Bond $1 million for teen who stabbed infant

A 19-year-old accused of stabbing to death his 11-week-old cousin appeared via video in Sandusky Municipal Court on Monday.
Jessica Cuffman
May 20, 2013

Denzel Castile still wore dark blue scrubs inmates at the Erie County Jail who have been placed on suicide watch wear while incarcerated.

He said only one sentence during the brief hearing, where his attorney, public defender Jeff Whitacre represented him, entering not guilty pleas to aggravated murder, felonious assault and assault on a peace officer.

Late Thursday night, police arrested Castile after witnessing him wrench his infant cousin, Athena Castile, away from family members and stab her several times in the midst of a chaotic scene at his grandparents Dewey Street home.

Though police and paramedics rushed the infant to Firelands Regional Medical Center, she died of the wounds about two hours later.

Police had to subdue Castile with a taser gun and pepperspray before they could handcuff him, and at the hospital, he bit a deputy's thumb so hard he broke skin.

In court Monday, nearly 40 family members and friends appeared for the short hearing, tearful as Judge Erich O'Brien read out loud the charges filed against him.

His bond was set at $1,025,000.

For details on how the crime has affected Castile's family and the community and efforts to come together in the face of such tragedy, pick up Tuesday's copy of the Register.

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I suppose your going to defend him read all my post and that is what your concerned about...unbelievable


You could not have said my thoughts any better happy feet! This is an unimaginable tragedy. The light needs to be removed from Denzel and placed on the grieving families. These families need our prayers and support! May God wrap these families in His arms and help to bring them comfort.


Bluestreakmom, thank you for a positive message. I hope there are many more members of the Sandusky Community that feel the same way.


Welcome to the world of internet message boards. Just curious, are you new to all this? did your great, great, great grandkids get you a Commodore 64 for your 100th birthday?

As for others wasting time spouting things you disagree with , isn't that what you just did in that diatribe?


If the bond is posted on this killer and the family accepts donations, I will laugh sarcastically to 1 south for my own psyche eval.


There is no doubt that there is a very strong division in Sandtown. I've said it before and I will say it again. Everyone in a fifty mile radius of your fine city knows this.


Like norwalk right hateblues>


Norwalk is just as bad. I'm glad I don't live there either. It's just not as big and have "sections of town" like Sandtown does. I have never been afraid to walk anywhere in Norwalk after dark.


It would take bath salts or insanity to commit a crime this obscene. I cannot imagine the grief the family is feeling. May strength, perseverance and kindness come to the victim's family in this difficult time.


To the ones who got what I was trying to say-thank you for not joining the mob scene and realizing what is really important in this tragedy!


..or heroin or angel dust or acid or a combination of crap....OR JUST plain EVIL!!


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RIP precious little Angel.