VIDEO: Suspect pulled baby from woman's arms

Police Chief John Orzech describes chaotic scene when police arrived. Get index to related articles, video and photo galleries here.
Jason Werling
May 18, 2013

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"They were both struggling to gain control of the baby," Orzech said. 

Denzel Castile, 19, broke away with the infant and stabbed her twice before charging at officers. 

An SPD officer scooped up Athena and rushed her out to the ambulance squad that had arrived. 

"They took off right away to the hospital. Lifeflight was there but they couldn't get the baby stabilized. They worked on her for several hours and she passed away," Orzech said. 

A woman in the house said Castile erupted in violence.

"He started going crazy. He just blew up. He just blew up. He lost it,” a witness told police immediately after Castile, 19, broke away and stabbed Athena.

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As jes1413 has stated, let's not forget the police on your prayers list. Whoever those responding officer(s) was/were is going to require intense therapy. Those men and women are trained to think of their safety first. If there was a mob scene, then breaking things up on before backup arrived would have been suicide. Thankfully that LEO was there to immediately get the baby to an arriving ambulance. While we're at it, prayers of thanks and healing for those paramedics, doctors and nurses at the hospital too.

I hope the county prosecutor handles this case accordingly. Their office seems to have their plates full for the upcoming years with so many murders going on.

Julie R.

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights) and Libel and defamation.


I have family members that are bi-polar and other issues it does not give them the right to kill any one and they say well I am bi-polar so slap me on the wrist give me some meds (that I probably won't take anyways)I will never do it again. a person with mental problems need to take it more serious than most do. Meds are a key roll in mental diseases and a person who doesn't take them should be court ordered to and have a nurse give them daily by injection(just to protect the rest of society.


People that do these sort of atrocities to another person, especially the most defenseless of beings: an 11-week old cherub, can not and MUST NOT be referred of as "A good kid". Charles Manson, the Unabomber, Curtis Clinton and that despicable piece of undesirable waist that took my friend Andy, would you call them "Good boys"? Would you say of them that they were such good persons and what they did breaks your heart because they didn't get the mental health help they needed? Would you feel so companionate and forgiving if the little victim was your child? There is no absolution for this crime, and I am a firm proponent of administering as punishment to muderers, the same manner of death which their victims suffered. It is what it is: he stabbed a little defenseless baby girl. Not once, BUT SEVERAL TIMES!!! Let me say that again: he stabbed a little defenseless baby girl. Not once, BUT SEVERAL TIMES!!! Is it sinking in yet, leftwhileihadachance and other supporters of this maniac? IS IT?


Julie R. I don't know what you posted, as it was promptly removed by the "freedom of speech" advocates that do what? Limit our freedom of speech in this website. But I have a feeling I would strongly agree with you. LOL

Julie R.

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights) and Libel and defamation.

Julie R.

Wow! My buds at the courthouse sure are after me on this thread. (chuckle-chuckle)


I will never give out my name on this type of public forum, I will not become a victim of this type of tragedy due to my personal opinions. But I will say I am one of those "Bible thumpers" that are also being discriminated against on here, the difference between me and the others is as follows
1) There is NO EXCUSE to EVER MURDER an infant, or any child (or human being in general)
2) If Denzel WAS such a wonderful child, he learned some very aggressive behaviors along his path to adulthood.
3) If thinking back correctly while following this story it stated a large group of adults were engaged in physical confrontation in the home when SPD arrived, this in itself is a disgrace. Im positive that baby was also in the mix while these "upstanding citizens" were acting like violent children with NO COMMON SENSE
4) This story hits home for me, as I am much more involved with this situation then Brittany Murphy, I too have known Denzel since he took one of his first breaths, and Brittany no pun intended but he has been in legal trouble for several years now. He chose to rob, fight, and become disobedient, he decided the law was below him and that he would defy it at every turn in the road. Denzel made these choices and he will have to suffer his consequences.
I do not believe there is any reason to discriminate when it comes to race, religion, ethnicity, or sex, we are all THE HUMAN RACE and the bottom line is we are all entitled to OUR FEELINGS, freedom of expression is something we are all entitled too but degrading one another is showing how little care we have as a generalized society for other human beings. So whether you are a "Bible thumper" like myself that finds comfort in reading this book, or whether your a person whom holds no religion at all TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED AND BY THIS HANG ALL THE LAWS! If this were the way of life there would be no murderers, robberies, nor any other violent crimes! Have a great night! If I offended anyone I refuse to apologize because regardless THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO INTENTIONALLY KILL ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, especially one that could have caused you absolutely no harm at all! Denzel I cant even find words to suit you, that would keep me guilt free in my promises to the Lord. Rest In Peace Athena, we all love you darling Fly Free and Nestle lovingly in The Lords Arms!


Thank you Brainiac2007


Good post, Brainiac. Thanks.


I guess what we are saying is that when you see a loaded gun... You either unload it, run away or take it for what it is. I would personally remove the bullets so it wouldn't do any harm to anyone. I guess the mom learned that the hard way.


Regardless of his good he WAS, or his mental problems... fact is that he killed an innocent baby. He obviously wasn't a model citizen since he had been arrested for drugs and underage drinking not too long ago... and if his family knew he was having problems they should have gotten him help, but also protected the ones that can't protect themselves. I too have family that is bipolar, and although they are getting help and I love them very much... I do not trust them around my baby. Denzel is still responsible for the murder of an innocent baby, and needs to be held accountable.