VIDEO: Suspect pulled baby from woman's arms

Police Chief John Orzech describes chaotic scene when police arrived. Get index to related articles, video and photo galleries here.
Jason Werling
May 18, 2013

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"They were both struggling to gain control of the baby," Orzech said. 

Denzel Castile, 19, broke away with the infant and stabbed her twice before charging at officers. 

An SPD officer scooped up Athena and rushed her out to the ambulance squad that had arrived. 

"They took off right away to the hospital. Lifeflight was there but they couldn't get the baby stabilized. They worked on her for several hours and she passed away," Orzech said. 

A woman in the house said Castile erupted in violence.

"He started going crazy. He just blew up. He just blew up. He lost it,” a witness told police immediately after Castile, 19, broke away and stabbed Athena.

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You forgot to ask why the family didn't try to stop him... you simply blamed the cops. And did you ever consider that someone did try to stop him and you weren't there so you just simply wouldn't know about it?


Jes: remember-the family said there wasn't a problem...according to the 911 playback. Nope-no problem-just a brawl ending with this "nice guy" stabbing a defenseless infant to death with a steak knife....which is somehow LE's fault, right? Pfftttt

I feel awful for the family involved-I really do. They lost a baby and a 19 year old loved one. At the same time-what do you do with a guy who is capable, for whatever reason, of brutally murdering a defenseless, innocent 11 week old baby? Even if it is mental illness-do we take a chance of ever letting him out of jail so he can have another psychotic break and do it again? Ugh-no.

There are no do-overs when you murder a baby...better not be anyways.

As for this attacking SPD-SHAME ON YOU, Julie and whoever else is questioning the actions of these officers. Why does this city show consistent disrespect for law enforcement?


You are a prime example of the issues we are facing with our society. You are blaming the death of an infant on the police officers and first responders, rather than the person who stabbed her.

Julie R.

I'm not a prime example of the issues we are facing with society. It's the racist comments that are being made (example: TakingOutTheTRASH) that are a prime example.


Oh believe me, he/she is another example of the issues in our society. But you should consider blaming the individual who stabbed the baby before blaming the people who tried to save the baby's life. They did everything they could to save that baby, and suggesting otherwise is disgusting.

Julie R.

Another prime example of what's wrong with society is right at your Erie County courthouse.


What does the courthouse have to do with this story, or most of the stories you comment on? Not a darn thing. Everything you complain about is a lie or you would have won a lawsuit and gotten restitution but you haven't. It was all legal and you are just bitter. The police did nothing wrong in this case and are not even the slightest bit to blame.


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What are you talking about? I haven't have anyone's comment deleted. I'm not surprised that you had one deleted but I had nothing to do with it.

That wasn't sarcasm, it was the truth. It's not public record. What is public record is that your mom changed her will and you didn't benefit. It's pretty obvious why she did that. If there were all these glaringly obvious defects you would have won a lawsuit...BUT YOU DIDN'T.

Julie R.

Everything is a matter of public record. Check out the Lorain County Recorder where the sneaky dirt-bags hid a forged power of attorney. You can even read it online.


I'm just getting a chance to read all of these and from what I've read about the incident every article I've read said that the scene was so chaotic that they had to call in three other departments. I know that if I were there and I had the baby in my arms already and he snatched her out of my arms and started stabbing her I probably would have been shocked to the point where I wouldn't be able to move for a moment before jumping into action. I'm not sure who wouldn't be from what it sounds like. And for all of these people who are suddenly blaming it on his "mental instability" if they knew that he was having an problem why wasn't it pushed to have it addressed? Yeah I've read that he went to the hospital and there was "nothing done", well I worked in the ER and I know how that all works. I also know that there's a responsibility on the patient's part to follow thru too and apparently he didn't, he just let it all go because he #1, didn't feel it was a problem or #2, didn't want to get the help to begin with and that's part of why nothing was done at the hospital. If he truly has a mental illness I hope he gets help AFTER he's held accountable for what he did to that child. Even those with a mental illness can be held responsible for what they've done once they've been diagnosed and treatment has begun. He shouldn't just get off with a pat and on the head and "well go on and don't do it again" because of whatever is going on with his psyche. And I do hope and pray that the mother of this poor innocent sweet child isn't reading these. She shouldn't have to be put thru the pain and torture of seeing all that's being said. But if she is I do pray that she can get some peace over all this soon. If it's only in the memories of the short time that she had with her beautiful little angel. She was a beautiful little girl from the pictures I saw and such a sweet little smile.


I remember seeing a video a few months back where an SPD officer shot and killed a dog because the dog scared the mail lady. That officer shot that dog in the head and killed him. Why did they not shoot this monster?

Hoss McGee

He's only 19 so everybody that has been saying he a fantastic guy, will have him back by the time he's 30. He'll take a plea deal or plead insanity and he'll probably only get 10 years of being Willies girlfriend!


I hope Willie gives him a real good workout every single day he's there!

he said she said

Everyone remember Adrea Yates? She drown her 5 children in the bathtub? She had two attempts at suicide, had been in psychiatric care in a hospital four times and was taking medication for psychosis. Her delusions make her think she was saving her children because she felt she was evil and Satan told her to kill her children to save them.

Point is, she still went to prison for killing her kids even with all the medical and psychological history that she had.

A psychotic break doesn't keep you from going to jail and it surely doesn't explain why he did what he did when everyone says he was such a good kid.


Well said.


In her (Andrea Yates) state there is a chance to find them guilty but mentally ill. They do their time either in prison or in a mental facility, depending on how mentally ill they are, till their time is served. If they never get mentally better I don't know if they ever get out. I haven't read that anywhere when I researched it, so I can't say what would happen if their time was served and they are still mentally disturbed.


I do want to add the majority of people who are diagnosed with mental illness are treated and are great people. Please don't stigmatize people with MI into an all must be dangerous/crazy category because it would be grossly unfair.


There is also a difference between mental illness and illegal drug use. Using illegal drugs is a choice, mental illness is not.

yea right

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That's just plain wrong to even suggest something like that!


How would SPD be racist when I would say that the majority of the department is africian-american. I mean I don't know the official numbers to give you an exact ratio but its a pretty safe bet to say there's no cheering in the locker room over any of this.


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Julie R.

They decrease their worthless population all on their own?

That sure is a more than cruel and evil thing to say about an innocent little baby. No wonder Sandusky is in the shape it's in.


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Off-topic comments.


This is disgusting.


Yea right-are you delusional???


Now it's the cops' fault?? I hope at least **yea right** was being sarcastic.

What in the hell is wrong with some of you. The family members are the ones who put that child in danger in the first place YOU don't have a Baby around people who do drugs.

He got the knife and was hellbent on stabbing someone dead. Unfortunately, it was a baby instead of himself!

No one in that house wants to accept responsibility for their actions or admit to his ... How typical.

I don't care if they are related. NO excuses. Not mental issues not drug issues. That is cop out. He's a danger to the public.

yea right

Talking about the way cops handle things as was stated abovementioned