Disorders  happen because of a chemical imbalance within the brain.  For women, that means there is the possiblity of mild to major hormonal imbalance not only during, but also after giving birth.   This is a topic that has received more attention in a serious clinical manner only over the last couple decades, if that long. 

How bout all these folks in important, powerful positions,  especially those within LE and the Judicial System, whether elected, appointed, hired, whatever, howbout they just start being as open, honest, as fair as they ask us to be?  Now that would earn them their due respect, even admiration!     As far as I'm concerned, personally, should there be any charges, even Civil,  and they are found guilty, they should be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.  No more, no less.     

Woody Hayes

Does anyone know who makes the call to take someone to Toledo Crisis Center vs going to jail? Just wondering.


Obviously, one of the three stooges should have made a call, to their boss, or mental health professionals.

They obviously lost all control of the inmate, when she immediately started trashing the cell, flooding it, writing on the walls, urinating, deficating, and masturbating.

If those are not signs, for one of them, to pick up a phone and get some help to gain control, what are?

What else exactly did she have to do before one of these guys did something to gain control of the situation?

They obviously did not want to gain control, because they were in a "frenzy" using her for their entertainment.

I feel like a dog picked up on the street, would be treated better at the dog pound than this poor girl was.


DGMutley & Dick Tracy, I must be reading a different FPD Arrest record than you are for these reasons.

Officer Halbisen investigated her claims at Circle K, he then went to Ex-boyfriends crib and investigated the complaint. Ex-boyfriend produced phone showing He had recieved 2 calls from that number for circle K and His phone had no evidence of out going calls to that number. after charges were filed against her based upon the investigation and warrants signed Officer Halbisen went to the Double A motel (Nce place, like the song "Alices Restaurant"), now she goes off on him and away to jail she goes instead of to the muni court as no one down there is going to put up with that. She was handed off to the jail for booking and if you read Officer Halbisen's report you will see in the last paragraph, that he (Halbisen) was informed SC Deputy would bring her to court later that afternoon. Page 12 indicates she had been to court per the "Pregnant female CO (Whoops I think the redacted word was Pregnant...can I say that without being censored?.)  She broke the law by claiming she was being harrassed etc and calling the ex-boyfriend, you will probably find out Officer Olvera had already investigated and warned her to knock it off she could be charged, she elected not to, she also was the one who decided (for whatever reason) not to stay on her meds. Page 16/45 last bullet point reads mentions her mother was contacted to try and locate and deliver her med's to the jail. Now this is in the investgation, if her mother was not contacted by the CO's then we will have a big problem with false reports etc.

I will not defend these Moron's, I'm sure everyone is in CYA mode and I hope all responsible players recieve the punishment they deserve, it is a black mark against all those who do the right thing day in and day out.


 It is so sad that the community is taking the words of this woman against these officers. Questions for the alledged victim? 


Has she been diganosed or are we taking her word for it? 


Why did she quit taking her medicine. 



Freedom 12   As a matter of fact she has been diagnosed and as a matter of fact it really isn't true harassment unless the victim really feels threatened or scared and if you had a clue about the history of the accuser you would know that he is the guilty one. She may be guilty of calling his phone repeatedly but that is the only thing she has done. Nothing to deserve what she has got.


 Freedom12, What about the accounts by the female CO and the oncoming shift captain's account of what he saw and heard by the CO's he was relieving? I seriously question what you are basing your post upon as it doesn't make sense based upon the information provided in the reports. 

Peninsula Pundit

You probably said the same thing about the gestapo, freedom.

Freedom. What a misnomer. When the po-po gets ahold of you, freedom is the 1st thing you lose.

Then, much like this poor 21 year old, not much more than a child herself, you are forced to surrender your dignity as a person.

The police are supposed to protect and serve. These hooligans did neither.

And you defend them.

The only thing about your moniker that is accurate is the '12'.

That's your IQ.

sandtown resident

How could sandusky county get anymore out of control not only do they have the jones investigation where deputies shoot their citizens they turn the county jail into a strip club and exploit a misdemeanor violator this sheriffe should be totally ashamed of himself makes me sick

Woody Hayes


And things are OK in Sandumpy that you can throw rocks?


Sandtown, The Jones incident IMO was brought upon himself and his family, the boy was in deep trouble especially as he was now commiting a felony in possesion of a firearm, could things been done different,well everything after the fact could be done different, but at that time that was the course of action to take. As for the behavior, lack of proffesionalism etc, etc by the CO's I hope they recieve the punishment they deserve and whom their family are should not come into play.....


Listen the girl is an adult masturbated to get attention whether she was egged on or not. She is 21 years old adult and no one forced her to do anything she didn't want to do . Of course it's unprofessional but adults do what they want. If your being disorderly and won't stop you WILL get arrested. Personally I don't think this is earth shattering and these guards are guilty of being men and as far ad this girls mental status anyone can say they suffer from schizophrenia as an excuse. I read the report the girl sounds like she is a slut who was trying to get arise out of the guards SHE took her clothes off SHE made the comments and masturbated ( which last time I checked was a voluntary action) so why is she " poor girl" now. She's a poor slut who obviously has problems but she acted the way SHE chose to. Yeah I bet they were laughing at her sounds like she really made a fool of herself I'd be really embarrassed if I was related to her or ever dated her


HalRley44  I would rather be related to someone that has a mental illness like this young girl than to someone like you that shows no compassion for people with a disabilty. If this was your child, sister or even a friend maybe you wouldn't be acting this way. I am done commenting on you because you should be reading books on civil rights, mental illness and human compassion instead of wasting your time here where you obviously do not have a clue.



 And there not cops....just county jail guards smh well they were fire them and move on