VIDEO: Baby killer suspect booked into jail

Denzel Castile restrained while being processed after his arrest Thursday. Get index to related articles, video and photos here.
Jason Werling
May 18, 2013


Click the video player at right and below for surveillance from the Erie County Jail as Denzel Castile is taken into custody. 

"He started going crazy. He just blew up. He just blew up. He lost it,” a witness told police immediately after Castile, 19, broke away and stabbed Athena.

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Restrained like an animal...fitting.


Exactly what I thought !


I think he seems treated very respectfully in this video.


When looking at his picture I think I just looked into the face of EVIL


Who is taking this video?


Police take video every time they put someone in a restraint chair.

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your master

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc..


Just curious. Although not aware of what allegedly violate the rules for this post, I would be interested to know if the following is against the rules. While remarks can "discriminate", facts, especially objective sourced facts cannot "discriminate"

Also, the content of this post is relevant to the story at hand because, as the facts will show, there is a hugely, almost obscenely DISPROPORTIONATE AMOUNT OF VIOLENT CRIME perpetrated by BLACKS.

and before all those self-proclaimed "warriors" against anti-black racism start screeching "KKK" and "racist", CONSIDER THIS:

90% of the VICTIMS of BLACK VIOLENT CRIME are FELLOW BLACKS (sources provided at end of post)

If BLACKS and LIBERAL WHITES really cared about blacks, they would be joining the chorus AGAINST the BLACK VIOLENT CRIME EPIDEMIC, not trying to shout down the big bad "racists"

DISCLAIMER: neither myself, or anyone, including even the most racist Klan member has ever said that blacks commit all violent crime/murders or that whites don't commit any. That is what liberals and blacks read into any comments about the BLACK VIOLENT CRIME EPIDEMIC, but that is NOT what is being stated. OF COURSE ALL RACES COMMIT VIOLENT CRIMES and BLACKS COMMIT WAY TOO MUCH VIOLENT CRIME. those two are NOT mutually exclusive

Here is the racial breakdown of the US

Non-Hispanic Whites 65%

Hispanic-Whites - 18% (NOTE - Hispanic is NOT a race per the govt but an ETHNICITY, such as Hispanic-White, Hispanic-Black, Hispanic-Eskimoe. For all practical purposes though almost all those we consider Hispanic are Hispanic-white - over 95% so essentially Hispanic-White and Hispanic in general are the same for the sake of argument)

BLACK - 12%

Also, there is rarely ever a legitimate excuse or legally justifiable reason for VIOLENT CRIMES and MURDERS. Maybe a few tenths of a percentage are justifiable. IT MEANS THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR 99.5% OF MURDERS OR VIOLENT CRIME, certainly not racism, slavery, poverty, single parent families, drugs. NONE of those justifies MURDER

LOGICALLY (anyone SHOULD AGREE) that the following SHOULD be the breakdown of OFFENDERS in cases of VIOLENT CRIME or MURDER

Whites - 65%
Hispanic - 18%
BLACK - 12%

All political correctness aside can ANYONE argue that those figures be any different than the racial breakdown of the general US population.

BLACKS as a population have NO MONOPOLY on members having rough lives. In FACT, HISPANICS have the SAME POVERTY LEVEL, SAME YOUTH DRUG USE rates, SAME GANG INVOLVEMENT RATES and Hispanics have DOUBLE the HS dropout rate as BLACKS.

Even IF those factors "cause" blacks to be exceedingly violence-prone then they would HAVE TO have the same effect on hispanics at similar levels since those socioeconomic factors are present at similar levels on both minorities.

Without screaming "RACIST" can anyone find fault with the logic trail presented so far?

In 2011, there were over 13,000 MURDERS in the United States (complete 2012 data not available yet)

Here is the breakdown of MURDER OFFENDERS in 2011:

BLACK - 50% (12% of the US population)
Hispanic - 25% (18% of the US population)
White - 20% (65% of the US population)

Above is from the FBI/DOJ Report on HOMICIDE TRENDS IN THE US and the UNiform Crime Report

FYI, Sandy Hook or Aurora although committed by whites will be part of the 2012 numbers and those 2011 percentages will be almost exactly the same.

So there we have PROOF that something is VERY DIFFERENT WITH BLACKS beyond socioeconomic factors that causes them to be OBSCENELY OVER-REPRESENTED AS MURDERERS

VIOLENT CRIME? One of the most INDISPUTABLE FACTS that can be presented. The breakdown of VIOLENT OFFENDERS IN PRISON. it is the SAME as murder offenders

VIOLENT OFFENDERS IN PRISON in US, racial breakdown:
Hispanics - 25% of VIOLENT OFFENDERS

HELLO???? FYI, no whining about "so you are saying whites don't commit murders or violence?" I just listed the white numbers

And before anyone tries to claim that for some reason 2011 was an anomaly, the racial breakdown of MURDERERS has remained UNCHANGED FOR OVER FOUR DECADES !!!

If blacks had committed 12% of the MURDERS in 2011, about THREE THOUSAND BLACKS WOULD STILL BE ALIVE TODAY.


ME? who posts objective SOURCED facts about the BLACK VIOLENT CRIME EPIDEMIC?

All the blacks and liberal whites who scream RACIST and report posts like this which perpetuates and enables the BLOODBATH TO CONTINUE?

Still don't get it? I would LOVE to see BLACKS ONLY COMMIT 12% OF MURDERS INSTEAD OF 50%

IF that happened based on the numbers for the last five years, 15-20 THOUSAND BLACKS would still be alive today. THAT IS RACIST???


PRETTY SICK if you ask me and even if you don't

SOURCES - as promised:

FBI DOJ report on Homicide Trends in the United States

FBI DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics

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Professor Playdoh

Should be the Electric Chair..

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LOL, I was thinking that too!


LMAO...I totally agree...How can you kill an innocent baby? So sad!!


In Ohio ??? One of the worst states in America for carrying out executions!? Way too many liberal activists in the judicial and prison system along with sleazy defense lawyers who admittedly play the system to drag out death row stays to decades.

Even the last execution had dirtbag liberals protesting it when the offender committed quite possibly the worst kind of murder possible - raping a 6 month old baby to death. Yes you read that right. The victim a 6 month old little girl died from internal injuries and blood loss from the VIOLENT RAPE.

In spite of that sleazy do-gooders still claimed it was barbaric to kill that monster

ONLY REAL METHOD OF execution in Ohio for most on death row is OLD AGE


I was just thinking call the electrician

your master

I was discussing this murder in public yesterday and some person of color came up and got in my face and started yelling and saying I had no business talking about this boy they became more and more aggressive I simply lifted my shirt to reveal my weapon and told him I was a CCW holder that was the end of the conversation see the system does work


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Remarks advocating illegal or violent actions.

Simple Enough II

Shame that we have folks that are unable to discuss anything without yelling, screaming or acting in an intimidating fashion. Glad you were able to defuse the situation!

Brittany Murphy

I had to do some serious praying before I posted a comment on this Register Website. After seeing the comments that the Sandusky Register has allowed to be posted, a part of me wanted to forget that I know Jesus.
Let me start off by saying that my screen name is my real name. I do not have to hide my identity behind a fake name because I want you to know who I am.
Through the years I have lived in Sandusky, I have watched the comments that the Sandusky Register has allowed people to post on this site and I am no less than disgusted. Every time there is an incident involving a black person, the Sandusky Register allows people to post as if we were still living in the slave days. I read through comments yesterday involving the case with Denzel and could not believe what I was seeing. The number of times I read the "n" word spelled out, with an * in place of letters or spelled backwards, I lost count. This site claims to be moderated, but I question by whom? How could anyone but an ignorant racist moderate this and find this language acceptable in 2013?
We are blessed to live in a diverse city, but the division between races is very evident and this type of behavior only intensifies it. I am ashamed and am embarrassed to be from a city that finds this acceptable.
I realize that the circumstances of this event with Denzel are terrible, but why is it that you are so quick to crucify someone without taking the time to understand what might be going on? I have known Denzel since he was a little boy and I have only known him to be a kind hearted and gentle boy. I can look at this incident and know that something obviously isnt right. No one in their right mind would do what he is accused of doing. Yet tolerating people to resort to racist ugliness is not justified.
This story if far from the first time I have witnessed the Sandusky Register allowing this type of racist language. This paper has become more of a cheap gossip magazine than a newspaper with any kind of integrity.
It is 2013 and Im embarrassed to see where we still are.
I realize that my comment may be removed by the moderator because I am not spewing out racist hate but instead the truth. But someone needs to stand up and say something because this has been going on far too long. The people who have posted these racist remarks are in my prayer. Only Jesus can take away that hate you have in your hearts. I challenge you to be brave enough to use your real name when you post comments filled with hate, instead of hiding your ugliness.
God be with us all!

your master

it almost sounds like you are happy that boy killed that baby.

Brittany Murphy

And from your original post it sounds like your ignorant. Your Master? What's your real name coward?

your master

I am Jake Gold, tax payer, CCW holder, and better than that boy will ever be.

Brittany Murphy

Thank you Jake Gold for saying your name. You will be added to my prayer list. The best CCW you can carry is the Bible

your master

sounds like you're the one that needs to go back to Bible study class you're the one that called somebody in name a coward I didn't call you any names you called me a name but that's fine that's how you were raised if you were raised at all


Brit do you actually think that a bible is gonna stop a knife or a bullet?

Stop Proselytizing !

Brittany Murphy

If you ever opened up a Bible and knew the Word for your self maybe you would know.


Apparently, YOU don't understand plain English. How about if I open mine and just hit ya with it? lol.



I will tell you what I've learned now that I'm older. The people who claim to read the bible and try to force it on people...they're the most hateful, bigoted, judgmental people I know. Anyone who doesn't think like they do is wrong. I hate that. My own mother-in-law is exactly that way, and even though I don't do anything wrong, she has her church praying for me because I'm a sinner...because I'm not her religion and I'm not "saved", because in my religion I'm baptized, and to her that's just not right. Nobody will ever agree, so why not just keep the peace and keep your preaching to yourself, Brittany? And don't offer to pray for me. I don't want it.

God Of Thunder

Yawn... Your preaching bores me.. Stick a needle in that arm while he is strapped to that chair..

your master

I am Jake Gold, tax payer, CCW holder, and better than that boy will ever be.

your master

I noticed you did not dispute the fact that I said you are almost happy that this boy killed this baby are you you must answer now or the guilt will pile up on you


Hey Brit,, did ya ever think that maybe the master thing has to do with a Bondage theme? Huh? Or have you lived in a convent?


Name calling is not allowed. And it takes such bravery for people like you to just spew out MY PRAYERS. ......, blah blah blah. People don't use their real names when posting the ugly truth about the BLACK VIOLENT CRIME epidemic because people like you try to silence them with harassment , stalking, violence and more. All just for stating an unpopular opinion


Really? THAT'S what you feel the need to comment on? Not the fact that an 11 week old baby was stabbed to death? Not that an innocent little girl will never grow up? Not about the pain that poor baby experienced and the pain her family will be feeling for the rest of their lives? Wow.


No "Kelly" the fact this baby was murdered is WHY we are all pi$$ed it isn't like if the guy woulda been white we would have ok w it, but FACTS are FACTS you can't ignore them of all the murders or serious assaults in the past couple years since Ofc Dunn how many have been committed by whites and how many have committed by blacks??? For people to say anything about this "thing" being a nice guy is more of a insult to the family than someone in here calling him ANY name.....and why bring God into this??? You feel like if I'm outraged that an 11 week old was brutally murdered I'm not a Christian??? You all have the problem, time to stop giving people a pass becuz their skin color


Ummmm why are you directing that at me? My comment was to Brittany Murphy about the fact that she seems to be outraged about the comments about the killer and NOT the fact that he killed a baby. I never said any of the things that you're jumping on me for. I think you need to re-read the comments because you are clearly confused. Jeeze.


*eye roll*


Exactly! I mean how can you not roll your eyes at someone who attacks the wrong person????


It doesn't matter what your real name is since most of us don't know each other it doesn't matter. Please don't play the Jesus card... it's not everyone's belief system.

Anybody of any color will get raked over the coals for killing a baby. Regardless of circumstances or race. I haven't said anything different when it was the two lowlifes who killed Baby Owen.. It's a modern day version of a public stoning ... so Brit .. please get over yourself and off your high horse.

Once they make the news media they are public domain.


your master

you should look up this lady's Facebook page this Britney woman if you wanna call it that is one of the funniest things I've ever seen her picture speaks volumes I can imagine what kind of people except Jersey human being


your master,

I thought about it, but I never bother with FB or twiiter or any other social media.. Thanks anyway

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for your comment Brittany. The readers comment section is a reader-driven site that is monitored by readers using the 'Inappropriate? Alert us" button at the end of each comment. Readers are encouraged to use this device and any complaint is reviewed and removed if the comment in question violates the guidelines. The readers comment section is not policed by Register staff but is monitored in this way. The monitoring system is easy to navigate and quick to use.


This really surprised me, that the staff of the Register does not monitor the comments.


I am happy with the monitoring system. It works!



and I (respectfully) suppose that means that readers who have been granted the ADMIN-PRIVILEGES to delete posts NEVER, EVER, EVER delete posts that meet the letter and spirit of the rules but you find PERSONALLY objectionable?

One would hope that people given that privilege would take it as seriously as being a juror on a life or death trial.

This comment board and the "right" to comment have nothing to do with the FIrst Amendment in spite of what many clueless americans think.

It is the absolute undeniable "right" of the Register to appoint only liberal moderators and tell them to delete any posts that do not perfectly fit with the opinion of politically correct society.

Again, readers with integrity and an honest opinion to share also have a right and duty to at least expect that MODERATION OF POSTS IS CARRIED OUT BLINDLY TO THE POINT PRESENTED as long as it is presented respectfully without false or unsubstantiated stereotypes of ANY RACE, INCLUDING WHITES

What commenters on sites like this across the country see though is ENDORSED RACISM, basically the anti-white kind. If a WHITE serial killer is caught somewhere message boards light up with FALSE stereotypes of WHITES being 99% of serial killers and all sorts of vile anti-white hatred posted and never deleted.

I would hope that people like you MATT WESTERHOLD would take this responsibility seriously enough to always endeavor to be unbiased in reviewing posts and to constantly keep in mind that PEOPLE REPORT POSTS THEY DISAGREE WITH in hopes of silencing the poster. People usually do this because they are on the losing side of the argument or the lack the ammunition to carry on a battle of wits.

If you are carrying this duty out blindly regardless of the position of the poster and stick faithfully to the letter of the "law" here I congratulate you as that is the hardest thing to do but to people with integrity, ethics and morals, it is by far THE MOST REWARDING thing to do and way to live.


I leave you with this quote from Dwight Moody, a preacher from the mid 1800s and often paraphrased:


Most who know what that means probably live it.

to those who don't it means several similar things

The real measure of a person's character; their honesty, ethics, integrity, it how they act WHEN NOBODY IS LOOKING or they don't HAVE TO do the right thing but they do it even if they are the ONLY one to know

In life it means getting out to the car after you went through the self checkout line and realizing you forgot to scan and pay for something.

Some people, especially the younger generation today, laugh it off and maybe post about their "WIN" on facebook

Someone who lives that quote, goes back inside with the item, goes back through the self checkout or through a staffed line and PAYS for it because even if it was 99 cents it would EAT AT THEM TO DO THE WRONG THING.

Icing on the cake is not even telling anyone there what you are doing but doing it to pat yourself on the back and not have others do it


For a MODERATOR it may mean thinking "DARN, that so-and-so said something very inflammatory I completely disagree with but I'll be darned if he didn't present it objectively without actually violating the rules. It burns me up to see that opinion, but there is no way I am going to delete it just because I disagree"

If Register MODERATORS act in that manner then obviously the register picked those people well. If ANY are using their authority to favor any opinion, even if it matches mine perfectly, they are not just being unfair but blatantly dishonest and unAMerican. Following the FIRST AMENDMENT doesn't just mean for the US gov't but in spirit at least, it means when people like moderators moderate the RIGHT way because it is the AMErICAN WAY.

I cede my remaining time to the chairman


I could have spotted your bullcrap from a mile away,I find it pretty disgusting how you'r saying you only know him to be a kinda hearted guy hahahaha, in the picture and the video he looks pretty phyco to me,and I can't believe you'r even on here saying the crap your saying when he killed a 11 week old baby,defending him makes you just as bad,and since I'm sure your going to ask my name it's cheylyn perry and yes that's my real name :-)


Amen to that Brittany!


Amen to that Brittany!!!!!!!


WE all know why people like YOU "challenge" others to use their real name. YOU WANT TO DESTROY THOSE WHO YOU DISAGREE WITH. that is why people who DARE to talk about the BLACK VIOLENT CRIME EPIDEMIC use pseudonyms. People like you are TOO GUTLESS to carry on an intelligent debate on tough issues


Run searches on the many available sites that reveal private personal information
Use that information to engage in harassment by internet, phone, mail
Locate my current employer and contact them ANONYMOUSLY claiming that they have a RACIST working for them and threaten to contact every business that my employer does business with, post reviews on every internet site that my employer condones racism



Here is more of why people like BRITTANY MURPHY WANT MY REAL NAME:

After or while attempting to get me fired, engage in a social media war, likely joined by more young, ignorant poltically correct white-haters to wage a war of intimidation and harassment even to the point of breaking FELONY STALKING LAWS

VANDALIZE my personal vehicles, slicing tires, keying paint, breaking windows

VANDALIZE my residence

make TERRORISTIC THREATS by phone, e-mail, or maybe with a note attached to my cat's head with the same staple gun they use to staple said cat to a tree or front door

If my children were still school age, passing out flyers at my child's school labeling his/her father as a member of the KKK who lynches blacks

Following children home, even verbally or physically attacking them for their "racist" daddy.

You think you are SOOOO BRAVE to post "my prayers are with the family blah blah blah"

If it were for politically correct VIGILANTES good people with a fair, honest, objective but POLITICALLY INCORRECT point to present would gladly stand behind their comments publicly.

The reality is that politically correct gutless wonders such as your ilk, lack the balls, brains or backbone to carry on an intelligent debate so they instead go all out to DESTROY ALL THOSE they disagree with.

I FREELY ADMIT, that it is not worth the level of harassment, job loss, and financial ruin that would come with publicly sharing my comments and opinions.

Betcha that makes you really proud that poltically correct hacks have DESTROYED debate in america

All people like you do is prove that you know you are on the losing side of the argument. that the facts cannot support your imaginary ALL-ONE-COLOR group hug world


Ted Bundy was a fine man too and educated. Oh he was so very polite and charming. The boy next door. He was a WHITE serial killer and was fried in the electric chair. He got what he deserved. Every serial killer is psychotic, crazy, but that does not absolve them of the consequences of the crimes they have committed. Murder is murder. The ones making this a racist thing are only doing so because many but not all of the heinous crimes committed in Sandusky have been committed by people of color but that does not mean whites are not committing horrible crimes it is only what they see and experience themselves. It is not right that they spew racist comments because this crime had nothing to do with race. It has to do with murder of an infant by a young man. It doesn't matter if he was a person of color or white as snow. Murder is murder. I don't care his race, age, mental status, or substance abuse history. A baby is dead and justice will be served. As I said before may God have mercy on his soul because not many others will.


It is believed that Ted Bundy started killing when he was around 28 years old. Many knew him as an ordinary "nice" guy. Your behavior defines you and there is no excuse for what happened to Athena. If it was a drug/alcohol induced craze that caused it. He still chose to take the drugs/alcohol and then he chose to take Athena's life. His choices define him today. His past is irrelevant now.


I agree. My point being was that many killers are thought of as nice people and fit in well with others and that he was white. This crime has nothing to do with race. It has to do with a young man killing a baby. We are outraged that a baby was killed. It doesn't matter if the baby was black, white, Hispanic, Chinese, bi-racial, plaid, purple, or pink. We are outraged because a baby was killed. Plain and simple. No excuses will appease anyone because there are none that are valid.


I agree!


Ted Bundy was not psychotic. He was a sociopath, like most serial killers. There is a big difference between someone who suffers from a psychotic break, usually due to schizophrenia, and someone who is a sociopath. It amazes me how little is still known to this day about mental illness.


Does Ohio Law still allow execution by hanging if convicted and sentence to death?


No, I don't believe it does.


Cruel and unusual punishment.


OK lets get real. He will most likely plead to Aggravated Manslaughter, or not guilty by Reason of Insanity. He will most likely be out in 10 or 12 years.


He will likely be out of jail or the mental facility in his early 30's and come home to Sandusky. Who would hire him? I doubt if even family would since he killed his 11 week old cousin. The public will subsidize his living expenses, if he doesn't fall into crimanal ways, probably even if he does fall. What a fine system we have developed.


He will likely be out of jail or the mental facility in his early 30's and come home to Sandusky. Who would hire him? I doubt if even family would since he killed his 11 week old cousin. Yhe public will subsidize his living expenses, if he doesn't fall into crimanal ways, probably even if he does fall. What a fine system we have developed.

entitled to my ...

It does not matter that he was a wonderful, polite young man. All that matters is that he BRUTALLY MURDERED a beautiful baby. Makes no difference to me what color he is. I care less that HIS family is defending his actions. He gets to continue to live. His family will get to talk to him, visit him in prison. That poor little baby's family will get to talk to her in their prayers and go to the cemetary to "visit" her. His family isn't losing him-he isn't dead and buried. Mentally ill or not, he should spend the rest of his "natural" life in prison. After that, he will spend eternity in hell.


The last guy who showed me us gun during a heated argument got groined and lost his gun. I added it to my personal collection

your master

always take a few steps back before unholstering your weapons it's one of the first things they teach you. I know and you know you are lying. you sound like you're happy that babies dead too.


You obviously have never heard of the Tueller drill, AKA the 21 foot rule, or have never tried to kick someone in the groin in a real life situation. People have the surprising ability to move out of the way when they see something like that coming.


It is also cause to lose your CCW, and gun if you brandish or flash you gun, even to back someone off. If you had gone through the CCW classes you would have been told this.

your master

I was starting to fear for my life.


Keep in mind, your CCW permit only allows you to carry. Shoot someone and see what happens!

Brittany Murphy

Some people have to carry a weapon because that's their only defense when they are about to get jumped for being racist. Without a gun they are weak and nothing.


*eye roll*

your master

if someone confronts me and then becomes physical I am well within my legal rights to end the threat. That is what happened yesterday, that is what will happen everyday. It is the 2nd amendment that protects the first admendment.



Aim for the crotch.

Bada Bing

this is a horrific thing that has happened. this 19 year old person...doesn't matter if black or white or any other color has killed a human, a child, a baby! this young man that did this thing should be held accountable for his actions. this poor little child will never be able to laugh, love, be able to have her own family. its awful what our community has become and it needs to stop, we need to stop this, stop making excuses for these kinds of actions.

Tru Grit

Oh this poor kind heartwarming polite boy....... He is a murderer and it was a basically newborn he killed. Brittany Murphy spare us your lecture on god and the "you don't know him" crap. We all know this he murdered a baby in cold blood and should never see the inside of a prison due to him getting the death sentence.

Kottage Kat

My BIBLE says. THOU SHALT NOT KILL, is yours different?


your master

I think she is referring to the Koran, I think she is into those Muslim brothers.


This young man obviously has some mental issues...that in itself is sad. Another young life I'm sure either on drugs or demon possessed! I kinda understand when Brittany was talking about the race thing...because as was mentioned about the two that killed baby Owen they were white. It doesn't matter their color they killed innocent children and should be punished! I feel bad for the family, I can't imagine the anquish they are feeling for both of their family members! I am praying for all involved!


It is people like Brittany who give Christians a bad name. She preaches the Bible and passive-aggressively/aggressively attacks other respondents:

"If you ever opened up a Bible and knew the Word for your self maybe you would know." -Brittany Murphy

"And from your original post it sounds like your ignorant. Your Master? What's your real name coward?" -Brittany Murphy

Since a part of you wanted to "forget" that you know Jesus after reading posts on here, I will pray for you, Brittany.

The only part of this horrific act my God had any role in was opening His arms and taking this sweet angel to be with him-relieving her pain and suffering-the pain and suffering that was caused by this "kind-hearted, gentle boy".

This isn't about race, although some people would like to claim so. It's about a 19-yr old who brutality murdered an 11-week old baby girl. This act is animalistic...unconceivable...monstrous. The behavior of this 19 year old have made the public more than angry and outraged. When I think of how I feel about this, there are no adjectives in the English language strong enough-bold enough to relay these feelings. Why are people resorting to racial slurs? Likely because they exist and portray hate. Not hate for a race, per say, but rather, hate for the horrible crime committed against one of the most innocent in our society and the "kind, gently boy" who did this. Misguided and inappropriate, yes. Let me ask you-what do you say in times like these? What words appropriately describe the rush of strong human emotion associated with this horrific tragedy? We cannot tell others how they should feel, what they should say. We can come up with alternatives and resort to censorship-but we can not dictate the words and thoughts-the pure emotion of another.

I have read mention that this guy meant to stab the woman holding the baby or he may have been on drugs. To me, those are not mitigating factors and are nothing more than WORTHLESS EXCUSES. I am sure he would not be characterized as a "kind-hearted, gentle boy" by anyone reading this if it was their child murdered. Look at her pictures the Register posted-she is the definition of sweet innocence.

As a mother, my heart goes out to the mother of this poor baby. I pray she knows her baby is safe in the arms of God and the hearts of so many are broken.

Celine Dion, "Fly"


As usual, there's a certain number of people who don't want to hear unkind words about an accused baby killer and who suggest we all reserve judgment. MOST of those certain number of people accuse anyone demanding swift and severe justice of saying those things because the accused is a black man.

Apparently, none of those certain number of people could be bothered to pay attention to all of the stories involving ANOTHER dead baby in Sandusky. Wasn't it less than a year ago that a little WHITE boy (named Owen, as I recall) was allegedly beaten to death by a young WHITE man? And weren't a host of us on the Register blogs clamoring for a quick trial and, assuming guilt, followed by an equally quick execution?

Here's some news for the race-baiters: The comments aren't about black or white. In the case of the beaten baby then, and in the case of the stabbed baby now, it's about men cruelly brutalizing the most defenseless of us. Please tell me that there aren't any of you out there who are prepared to DEFEND that kind of crime!

For the record, I didn't and don't know EITHER of the men involved in these horrible cases. But it wouldn't matter if I did. I'd still be saying EXACTLY the same things because there's simply no rational reason that a baby dies like these poor kids did.


I read these comments on these stories just to see how low you people can get. A lot of you guys are racist hidng behind your screen names. I never see any of you guys commenting on any of the good stories. Black people are not call color anymore. That's a racist remark. A lot of your comments shows how much you guys want to kill somebody. Reading these comments shows me that you guys are not any better then the people that the register is writing about. I just pray for you all. I don't agree with anything someone did to get in trouble, but I'm not going pass my judgement on them either. It's not my place. You guys are funny too funny to me, to the point it's sad.

Brittany Murphy



*eye roll*


The only ones who are stirring the race pot is Brittny and her bible thumping idiots.


Amen! ;o)


*eye roll*


Exactly! How can you not roll your eyes at a religious hypocrite like her?


Amen! ;o)


*eye roll*


Exactly! How can you not roll your eyes at a religious hypocrite like her???

2cents's picture

A friend of mine worked in the DH, he indicated that this kid was very polite "every time" he was on the inside.

Just saying!


This guy is scum. However the restraint chair is used for people who will not calm down, violent, etc..This creep is calm as can be, didn't even say a swear word yet he was put in the restraint chair. Looked to me like he would have walked into the cell on his own with no problem. Just wondering what their S.O.P is for using that chair.


It is also used when during the ride to the jail they act violently or aggressive...did you see how many deputies were there...they were told by the squad car a chair is going to be was based on his behavior during the ride to the jail


Dear Miss Brittany Murphy-I think you are little late thumping your Bible. I believe this baby's killer violated
the 10 Commandments-Thou Shall Not Kill! It isn't my place to judge him-God will and if he abused his body by using drugs-he is in more than one violation of God's laws.


Where's the like button for Ms Reva?


I understand that people who know him as a nice guy are shocked and groping for answers. However, there is absolutely NOTHING that can absolve him of this outrageous, horrendous act of evil. Was it a mental breakdown (aw, poor dude is mentally ill)--I don't think so because there would have been SOME signs previously that he had mental problems. If it was a drug (i.e. bath salts), he CHOSE to take the drug. He may have ACTED like a nice, good guy, but it is not BEING a good person to CHOOSE to take a drug that everyone knows (surely an educated, high academic achiever like he would) causes people to completely lose control and commit heinous, reprehensible acts. Did he become possessed by demons? If so, then he CHOSE to take the drug that invited them in. For those grappling for answers to someone you've known as a friend, please remember that one cannot "excuse away" such a horrendous act of violence. The person is still personally responsible regardless of taking a drug, or engaging in activities that led to this point. For those of the faith looking for an answer in demon possession, remember that possession is not an has to have a soul not in-dwelt by holiness firstly, and engages in some practice that leaves one's self open to the possession so NO EXCUSE. People CHOOSE to sin and that sin leads to more sin....sometimes with shocking, horrendous, wicked acts resulting in ruined lives, lost lives, etc. There is an answer somewhere...but no excuses.


There were previous signs that he had mental problems.


I do not agree that Brittany is calling for people to put their names out for the public. A lot of "race" cards are being put out their and words can be twisted in a direction that they were not intended. I like being able to call out my opinions without being scrutinized and possibly physically approached by people on this forum.
I am also aware that there are young inexperienced adolescents that have screen names that troll on subjects that they have no business being in here.
Having said that, this young man deserves everything he gets dealt by the justice system and more for killing an infant. Mental or not. If the family knew he was unstable, shame on them for not stepping in prior to his brutal actions.


Well, I guess bible thumping is the new RACE card.

There are too many nutcases who get on here to threaten, and preach, to make it safe to put a real name out there.

My name and my location is MY business.


Brittany Murphy: Grow up, so you have a bible, most of us do,so what? A dead 11 month old baby deserves justice, prayers for her murderer, pray all you want[ in the real world , hes not a sweet boy] hes a MURDERER, or since you like to think everyone is racist, a black man that murdered a baby. I'll pray for you, poor thing.......

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RIP in the arms of angels beautiful innocent infant girl. The monster Denzel should receive death penalty. He should have been shot dead onsite by police. Hope Erie County Prosecutor has the balls to seek death penalty on this case instead of offering him a sweet deal as in the case of other baby killer Michael Milner. I want to see that police report & understand exactly what happened at that scene. Why, if there was a brawl going on even before police arrived, was this infant in harm's way. Where was one person in that house to protect this baby? Every adult in that house at that time should also be charged for this innocent's death. Bring back ole Sparky & put this Denzel oxygen thief to death!


I am far from being a Bible thumper, but I think in these times we could all use some virtues contained in it. So many people have become intolerant, hateful, selfish, and misguided. I don't believe in cramming any certain religion down someone's throat, or forcing people to listen to quotes used to suit my own agenda, BUT what our society, our community, especially our young people need right now is some hope for a good life, some self-esteem, and some structure. Hatred is the enemy. And it will take over, and this kind of thing will become more common unless WE fight it together with good behavior, setting good examples for young people to follow, instead of calling names, worshipping guns,taking pills whenever the going gets rough, or getting drunk all time and expecting the young people to know how to act right.



Tru Grit

If Baxter plays the plea deal card he will be out by his 40th birthday. Race race race by the way who cares that he is black. He is a cold blooded murderer of a infant baby. He will be a nice piece of action for the guys in grafton, Mansfield, or lucasville :)


They need to lock him up for good and not let him out in ten years. The major part of the problem is over population of the system. If we could crack our kids on the a$$ without reprimand, try to educate our kids not to live in the system, for the system, or by the system, things might change. But I guess population control is a hard thing especially since our kids are having kids because "it's cool".


BLACKS are just 12% of the US population but commit 50 % of all the murders and violent crime in the US

Those are cold hard facts as unbelievable as they sound and by definition FACTS cannot be racist