Baby died with multiple injuries from attack

Blunt force also cited in Athena's death
Jessica Cuffman
May 23, 2013

An 11-week-old girl died last week of multiple sharp- and blunt-force trauma injuries to all areas of her body, according to a preliminary autopsy by the Lucas County coroner’s office.

The autopsy report does not specify the exact number of injuries Athena Castile suffered May 16 in a Dewey Street home in Sandusky.

Charged with aggravated murder in Athena’s death is her 19-year-old cousin, Denzel Castile, who remains in the Erie County jail on $1 million bond. He’s also charged with felonious assault and assault on a police officer.

Police say Castile used a steak knife to stab Athena multiple times at about 11:30 p.m. Thursday.

Officers went to the home after receiving a 911 hangup call, and it took multiple zaps from a Taser to subdue him before he could be arrested.

At least one of the stab wounds perforated Athena’s skull. The infant also suffered a broken rib and a hairline fracture to the right side of her skull, according to the preliminary autopsy.

An ambulance rushed Athena to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where hospital staff worked on her for more than an hour before she was pronounced dead.

Family members have told police Castile simply snapped Thursday, and they said he had not been acting like himself for months.

Castile graduated from Sandusky High School  in 2012 and played a year of football for the Blue Streaks before enrolling at The University of Toledo. He had only recently returned to Sandusky for his summer break.

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There is an epidemic in America. One if the deadliest epidemics this country had seen. 6500 died just last year alone and 5000 were unnecessary

5000 needless deaths a year yet society prohibits discussion!!!????!!!

About 4500 of those are BLACKS!!!

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IN OTHER WORDS ALL MEDIA OUTLETS EXCEPT (ironically)conservative ones

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Overall homicide in general is about 12-14 in the us in terms of number killed out of all causes of death

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If people reading this post really cared about blacks they would not report it in hopes of seeing it deleted or typing responses of "RACIST!!" but would copy and paste the facts presented here to do what the liberal media won't do; educate the public on this threat to freedom and peace

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Racism doesn't make the BLACK VIOLENT CRIME EPIDEMIC a race issue. The sickening facts do

Sources : FBI DOJ REPORT ON HOMICIDE TRENDS IN US and their report on prison offender characteristics


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They use to hang people for being found guilty of horse thief!


It amazes me how everyone gets on here and runs off at the mouth and you dont even know all the facts. My daughter is the aunt of Athena and first cousin of Denzel and I can tell you we dont even know all the facts yet so right know everyone is just assuming, thats why I said in a previous post just send your prayers out. To clarify though what one person said, Denzel did graduate in 2012 and went to college but the way he has been acting did not start until around end of March or first of April 2013. His mother and father tried to get help several times only to be told over and over there is nothing wrong. Well obviously we can all see for someone to do something like this there is definately something wrong. By the way I had my daughter who I said is related to Denzel and beautiful Athena at a young age and I am a Registered Nurse been a nurse for 15 years, so just because teenagers have kids doesnt mean they cant achieve anything or they will be low lifes living off the system its about choices whether you make the right ones or not. Remember stop bashing on here say supportive and nice things or nothing at all. Thats whats wrong with our community today everyone is so negative and always wanting to say bad things about others its a bit ridiculous!!!!

sandtown born a...

Agreed you made a life with what cards you had great job, being a parent at a young age is tough and you accomplished alot in life congrats on that, statically kids having babies are not usually as succesful as you are, most end up in the system on some form of assistance. I hope your family heals as quickly as possible, I cant begin to feel the pain you all are going thru.


Unfortunately, the current generation doesn't see the benefit in hard work. It's easier to sit at home, play xbox, and party on someone elses dime. It's not a race thing, it's a societal problem.


This is all really sad. It is true we do not know all the facts, but I do agree with some points made. Yes, Denzel may have had mental problems and recently changed his personality. However, this could be the result of many things. I went to school with him and yes he was kind and a good person. However people also change. My family has had to deal with mental issues so I know that they can be hard to diagnose, but it may have also been that when he saw the doctor he was not that bad. Changes like that can occir overnight. I hope the law case against Firelands is a rumor, because that is just wrong. I would like to also know why the person who called hung up though. Even if the baby was not threatened at the time, it was clear something was very wrong. Someone should have taken the baby away if there was even just a simple figh going on. Lastly, coming from the younger generation, there are numerous problems. Just a general statement, I feel people today have no respect or responsiability. They only care aabout their needs and want and they feel extremely entitled. In the end this is just a very sad event and my prayers go out to Athena. I'm sorry but I do not feel bad for Denzel. He did it and he has to be punished. The fact that the family is defending him makes me sad because where is the justice for this little baby?


fact , I dont believe that there are to many people that are the same as they were when they completed high school . In a lot of cases the kids dont know how to act when it comes to responablity and some , {and yes} I said some go the wrong direction cause they think they are on the top of the world till something like this happens ,I am not saying this is the case with this person at all } I am saying this cant be ruled out yet .
I also believe that weather he has mental problems or not , he should be held ac.countable

I guess time will tell in this case as well as others . I can only hope that justice prevails and that all can heal from this .
One thingI can only hope is that peace can come from this and we dont have trouble , its bad enough to have the lost of a helpless child , but to lose one in the way this one was , is unwording . cause no can come up with the words to really let people know how they feel
And I am going to say one thing more and thats if you are a parent and I dont care if the kids are 1 day old or forty , charish them the way you would your own life


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Thank you I knew there could be better discussion on here than what I was reading previously. I agree gene44870 a lot of these kids today do think they are on top of the world and think they are untouchable and that's the scary part for our future, how many more tragedies are going to happen. As for parents and the justice system we have to be harsher on these kids when they do wrong,you have a lot of kids out here doing drugs and consuming alcohol and they get a slap on the hand, that's not working they know they can do bad things and barely get punished for it so they continue the same behavior. R.I.P. beautiful baby Athena you are dearly loved and missed.


The justice system is overburdened with too many in the system. The system cursed itself by telling parents they can't spank their kids!


Poor innocent baby to die such a horrible violent death. Heartbreaking.
Babies go straight to God.


I do agree, I think my generation has lost all respect and responsiability. I also feel tht more and harsher punishments need to take place. I was only stating that it may not be a mental issue. I believe that there are numerous reasons for why he acted this way. I do not believe he should just be let off, but I do not need to state that because the court is taking care of it. I just feel bad that the focus is all on Denzel and not the child that lost its life.