VIDEO: Baby killer suspect booked into jail

Denzel Castile restrained while being processed after his arrest Thursday. Get index to related articles, video and photos here.
Jason Werling
May 18, 2013

Click the video player at right and below for surveillance from the Erie County Jail as Denzel Castile is taken into custody. 

"He started going crazy. He just blew up. He just blew up. He lost it,” a witness told police immediately after Castile, 19, broke away and stabbed Athena.

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Brittany Murphy



*eye roll*


The only ones who are stirring the race pot is Brittny and her bible thumping idiots.


Amen! ;o)


*eye roll*


Exactly! How can you not roll your eyes at a religious hypocrite like her?


Amen! ;o)


*eye roll*


Exactly! How can you not roll your eyes at a religious hypocrite like her???


A friend of mine worked in the DH, he indicated that this kid was very polite "every time" he was on the inside.

Just saying!


This guy is scum. However the restraint chair is used for people who will not calm down, violent, etc..This creep is calm as can be, didn't even say a swear word yet he was put in the restraint chair. Looked to me like he would have walked into the cell on his own with no problem. Just wondering what their S.O.P is for using that chair.


It is also used when during the ride to the jail they act violently or aggressive...did you see how many deputies were there...they were told by the squad car a chair is going to be was based on his behavior during the ride to the jail


Dear Miss Brittany Murphy-I think you are little late thumping your Bible. I believe this baby's killer violated
the 10 Commandments-Thou Shall Not Kill! It isn't my place to judge him-God will and if he abused his body by using drugs-he is in more than one violation of God's laws.


Where's the like button for Ms Reva?


I understand that people who know him as a nice guy are shocked and groping for answers. However, there is absolutely NOTHING that can absolve him of this outrageous, horrendous act of evil. Was it a mental breakdown (aw, poor dude is mentally ill)--I don't think so because there would have been SOME signs previously that he had mental problems. If it was a drug (i.e. bath salts), he CHOSE to take the drug. He may have ACTED like a nice, good guy, but it is not BEING a good person to CHOOSE to take a drug that everyone knows (surely an educated, high academic achiever like he would) causes people to completely lose control and commit heinous, reprehensible acts. Did he become possessed by demons? If so, then he CHOSE to take the drug that invited them in. For those grappling for answers to someone you've known as a friend, please remember that one cannot "excuse away" such a horrendous act of violence. The person is still personally responsible regardless of taking a drug, or engaging in activities that led to this point. For those of the faith looking for an answer in demon possession, remember that possession is not an has to have a soul not in-dwelt by holiness firstly, and engages in some practice that leaves one's self open to the possession so NO EXCUSE. People CHOOSE to sin and that sin leads to more sin....sometimes with shocking, horrendous, wicked acts resulting in ruined lives, lost lives, etc. There is an answer somewhere...but no excuses.


There were previous signs that he had mental problems.


I do not agree that Brittany is calling for people to put their names out for the public. A lot of "race" cards are being put out their and words can be twisted in a direction that they were not intended. I like being able to call out my opinions without being scrutinized and possibly physically approached by people on this forum.
I am also aware that there are young inexperienced adolescents that have screen names that troll on subjects that they have no business being in here.
Having said that, this young man deserves everything he gets dealt by the justice system and more for killing an infant. Mental or not. If the family knew he was unstable, shame on them for not stepping in prior to his brutal actions.


Well, I guess bible thumping is the new RACE card.

There are too many nutcases who get on here to threaten, and preach, to make it safe to put a real name out there.

My name and my location is MY business.


Brittany Murphy: Grow up, so you have a bible, most of us do,so what? A dead 11 month old baby deserves justice, prayers for her murderer, pray all you want[ in the real world , hes not a sweet boy] hes a MURDERER, or since you like to think everyone is racist, a black man that murdered a baby. I'll pray for you, poor thing.......

tdluvpit's picture

RIP in the arms of angels beautiful innocent infant girl. The monster Denzel should receive death penalty. He should have been shot dead onsite by police. Hope Erie County Prosecutor has the balls to seek death penalty on this case instead of offering him a sweet deal as in the case of other baby killer Michael Milner. I want to see that police report & understand exactly what happened at that scene. Why, if there was a brawl going on even before police arrived, was this infant in harm's way. Where was one person in that house to protect this baby? Every adult in that house at that time should also be charged for this innocent's death. Bring back ole Sparky & put this Denzel oxygen thief to death!


I am far from being a Bible thumper, but I think in these times we could all use some virtues contained in it. So many people have become intolerant, hateful, selfish, and misguided. I don't believe in cramming any certain religion down someone's throat, or forcing people to listen to quotes used to suit my own agenda, BUT what our society, our community, especially our young people need right now is some hope for a good life, some self-esteem, and some structure. Hatred is the enemy. And it will take over, and this kind of thing will become more common unless WE fight it together with good behavior, setting good examples for young people to follow, instead of calling names, worshipping guns,taking pills whenever the going gets rough, or getting drunk all time and expecting the young people to know how to act right.



Tru Grit

If Baxter plays the plea deal card he will be out by his 40th birthday. Race race race by the way who cares that he is black. He is a cold blooded murderer of a infant baby. He will be a nice piece of action for the guys in grafton, Mansfield, or lucasville :)


They need to lock him up for good and not let him out in ten years. The major part of the problem is over population of the system. If we could crack our kids on the a$$ without reprimand, try to educate our kids not to live in the system, for the system, or by the system, things might change. But I guess population control is a hard thing especially since our kids are having kids because "it's cool".


BLACKS are just 12% of the US population but commit 50 % of all the murders and violent crime in the US

Those are cold hard facts as unbelievable as they sound and by definition FACTS cannot be racist