911 call from Dewey Street infant stabbing

Caller hung up and when reached again said there was no problem. Get index with links to related articles, photos and video here.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 17, 2013

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"He started going crazy. He just blew up. He just blew up. He lost it,” a witness told police immediately after Denzel Castile, 19, broke away and stabbed Athena.

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Don't judge you...

I've known Denzel since he was about ten. He isn't the monster that everyone on here is saying he is none of you people have all the facts of this case. He didn't wear his pants sagging as one ignorant person commented earlier and another person said just take him downtown and hang him like they did back in the old days. Why cause he's a black male? We won't ever reach those days agin honey so you can "Hang that one up" all I can say is that I'm praying for everyone involved in this incident. In all the years I've known him he has always been a respectful young man. He was raised up in the church so I pray that God will help all hurt by this. And for all you people judging him before you all the facts may God have mercy on you all because that same quick tongue that you use, you will also be judged with!


You are very right Don't judge....I have also known Denzel for several years and he was ALWAYS a very respectful young man....Always answered Yes Mam, No Mam, hello Miss (whatever your first name was)....And I also know the baby's mom and maternal grandmother....There are MULTIPLE lives RUINED here....and yes we do not know all the facts...the only thing we do know is that for whatever reason Denzel did this, Denzel will ultimately have to face the consequences of his actions.....And to the ignoramus that talked about "hanging" him in the square....You are doing nothing but adding hurt to an already insurmountable mountain of pain and anguish....please go crawl back under the rock from whence you came.....


I too am told this was/is a respectable and respectful young man. Everyone is shocked at his actions. Please pay no attention to the idiots that post on here. My condolences to the family!


Well, I am told he murdered an 11 week old little girl. Don't worry, we won't pay attention to the idiots that post.


He can't die soon enough for what he did


Sooo if he murdered your 11 week old baby and said sorry maam...hed be off the hook? People like YOU are the ones adding hurt by defending his actions..a respectful young man wouldnt have ever committed this act in the first place


He killed a defenseless baby, he IS a monster. No worries, when he hits prison the men in there will stick him, over, and over again. Oh and the idiot playing the race card, really? People would feel the same way had the assailant been white.


^^^ Absolutely agree.


hell yeah! White, black, striped , purple or blue hang em high.. YOu kill a baby that's all you deserve and the faster the better... oh wait it was the voices or the drugs. unless he's covering which is still as bad.


Why is it always about race with you. We get it you hate blacks so what. Every article you are on you bring up race even when no one else does. Just say iot i hate all black and get it over with.


Thank you i have known denzel since he was born.


So what...you knew a MONSTER, good for you


Yes, Don't judge you...I'm sure he "was raised up" in the same church as Kevin Randleman and Curtis Clinton.


You can pull the "race card" but somebody pulled a knife. The facts and the black witnesses will have to testify. I am saddened for everyone who knows him and are shocked and heartbroken by this. The killers family are victims too because he did this to them too. This is very sad for all involved and my prayers go out to everyone involved!!!




He is a monster now. Just goes to show you did not know him as well as you thought you did.



This THING (I refuse to call it a man) just MURDERED an innocent BABY. You should be hung in the street right next for him just for defending this sorry piece of scum. I don't care how nice he used to be, how many times he went to church as a kid, or how well he dressed....HE MURDERED A BABY...PERIOD. This is the most disgusting crime I have ever seen, and that says a lot considering I am from Detroit.

"Why the hanging cuase he's a black male?" -- NO! The hanging because he MURDERED An 11-WEEK-OLD BABY. I don't care what color he is...Black, White, Yellow, Green, Orange or something in between....he deserves a slow, painful death.

You are insane for defending this monster...may God have mercy on your soul.

If a piece of scum that STABS A BABY TO DEATH isn't a monster, then who is???

Somebody needs to find the person that made this comment and arrest "it" too before it hurts someone, like an innocent child for instance.


15 and harper. 78-86.


I don't care what color they are...you can be the bombers from Boston, the white boy who shot up a school, or the monster who did this to that beautiful child...God bless her soul...but if you hanged them all in public square...just guilty and straight to the noose...this would happen far less...


Prior to last night, We might have believed you. This one tops the BullSh** list for Sandusky.


Really? Not a monster? He murdered a baby but you don't think that qualifies as being a monster? What is wrong with you?????


Oh, he called everyone ma'am and miss...well then that more than makes up for stabbing an 11 week old baby multiple times. We should just let him go free, right?

Nothing will improve in this county until Baxter throws the book at the creeps that commit these horrendous crimes. If there is any justice in this world Denzel will get stabbed in prison while awaiting the electric chair.

The fact that people would come on here and defend him shows just how far society has fallen.


Baxter makes plea deals and that's probably going to happen here...pray it doesnt


He may have been a respectful young man but he stabbed a baby to death, what kind of reasonable explanation could there possibly be for that?


I'm really not sure what his defense is going to be.... "The baby wouldn't stop crying". I find it hard to comprehend the stupid comments. I really don't care how respectful he was before he did this. I'm almost speechless. I don't have any room in my heart for a baby killer


Ok if you must have it your way he is a respectful baby murderer. I'd take him off suicide watch and let "nature" take it's course.

yea right

Well the "Monster" can say "self defense" like some else did.. they only got 3 yrs..


Why? because EVERYONE SAW HIM STABBING A BABY Numbskull! FYI, MOST "respectful young man" DON'T KILL BABIES

Why are you so angry at all the comments? not because of a DEAD BLACK BABY obviously but BECAUSE "he's a black male"

And if he was white you would be gloating that whites always do this.

As for praying to GOD? I bet the baby's family was praying to "god" as your dear honorable respectful friend was plunging the knife repeatedly into a tiny baby and GOD DID NOTHING? some god, huh?

You are one sick cookie for condoning the murder of the baby by this monster


Agreed. I'll reserve judgment just as soon as you provide reason(s) that make it okay to murder an 11 week-old baby. Shall I hold my breath?


Agree ^^^