VIDEO: Baby killer suspect booked into jail

Denzel Castile restrained while being processed after his arrest Thursday. Get index to related articles, video and photos here.
Jason Werling
May 18, 2013

Click the video player at right and below for surveillance from the Erie County Jail as Denzel Castile is taken into custody. 

"He started going crazy. He just blew up. He just blew up. He lost it,” a witness told police immediately after Castile, 19, broke away and stabbed Athena.

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Ted Bundy was a fine man too and educated. Oh he was so very polite and charming. The boy next door. He was a WHITE serial killer and was fried in the electric chair. He got what he deserved. Every serial killer is psychotic, crazy, but that does not absolve them of the consequences of the crimes they have committed. Murder is murder. The ones making this a racist thing are only doing so because many but not all of the heinous crimes committed in Sandusky have been committed by people of color but that does not mean whites are not committing horrible crimes it is only what they see and experience themselves. It is not right that they spew racist comments because this crime had nothing to do with race. It has to do with murder of an infant by a young man. It doesn't matter if he was a person of color or white as snow. Murder is murder. I don't care his race, age, mental status, or substance abuse history. A baby is dead and justice will be served. As I said before may God have mercy on his soul because not many others will.


It is believed that Ted Bundy started killing when he was around 28 years old. Many knew him as an ordinary "nice" guy. Your behavior defines you and there is no excuse for what happened to Athena. If it was a drug/alcohol induced craze that caused it. He still chose to take the drugs/alcohol and then he chose to take Athena's life. His choices define him today. His past is irrelevant now.


I agree. My point being was that many killers are thought of as nice people and fit in well with others and that he was white. This crime has nothing to do with race. It has to do with a young man killing a baby. We are outraged that a baby was killed. It doesn't matter if the baby was black, white, Hispanic, Chinese, bi-racial, plaid, purple, or pink. We are outraged because a baby was killed. Plain and simple. No excuses will appease anyone because there are none that are valid.


I agree!


Ted Bundy was not psychotic. He was a sociopath, like most serial killers. There is a big difference between someone who suffers from a psychotic break, usually due to schizophrenia, and someone who is a sociopath. It amazes me how little is still known to this day about mental illness.


Does Ohio Law still allow execution by hanging if convicted and sentence to death?


No, I don't believe it does.


Cruel and unusual punishment.


OK lets get real. He will most likely plead to Aggravated Manslaughter, or not guilty by Reason of Insanity. He will most likely be out in 10 or 12 years.


He will likely be out of jail or the mental facility in his early 30's and come home to Sandusky. Who would hire him? I doubt if even family would since he killed his 11 week old cousin. The public will subsidize his living expenses, if he doesn't fall into crimanal ways, probably even if he does fall. What a fine system we have developed.


He will likely be out of jail or the mental facility in his early 30's and come home to Sandusky. Who would hire him? I doubt if even family would since he killed his 11 week old cousin. Yhe public will subsidize his living expenses, if he doesn't fall into crimanal ways, probably even if he does fall. What a fine system we have developed.

entitled to my ...

It does not matter that he was a wonderful, polite young man. All that matters is that he BRUTALLY MURDERED a beautiful baby. Makes no difference to me what color he is. I care less that HIS family is defending his actions. He gets to continue to live. His family will get to talk to him, visit him in prison. That poor little baby's family will get to talk to her in their prayers and go to the cemetary to "visit" her. His family isn't losing him-he isn't dead and buried. Mentally ill or not, he should spend the rest of his "natural" life in prison. After that, he will spend eternity in hell.


The last guy who showed me us gun during a heated argument got groined and lost his gun. I added it to my personal collection

your master

always take a few steps back before unholstering your weapons it's one of the first things they teach you. I know and you know you are lying. you sound like you're happy that babies dead too.


You obviously have never heard of the Tueller drill, AKA the 21 foot rule, or have never tried to kick someone in the groin in a real life situation. People have the surprising ability to move out of the way when they see something like that coming.


It is also cause to lose your CCW, and gun if you brandish or flash you gun, even to back someone off. If you had gone through the CCW classes you would have been told this.

your master

I was starting to fear for my life.


Keep in mind, your CCW permit only allows you to carry. Shoot someone and see what happens!

Brittany Murphy

Some people have to carry a weapon because that's their only defense when they are about to get jumped for being racist. Without a gun they are weak and nothing.


*eye roll*

your master

if someone confronts me and then becomes physical I am well within my legal rights to end the threat. That is what happened yesterday, that is what will happen everyday. It is the 2nd amendment that protects the first admendment.



Aim for the crotch.

Bada Bing

this is a horrific thing that has happened. this 19 year old person...doesn't matter if black or white or any other color has killed a human, a child, a baby! this young man that did this thing should be held accountable for his actions. this poor little child will never be able to laugh, love, be able to have her own family. its awful what our community has become and it needs to stop, we need to stop this, stop making excuses for these kinds of actions.

Tru Grit

Oh this poor kind heartwarming polite boy....... He is a murderer and it was a basically newborn he killed. Brittany Murphy spare us your lecture on god and the "you don't know him" crap. We all know this he murdered a baby in cold blood and should never see the inside of a prison due to him getting the death sentence.

Kottage Kat

My BIBLE says. THOU SHALT NOT KILL, is yours different?


your master

I think she is referring to the Koran, I think she is into those Muslim brothers.


This young man obviously has some mental issues...that in itself is sad. Another young life I'm sure either on drugs or demon possessed! I kinda understand when Brittany was talking about the race thing...because as was mentioned about the two that killed baby Owen they were white. It doesn't matter their color they killed innocent children and should be punished! I feel bad for the family, I can't imagine the anquish they are feeling for both of their family members! I am praying for all involved!


It is people like Brittany who give Christians a bad name. She preaches the Bible and passive-aggressively/aggressively attacks other respondents:

"If you ever opened up a Bible and knew the Word for your self maybe you would know." -Brittany Murphy

"And from your original post it sounds like your ignorant. Your Master? What's your real name coward?" -Brittany Murphy

Since a part of you wanted to "forget" that you know Jesus after reading posts on here, I will pray for you, Brittany.

The only part of this horrific act my God had any role in was opening His arms and taking this sweet angel to be with him-relieving her pain and suffering-the pain and suffering that was caused by this "kind-hearted, gentle boy".

This isn't about race, although some people would like to claim so. It's about a 19-yr old who brutality murdered an 11-week old baby girl. This act is animalistic...unconceivable...monstrous. The behavior of this 19 year old have made the public more than angry and outraged. When I think of how I feel about this, there are no adjectives in the English language strong enough-bold enough to relay these feelings. Why are people resorting to racial slurs? Likely because they exist and portray hate. Not hate for a race, per say, but rather, hate for the horrible crime committed against one of the most innocent in our society and the "kind, gently boy" who did this. Misguided and inappropriate, yes. Let me ask you-what do you say in times like these? What words appropriately describe the rush of strong human emotion associated with this horrific tragedy? We cannot tell others how they should feel, what they should say. We can come up with alternatives and resort to censorship-but we can not dictate the words and thoughts-the pure emotion of another.

I have read mention that this guy meant to stab the woman holding the baby or he may have been on drugs. To me, those are not mitigating factors and are nothing more than WORTHLESS EXCUSES. I am sure he would not be characterized as a "kind-hearted, gentle boy" by anyone reading this if it was their child murdered. Look at her pictures the Register posted-she is the definition of sweet innocence.

As a mother, my heart goes out to the mother of this poor baby. I pray she knows her baby is safe in the arms of God and the hearts of so many are broken.

Celine Dion, "Fly"


As usual, there's a certain number of people who don't want to hear unkind words about an accused baby killer and who suggest we all reserve judgment. MOST of those certain number of people accuse anyone demanding swift and severe justice of saying those things because the accused is a black man.

Apparently, none of those certain number of people could be bothered to pay attention to all of the stories involving ANOTHER dead baby in Sandusky. Wasn't it less than a year ago that a little WHITE boy (named Owen, as I recall) was allegedly beaten to death by a young WHITE man? And weren't a host of us on the Register blogs clamoring for a quick trial and, assuming guilt, followed by an equally quick execution?

Here's some news for the race-baiters: The comments aren't about black or white. In the case of the beaten baby then, and in the case of the stabbed baby now, it's about men cruelly brutalizing the most defenseless of us. Please tell me that there aren't any of you out there who are prepared to DEFEND that kind of crime!

For the record, I didn't and don't know EITHER of the men involved in these horrible cases. But it wouldn't matter if I did. I'd still be saying EXACTLY the same things because there's simply no rational reason that a baby dies like these poor kids did.


I read these comments on these stories just to see how low you people can get. A lot of you guys are racist hidng behind your screen names. I never see any of you guys commenting on any of the good stories. Black people are not call color anymore. That's a racist remark. A lot of your comments shows how much you guys want to kill somebody. Reading these comments shows me that you guys are not any better then the people that the register is writing about. I just pray for you all. I don't agree with anything someone did to get in trouble, but I'm not going pass my judgement on them either. It's not my place. You guys are funny too funny to me, to the point it's sad.