UPDATE: Infant was suspect's cousin

Arraingnment cancelled. Suspect too 'combative' for hearing.
May 17, 2013

UPDATE 12:21 p.m.: Police encountered a chaotic scene at Dewey Street when responding to a 911 call Thursday night.

In the call, an unidentified female asked only for help before hanging up on the dispatcher.

When Sandusky police officers arrived, they found several family members engaged in a fight, in a pile up of sorts, Chief John Orzech said.

Within seconds, the chaos accelerated when Denzel Castile, 19, broke away and struggled with a woman over the 11-week-old victim, Athena Castile.

Then Castile wrestled the infant away and ran down a hallway in the home.

That's when police realized he had a steak knife and was stabbing the child, said Detective Sgt. Dana Newell.

Another family member used a stun device on Castile, who then dropped the knife and let go of the child.

Sgt. Dawn Allen scooped up the child and rushed her out the door to a waiting ambulance, who took her to Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Though a medical helicopter was standing by to take Athena to a Toledo hospital for treatment, she was never stable enough for the transfer and died early Friday morning.

The police officers remaining at the Dewey Street home had to use a taser and mace to subdue Castile before arresting him.

When Erie County deputies took him to the hospital to have the taser probes removed before booking him into the jail, Castile again became combative, biting one deputy in the hand and kicking another.

A few hours before his scheduled arraignment by video feed in Sandusky Municipal Court Friday, Castile started acting up again.

"He had some behavioral issues," Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. "He was placed in a restraint chair and is on suicide watch to deal with those issues."

It's unclear how many stab wounds the infant suffered, though it appeared she sustained at least one wound to the head and another to the abdomen.

Her body has been sent to the Lucas County coroner's office for an autopsy.

UPDATE 9:40 a.m.: Sandusky police have identified the child, Athena Castile. While early information indicated she was 11 months old, she was only 11 weeks old, police Chief John Orzech said.

She is a relative of Denzel Castile, charged with assault in her death. Exactly what their relationship is unclear.

The second person injured inside the Dewey Street home late Thursday has been identified as David Castile, also a relative.

Check back for more updates throughout the day.

May 17, 2013, 1 a.m.: An (11-week-old) infant stabbed late Thursday died in the emergency room.

"She died before they were able to Lifeflight her out," Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said this morning. "The ER worked for an extensive time attempting to save her."

Denzel Castile, of the 1500 block of Shelby St., was arrested at the scene and is being held in the Erie County jail without bond. He was charged with assault and likely will face murder charges. He is scheduled to be arraigned this morning via video hookup from the Erie Couinty Jail.

One other person inside the Dewey Street home was injured in the attack but was treated and released, Orzech said.

Police are withholding the child's name pending notification of her mother.

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Someone has to take Kermit Gosslins place and continue the genocide.


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in a different post someone said him stabbing the baby was an accident. he was trying to stab the person HOLDING the baby, not the baby. gee...changes how i feel about him. now hes not the monster i thought. lets let him walk away free.really????? this kid did this delibrately. running down the hallway stabbing this poor child. dont quite see how thats an accident. and peace??? you dont like whats being said ..dont read it. get off here and go comfort your pal through the glass. there is NOTHING you can say to change my anger and disgust at his actions. there are plenty of people in this world who grow up in HORRIBLE situations and they still dont make the choice your pal did. God bless the babys soul.


Reread the post! That is not exactly what was typed.


Wow i'm completely disgusted with what happened and half of these comments. To the family on here that keeps responding... maybe you should stop! If he was a good kid before this happened, he's not anymore. As for everyone that wants him to suffer, he will through the legal system and his own conscious. He probably won't get the death penalty but surely his life is completely over! Poor baby i'm sorry your life was taken from you over a disagreement.


What a beautiful baby.......... :'(


I know..



Put America 1st

Signing into Facebook to post a is not an end all however I good stopgap that will cut out all the racist, immature and ignorant comments. Works pretty well for the Cleveland Plain dealer and such. This is suppose to be a forum to express an intelligent opinion, not for "taking out the trash" or "smithboy1" or whoever to repeatedly make off the wall comments and hide behind their screen names.

A very violent murder took place involving a 11 week old child and idiots on here wants to turn the comment section in choas with stupidity!


RIP - Little Angel

Intelligent Citizen

Fire up ole sparky

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To heck with the tazer they should have just put a bullet in his head

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would've saved taxpayers a lot of money!
Does he even deserve a trial?


dont mean to laugh.. im not laughing at the poor baby BUT HAHAHAHA YOU PEOPLE REALLY CALL THIS A NICE KID! WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU! SERIOUSLY HE RAN DOWN A DARN HALLWAY STABBING A BABY! WHO DOES THAT? I BET THE BABY WAS KICKING HIS BUTT HUH, OH IT PROBABLY CRIED TOO MUCH AND WAS HUNGRY OR NEEDED A DIAPER CHANGE.. OR MISSED HER MAMA.. SO TOTALY I UNDERSTAND INSTEAD OF HELPING HER FEEL SAFE YOU KILL HER... GREAT. i cannot stand this. if you cannot take a child or are feeling just a little like ur going to bust .. which i dont understand bc um kids are kids.. they cry GTF over it. but why hurt them or KILL them that just makes it worse..walk away leave.. shit leave the kid alone and then call the cops and say u cant take care of it.. i mean that is stupid but its heck of alot better that hurting them. THIS IS SICKNING and its sad because he isnt gna see " bubba " as some of you would say or wish. cmon ppl WE ARE IN OHIO not CALI .. and lets be real.. he is gna be in protective custody prob whole time jsut to be sure no one tries to hurt the poor GOOD kid. just like all the GOOD BABY RAPERS are... where was the protective custody for Athena.. or other victims ? there should be no such thing as prtective custody. you kill a did u rape a kid what ever go to GP and deal with it.. oh im sorry u were a " blood " and now ya wanna get out.. looks like u shouldnta joined the " family " and if they get ya O WELL.


I cannot believe that ANYONE would defend this CREEP in any way, shape or form! Disgusting..........


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I agree totally he should of been shot in that hallway SPD dropped the ball again!

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They had no clear way of shooting him without harming anyone else. & if you have read any of the facts, he was mentally unstable (doesn't justify his actions one bit) but how is killing him or bringing any physical harm to him making things right? Had he been given the proper mental health care that his father was seeking for him, this child would still be here tonight, & they both could still have a chance at life. Again, what he did can't be justified in any way, but if he is given the proper mental health care that he needs, he'll have no other choice but to look at what he did & he will have to suffer for his actions. But right now, he probably doesn't even know what the hell he did. None of us have the right to judge him.


For every piece if crap "wannabe" thug, there's 10-20 family members who will say he's a good kid....if my brother or cousin or ANY relative did this I would NEVER defend them....but let's somehow blame society or the education system, worked well for randleman

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big mind in a s...

WHAT?? Small minds...

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big mind in a s...

WHAT?? Again, small minds...


Who is defending him? I haven't seen any comment online that has defended him for what he's done.


This is a problem not exclusive to Sandusky, but we are seeing so much more of it lately. It isn't limited to a race, a financial state, or whether they were spanked as a kid, or if they used a gun, knife, or their hands. It is evil anger gone unchecked. I am not going to say what should be done with this one, I have faith that it will be done. But this is only one. There are many more out there. And yes, it very much is society's problem. The hate needs to stop.


Well stated, LadyC.



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This is just so sad all the way around, this has nothing to do with color, it is just the pure evil and sin that is running wild, I am not from sandusky ohio I have read the paper and I have seen people of all colors committing crimes in this city, sin knows, know color. Get back to your grass roots sandusky morals respect, faith trust and belief in God and pray, my bible tells me that prayer changes things, and a house divided against itself shall not stand. That is your city sandusky it is so divided with the racial hate it's sickening instead focusing on this mans color focus on the sin with in him.

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big mind in a s...

Or illness. Well stated Julystar.


It's not so divided as you may think.

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