Sandusky County Sheriff keeps iron grip on jail probe info

Thick. That's the adjective Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer used to describe an investigation into alleged wrongdoings by employees at his jail - an investigation that remains entirely under wraps.
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 27, 2012


Thick. That's the adjective Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer used to describe an investigation into alleged wrongdoings by employees at his jail — an investigation that remains entirely under wraps.

Overmyer and Sandusky County prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt said they don't have to release a report that Fremont police completed this week after spending days investigating allegations of "workplace violations" by three corrections officers at the jail.  

Overmyer has chosen not to provide any documents related to the investigation, including formal complaints, initial incident reports or records of disciplinary or administrative action taken against the jail employees.

The refusal violates the state’s public records laws, say multiple public records experts. 

Corrections officers Frank Kaiser, Charlie Pump and Joshua Smith were all placed on leave Jan. 11 pending the investigation.  

"Those are public records,” said Cleveland attorney Dave Marburger, an expert on the First Amendment and Ohio’s public records laws. “Pretty much I can’t think of any example where it wouldn’t be.”

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BIG DEAL!!!!The information will come out eventually!Just because the paper wants it now its FRONT PAGE NEWS!!! Give me a break!



 I know that there is "news" on things the police do wrong these days, but it seems that the SR has a "police hatred" somewhere too. They harp on it more than any other paper I read!

Marcus M

Mattie has his panties in a bunch, his only problem he can't blame Sandusky PD....


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Oh yeah.  And how come Sarah webber don't write no more stories hadly ever?

Sarah Weber

@ MarzipanSoup

I'm not writing much anymore because late last spring I applied to be the editor of the Register's website and I got the job. Since then I've been doing more editing and website work than writing.


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What the . . .

I don't blame the media in general for trying to get information from law enforcement for news articles, that of course is the media's job.  But to say that law enforcement's refusal to provide information in an on-going/pending investigation "violates the state's public records laws," is just plain WRONG, and a misstatement of the law, and I would be happy to debate this with Mr. Marburger or any of the other Registers "public records experts."  As I posted before, Ohio's Public Records Act specifically excludes from public disclosure "Confidential law enforcement investigatry records" (defined below).  Once the investigation is no longer an on-going or pending investigation and is closed, then disclosure may be required. 

“Confidential law enforcement investigatory record” means any record that pertains to a law enforcement matter of a criminal, quasi-criminal, civil, or administrative nature, but only to the extent that the release of the record would create a high probability of disclosure of any of the following:

(a) The identity of a suspect who has not been charged with the offense to which the record pertains, or of an information source or witness to whom confidentiality has been reasonably promised;

(b) Information provided by an information source or witness to whom confidentiality has been reasonably promised, which information would reasonably tend to disclose the source’s or witness’s identity;

(c) Specific confidential investigatory techniques or procedures or specific investigatory work product [emphasis added];

(d) Information that would endanger the life or physical safety of law enforcement personnel, a crime victim, a witness, or a confidential information source.


Let the investigation finish and then go after it.  Why the rush to put your hands on it until you have ALL the information?  That's not what journalism is.  You want all the facts before you write a story, not innuendo and partial facts......oh, wait.....sorry.  I thought this was another paper.  My mistake. 


Who are these multiple public records experts?  Why doesn't the Register ever say who their multiple public records experts are?

I wonder if they even exist?  What does the Register have to gain by not saying who the multiple public records experts are?

Woody Hayes

There is only one reason why they are not giving information to the Ragster, they don't like you, Matty.


The sheriff is trying to clean up house and fighting the usual UNIONS.  Since most of you love the UNION culture, I am sure you can be understanding with that UNION corruption and UNION solidarity, like at a chain plant!  Ha! Ha!  The Register is biased against ALL area LE because it SELLS.  Instead of concentrating on the liberal corruption of local government, just focus on anything LE does and BLAME.  It is exactly like 0bama BLAMING the rich for his FAILURES and you crybaby losers in lockstep with him.  Does it make you freaks "FEEL GOOD" about yourselves?  Does all that liberal BLAME change anything in your miserable lives?  Here is a tip.  I LOVE the rich.  Why?  They PAY their bills on time without liberal FAILURE!  When I invoice Cedar Point, they PAY with a "good" check on time within 30 days.  Tell me brain surgeons, do YOU pay your bills on time?  Or are you standing around with your hands out as members of the freeloaders club of entitlements?  Are YOU sitting around waiting for 0bama to save you??  It is NOT going to happen!  Commit grand theft, burglary, shootings, homicides and grand larceny,....Oops, I mean "spreading the wealth around" all you want.  Ha! Ha!  Stop the liberal, loser BLAME and get up and DO something to improve your life.  0bama is not for long so you BETTER start making plans NOW.  Here is another tip.  Start preparing for your retirement.  Or, your retirement goals will be sitting around being miserable waiting for your UNION to save you for the rest of your life like you are doing NOW.  Maybe a few of you losers will get invited to 71-year-old Barney Frank's wedding or one of those 0bama white house parties?  That should make you "FEEL GOOD" and special!  Ha! Ha!  When the sheriff decides to break this news out, he will.  If there is federal intervention, no one will be privileged to know anything.  I hope those jailers and deputies are paid up on their UNION dues and there are no secret indictments by the grand jury.  Ha! Ha! 


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 There is ONE reason the LE community in Erie County doesn't like the Register: The Register has woefully burned EVERY bridge it ever had to the LE community by taking advantage of EVERY opportunity to discredit and destroy any person in the LE community who has any type of personal difficulty whether it be small or great.

It seems like the Register has taken every bit of information is has "requested" and received and spun it to make everyone in LE look bad. Perception is everything. The Register has an immense problem in its reporting policy - it thinks that just becuase it CAN print anything that it SHOULD. There is no restraint which most people can see.

Going after corruption is one thing, but irreparably tarnishing someone's character, without regard whatsoever, is totally unacceptable in my opinion and most people I know (outside the LE community) think that is what the Register is "bent" on. 

If you sow to the wind, you reap the whirlwind, SR!

Woody Hayes

Did you just wake up, Taxpayer HYPERCRITE?


hey fiddledee and taxpayer where did you get your LE certificates from?  I think I have every right to know the good and the bad of the LE in the area I live and work.  As far as I see it there is quite a bit to be ashamed of in this area.  As far as the good I don't feel like it is reported nearly enough in any capacity!  Just like sex, blood and gore sells...damn shame...

dont blame me

Excellent Job Sandusky Register keep digging for the WHOLE truth.  Law Enforcement  must be held accountable.  For the rest of you bird brains on here bashing the Register you should be thanking them.  Had it not been for the Sandusky Register this would have been swept under the carpet, don’t think they didn’t try.


And Marzipan there is a "mailbag" to ask questionsif want them answered in some way...the last few I have seen about the deputy and Mr. White have been wrong but you can only expect so much!


WOODY, did you just coin a new word for hyper critical Taxpayer?  It sure fits.

Texx Reloader

Go Sandusky Register! If one ever wants to really know what is going on over there they have to read the Register. They all have it tied up tight. Even their newpaper prohibits anonymous postings on comments now because people WANT to know who posts anything against the "controllers" so they may be targeted for attack. Keep at these people are the request for public records. They are arrogant, and think they don't have to play by the rules because they have gotten away with it for so long. There is enough stuff "rotting under the carpet" over there to give someone some sort of investigative jounalistic award if they have the guts to keep at it, and it is ALL in those public records: believe me! The jail isn't the only thing that smells to high heaven and a lot of people know it, but are intimidated to speak up. Keep up the good work, it gives folks that have to live in that quasi-Iranian enviroment hope! The ONLY reason governments don't give out public records is either because they have something to HIDE, or need time to doctor them up.

Woody Hayes

Sounds like someone is a proud graduate of the Sandusky County Jail system, or is a proud paperboy for the Sandumpy Ragister.

Marcus M

Woody, Good One!


Looks like Taxpayer's been sippin' on some TeaBagger Kool-Aid again. What a rant!


 Concerned2012: Don't have one and never did, sorry. Just very observant from many perspectives and not afraid to say what I see. It truly is saddening.

Texx Reloader

Oh jeez...Woody, Woody...there always seems to be someone posting that is proud to show their mental limitation. I am college educated (which I am sure you will mock as well), and have a clean criminal record, but you seem to know that I am a drop-out, and loser from my post. It is that kind of comment that makes me wonder about our future. Gratefully, I have noticed in life that people who make comments like that seldom are given any real authority in life...whew....good for us all. Anyway, how could you use the Sandusky Register to so freely post your comments, and insult them in the same breath??? Just must be a bitter old man wishing to put everyone and everything down in compensation for your own misery. My comment was serious, and the Sandusky Register along with all newspapers does have a obligation to reveal "funny business" in government. Without a vigalent press, democracy cannot survive. I have read dozens of papers from around the world and I think they do a fine job. Let's try to stick to the point with this okay? There have been some serious issues in that county which would never have come to light without the Sandusky Register, or the Toledo Blade, and the Blade seems to have lost their interest. There are enough readers of The Register in Fremont, and Sandusky County to justify the Register's concern. The public has a right to records the state legislature deems as public knowledge, and they deem most because they know how all things can be hidden if one thing can. I imagine if it affected you personally you would be leading the parade. C'mon. In this day and age NOTHING can affect another person without eventually having an effect on us all. Try to show some objectivity.



Your new here so this is how it goes, If you disagree with some you are, uneducated, Racist,a hatemonger,Radical,Totally out of the loop, Or just plain stupid. Predjudice has become the call of majority, They prejudge you and disreguard anything you have to say because they dont care they have thier own agenda. So speak your opinion, Hopefully someone will see a different point of view and ask a question instead of blindly following a crowd of prejudice and scorn.

Woody Hayes

Investigative reporting, I'm an interested reader. Spin and slam reporting just to sell papers, I'll just keep letting my dog pee on them.


As the Register whines that they are not getting the information they want, may I remind them that this is a ongoing investigation, they will get it when it's compleate. 


just say this if the register doesnt find the answer they want they make 1 up and report that as fact tilll they get called out on it and then you have a 50/50 chance of them either changing it hoping no one notices or they do an update....guess part of the fun is figuring out which is which...

Texx Reloader

As it was with the Bryan Jones investigation, now that the Sandusky Register breaks the story, the News Messenger dives in. Good job, but more investigative work needs to be done. This is small potatoes. Someone needs to start public requesting all of the personal files, and take a hard, long look at them. The "bump in the carpet" is really getting too hard to hide! The News Messenger will always protect those people to the best extent they can without showing their hand!

Woody Hayes


Have you seen the News-Messenger in the last few hours? Might want to take a look.

Julie R.

All you people that crucified the SR for trying to get information just got it right back in your faces.  What a bunch of disgusting pigs at the Sandusky County jail!