UPDATE: Infant was suspect's cousin

Arraingnment cancelled. Suspect too 'combative' for hearing.
May 17, 2013


UPDATE 12:21 p.m.: Police encountered a chaotic scene at Dewey Street when responding to a 911 call Thursday night.

In the call, an unidentified female asked only for help before hanging up on the dispatcher.

When Sandusky police officers arrived, they found several family members engaged in a fight, in a pile up of sorts, Chief John Orzech said.

Within seconds, the chaos accelerated when Denzel Castile, 19, broke away and struggled with a woman over the 11-week-old victim, Athena Castile.

Then Castile wrestled the infant away and ran down a hallway in the home.

That's when police realized he had a steak knife and was stabbing the child, said Detective Sgt. Dana Newell.

Another family member used a stun device on Castile, who then dropped the knife and let go of the child.

Sgt. Dawn Allen scooped up the child and rushed her out the door to a waiting ambulance, who took her to Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Though a medical helicopter was standing by to take Athena to a Toledo hospital for treatment, she was never stable enough for the transfer and died early Friday morning.

The police officers remaining at the Dewey Street home had to use a taser and mace to subdue Castile before arresting him.

When Erie County deputies took him to the hospital to have the taser probes removed before booking him into the jail, Castile again became combative, biting one deputy in the hand and kicking another.

A few hours before his scheduled arraignment by video feed in Sandusky Municipal Court Friday, Castile started acting up again.

"He had some behavioral issues," Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. "He was placed in a restraint chair and is on suicide watch to deal with those issues."

It's unclear how many stab wounds the infant suffered, though it appeared she sustained at least one wound to the head and another to the abdomen.

Her body has been sent to the Lucas County coroner's office for an autopsy.

UPDATE 9:40 a.m.: Sandusky police have identified the child, Athena Castile. While early information indicated she was 11 months old, she was only 11 weeks old, police Chief John Orzech said.

She is a relative of Denzel Castile, charged with assault in her death. Exactly what their relationship is unclear.

The second person injured inside the Dewey Street home late Thursday has been identified as David Castile, also a relative.

Check back for more updates throughout the day.

May 17, 2013, 1 a.m.: An (11-week-old) infant stabbed late Thursday died in the emergency room.

"She died before they were able to Lifeflight her out," Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said this morning. "The ER worked for an extensive time attempting to save her."

Denzel Castile, of the 1500 block of Shelby St., was arrested at the scene and is being held in the Erie County jail without bond. He was charged with assault and likely will face murder charges. He is scheduled to be arraigned this morning via video hookup from the Erie Couinty Jail.

One other person inside the Dewey Street home was injured in the attack but was treated and released, Orzech said.

Police are withholding the child's name pending notification of her mother.

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I take care of sick people all the time, mental and physical. I'm assuming "otherwise" means physically sick? He's going where he needs to go.

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big mind in a s...

Then you should know a little more and judge a little less.


And that's your opinion. Lets just forgive him and let this one slide. It's ok cause he's sick. Bunch if bull dung.


Moderators have said that this is by far the best post on the subject:

"This little child is now in the arm of Jesus Christ, protecting her from any further violence or hatred. And finding the true meaning of love. I bet she's praying that her cousin will seek heartfelt forgiveness through serious repentance, Killing that little girl meant nothing to you....maybe just pride on his part."

What a shame, another young person killed...I'm Totally Amazed

your master

I was discussing this murder in public yesterday and some person of color came up and got in my face and started yelling and saying I had no business talking about this boy they became more and more aggressive I simply lifted my shirt to reveal my weapon and told him I was a CCW holder that was the end of the conversation see the system does work

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big mind in a s...

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your master

my point is I am NOT a victim and they learned a lesson


How does this happen and why? It is a sad story for all involved. Precious life is lost and families in turmoil. God be with the family


This story has saddened me from the moment it was put on the register's website. That poor baby was a victim of senseless violence, and there is NO excuse for this behavior. Only God knows why this happened, and why this baby was brought into the world for such a short time. My prayers to the family who are suffering from this loss and the first responders that had to witness such a tragedy. I can't get it out of my head and I do not even know these people. I can't imagine what those who were there are going through mentally right now! They will never forget what they saw, and I hope the suspect pays the price for this heinous crime!


Sitting In The... is the typical scanner watcher and rumor monger. Get everybody's hair on fire with half the story none of which is true. She/he could get a job with the Register and be an all star!!

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It amazes me how people have turned this on the SPD. They were there doing their job. Not everything can be prevented just because the police are present. How long does it take to stab someone? My point. No one has a right to judge the SPD for what they had to witness. People are so quick to judge instead of looking at the whole picture & the facts. But people need someone to blame whether it be Denzel, the SPD, his family. Everyone in that home that night did what they thought was right & for anyone who wasn't there to judge that families' actions is just sickening. Who are any of us to judge them? We're all sinners & not one of us is perfect. People need to stop trying to put the blame on everyone else. What he did was HORRIBLE & no one knows why, so why is everyone on here spewing hatred toward someone they never met? Everyone on this post spreading hatred, you're the reason Sandusky has gone to sh!+.


A family member tased him? What goes on in that house on a regular basis? A pile up? When did that become slang for a family fight?