VIDEO: Suspect pulled baby from woman's arms

Police Chief John Orzech describes chaotic scene when police arrived. Get index to related articles, video and photo galleries here.
Jason Werling
May 18, 2013

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"They were both struggling to gain control of the baby," Orzech said. 

Denzel Castile, 19, broke away with the infant and stabbed her twice before charging at officers. 

An SPD officer scooped up Athena and rushed her out to the ambulance squad that had arrived. 

"They took off right away to the hospital. Lifeflight was there but they couldn't get the baby stabilized. They worked on her for several hours and she passed away," Orzech said. 

A woman in the house said Castile erupted in violence.

"He started going crazy. He just blew up. He just blew up. He lost it,” a witness told police immediately after Castile, 19, broke away and stabbed Athena.

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I don't really think anybody needs to see this?


I think everyone needs to see it especially the ones saying what a great guy the baby killer is.

LeftwhileIhadAChance's picture

Let me ask you a question; do you know anyone with any mental disorders such as bipolar or schizophrenia? I do. I grew up with one in the same house hold. He is a great guy, & when he breaks loose from reality he does some unspeakable things & then when he comes too, he doesn't even remember it. I KNOW Denzel. I grew up with him. That's not him. Something bad happened & had he gotten the proper treatment his family was seeking for, he'd be getting help & she would still be alive. I'm in no way trying to justify his actions. But maybe you should look at the whole picture instead of judging so quickly.


I am so glad someone actually put a comment like this...working in the mental health field...this was my first thought about this tragedy ...and these disorders usually come out in early 20s. I pray for EVERYONE involved...including Denzel.


I don't care about Denzel. That innocent baby did not deserve to die. If Denzel has mental issues then he needed to get mental help. So we are suppose to feel sorry for him and let him go to prison for a few years and be turned lose again to do more of the same. NO THANKS we have had enough of that...either put him to death or lock him up forever!


Yes, my brother is bipolar. He's never killed anyone but if he had then I could not say that he's a good person. He would be a murderer...just like the babykiller is now.


I've always been one to agree that there needs to be more mental health awareness and aid. At the same time though, there needs to be family intervention. I don't care if he was "ok" at one point and snapped or whatever the situation was. If he had issues, then he shouldn't have been around a child that small.


BULL. Now play the race card too


*eye roll*


Exactly! How can you not roll your eyes at people who make excuses for a baby killer?


Its the new big thing so its gonna be covered 3 times daily just like the Jake case has been...

Nice to see other stories covered with the same ferver... but this is a bit much... decent chance of pace though.


I think some do. The outrage on here as been really strong and rightfully so but the facts can help some understand what happened. Of course he has to be held accountable for his actions but if he had some type of psychotic break that should be considered when handing down punishment. It is a sad and tragic situation for all involved.


I don't believe that a psychotic break should absolve him of his crime. I am a mental health professional but I can't justify this one with not guilty by reason of insanity because he knows right from wrong and was trying to kill himself in the hospital. I work with people who have been found not guilty by reason of insanity and do not believe or trust that they are safe for society but yet they are out living amongst us. I seem to remember someone else who was found not guilty by reason of sanity for murdering someone many years ago and then a few years ago he killed a police officer. No, not guilty by reason of insanity is a cop out. Guilty of murder. Period.


I agree but unfortunately the state of Ohio doesn't agree with us.A psychotic break and the LEGAL definition of insanity are not one and the same but most people on a jury do not comprehend the difference. I too believe guilty of murder period.


Your point is well taken but keep in mind no one spoke of "absolving" him of the crime. As a mental health professional you surely can be objective enough to look at the entire picture and be smart enough not to equate all situations. I am not sure who is the real judge if someone suffers a mental breakdown. You can't deny that this is totally abnormal behavior for anyone but especially someone who has displayed a different character and personality.


A "mental breakdown" or psychotic break as well call it does happen but in my expierience it should not absolve them from their crime. For insanity to be proven he must not have known what he was doing was wrong. He must have been so cognitively and mentally impaired that he had no clue about right or wrong. You can be insane or psychotic and still know right from wrong. From what I am reading I believe he did but he will be given extensive psychiatric and psychological evaluations to determine if he was insane at the time of the murder. However, even if he is found not guilty by reason of insanity would you really trust he would never have another psychotic break? He could spend years in a state hospital for the criminally insane (not much better than prison) and then get out. I would never trust him again, especially if he were living close to me. Medication stops working, person stops taking medication, or just has another psychotic episode after years of not having one. I believe those who commit very violent crimes and are found insane should have to spend the rest of their lives in a mental hospital where they can be monitored, made to take their medications, will never pose a danger to others and hopefully not to themselves.

Stating I was on drugs or alcohol will not absolve him from guilt. A psychotic break may.

I do feel bad for the whole family on both sides but this young man has proven he is not safe to be in society. Justice will be served but will it be in favor of the baby or for him? Either way he will be locked up for a very long time.


I have a question for you, happycamper..If I see a loved one is acting and doing some unexplainable things..what can I do to get them help, or at least have them evaluated, even if the person is unwilling? I don't mean AFTER they have committed a crime.


You can call the police or squad and they can bring him or her into the ER where the emergency therapist will be called in to evaluate him. The unwilling part is where it gets tricky. If the person is a danger to himself or others he will be brought in. If the person is obviously out of touch with reality then they will be treated. If the person is just depressed but is not displaying suicidal or homicidal behavior then getting the person help can be quite hard. This is where people get mad at the system because they think we can force help on everyone but we can't. The person has to be a danger to himself and/or others. Adults have rights that we can't take away unless they are dangerous. This happened because in the past family members and others would have people committed just because they didn't want to deal with them or would be angry with them. It was meant to protect people from being hospitalized unnecessarily but it does have some negative consequences. One being people that really need help refuse. I mean we can't even make people take their medication. It is a flawed system but it is what we have at this time. We don't even have enough group homes for adults with mental illness. Between funding and maintaining people's rights our hands are tied.


Thanks..I kinda figured as much. It's a shame that some people refuse help who REALLY need it, then do something horrific! Also, are there any adult group homes, in which you speak of, in Sandusky? Thanks for your input.


Yes, a few but they are usually full and they have to qualify but not every county have group homes. Funding to pay for these homes are also hard to come by at times. It is very sad because many times the families don't know what to do. They love the MI family member but don't feel safe with them in their home or can't care for them properly so many times when placement is not possible they wind up living on their own in the community with case management to help keep them compliant with treatment. Again, this doesn't always work because forcing someone into compliance is a last resort left to people who are so out of touch with reality or are actively a danger.

dorothy gale

Very good point. Thank you for posting this. An adult cannot be forced to get treatment or take meds, and it is a shame that the people who need mental health services the most AREN'T the ones who are seeking treatment. There are so many layers to this tragic situation, more than whether or not he was a "good kid" or a "monster," but the fact remains that he stabbed an infant and the infant died. If he is truly mentally ill then that should be addressed.


I like your statement that there are so many layers. He was a good kid but that night he clearly was a monster. The fact that he was still wild hours later in the jail makes me very curious of what was different about the young man I saw and the one that killed that sweet baby. Whatever the reason, it doesn't change what he did but the family deserves to know.

your master

but he was a good boy that boy is the best boy I have ever met he couldn't possibly do this the police must be lying how do anybody judge just boy why we should let him go today hold a banquet and then a parade in his honor. 11 week old baby that's all I have to say.


Your my master. I'll do whatever you say. Your weird and deviant. Your the boss. Your the master of everyone like the master of the girls in Cleveland. Whatever you say MASTER.

your master

Its the only thing I ever asked for. You will find your life will start to improve from this moment on. The Master has spoken.


If your on this page and calling yourself a master; your really a word that rhythms with master. LOL.


He was NOT a good boy. A good boy wouldn't have harmed anyone let alone a baby. A good boy, knowing he did something wrong would surrender himself. A good boy simply would not kill an innocent baby. Good Boy My A** You must be sheltered if he is the best boy you ever met.

LeftwhileIhadAChance's picture

Have you ever met him? Did you see him on a daily basis? I did. He WAS a good guy. Good people are capable of doing horrible things when something bad happens. People break. Instead of sitting here bashing him, how about you just pray for that baby girl & her family?


Everyone in that house deserves to get charged! People say he was acting "different" all day, staring at the newborn and talking to himself. If this was going on, why didn't someone leave with the baby or take his A$$ to Firelands for a evaluation? The officers show up to a bunch of adults in a pileup on the floor, with this tiny little baby under them all? Why didnt anyone step in then? The truth will all come out sooner or later.



your master was being very sarcastic. Because that's all people are saying who are defending him {the killer}.