UPDATE: Infant was suspect's cousin

Arraingnment cancelled. Suspect too 'combative' for hearing.
May 17, 2013

UPDATE 12:21 p.m.: Police encountered a chaotic scene at Dewey Street when responding to a 911 call Thursday night.

In the call, an unidentified female asked only for help before hanging up on the dispatcher.

When Sandusky police officers arrived, they found several family members engaged in a fight, in a pile up of sorts, Chief John Orzech said.

Within seconds, the chaos accelerated when Denzel Castile, 19, broke away and struggled with a woman over the 11-week-old victim, Athena Castile.

Then Castile wrestled the infant away and ran down a hallway in the home.

That's when police realized he had a steak knife and was stabbing the child, said Detective Sgt. Dana Newell.

Another family member used a stun device on Castile, who then dropped the knife and let go of the child.

Sgt. Dawn Allen scooped up the child and rushed her out the door to a waiting ambulance, who took her to Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Though a medical helicopter was standing by to take Athena to a Toledo hospital for treatment, she was never stable enough for the transfer and died early Friday morning.

The police officers remaining at the Dewey Street home had to use a taser and mace to subdue Castile before arresting him.

When Erie County deputies took him to the hospital to have the taser probes removed before booking him into the jail, Castile again became combative, biting one deputy in the hand and kicking another.

A few hours before his scheduled arraignment by video feed in Sandusky Municipal Court Friday, Castile started acting up again.

"He had some behavioral issues," Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. "He was placed in a restraint chair and is on suicide watch to deal with those issues."

It's unclear how many stab wounds the infant suffered, though it appeared she sustained at least one wound to the head and another to the abdomen.

Her body has been sent to the Lucas County coroner's office for an autopsy.

UPDATE 9:40 a.m.: Sandusky police have identified the child, Athena Castile. While early information indicated she was 11 months old, she was only 11 weeks old, police Chief John Orzech said.

She is a relative of Denzel Castile, charged with assault in her death. Exactly what their relationship is unclear.

The second person injured inside the Dewey Street home late Thursday has been identified as David Castile, also a relative.

Check back for more updates throughout the day.

May 17, 2013, 1 a.m.: An (11-week-old) infant stabbed late Thursday died in the emergency room.

"She died before they were able to Lifeflight her out," Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said this morning. "The ER worked for an extensive time attempting to save her."

Denzel Castile, of the 1500 block of Shelby St., was arrested at the scene and is being held in the Erie County jail without bond. He was charged with assault and likely will face murder charges. He is scheduled to be arraigned this morning via video hookup from the Erie Couinty Jail.

One other person inside the Dewey Street home was injured in the attack but was treated and released, Orzech said.

Police are withholding the child's name pending notification of her mother.

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You be afraid. I choose not to be scared of everyone's shadow. There's been terrible murders in the past right here. Crime is everywhere!


this is rediculous he should be crucified i dont care the story behind why he did this it dont matter nothing justifies what happened or harming a child/baby i hope he gets crucified in prison


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Oh my gosh I am just sick over this!! I know this madness is just going to continue before it gets better but in reading a few of the comments it doesn't matter if the baby was 11 weeks or 11 months, the truth of the matter was it was still an innocent, defenseless baby!!! There's no way that child should be lying in a morgue!! That sweet little thing should be safe in its mother's arms being loved and cherished just because!!


I am speechless . I would like to say something about this , but I am afraid it wouldnt be nice


screw asking denzel why....line him up and hang him screw the chair and death row for 25 30 years save my money make him suffer right away like that baby suffered and his family has to suffuer through this


people like you have not right to determine what will happen to this man , let his family breathe and stop commenting on things that has nothing to do with you people make mistakes walk a mile in his shoes and then judge him untill then stay off his case please and thank you


@peacebewithyou, you are a complete idiot, how can you defend this piece of garbage. "people make mistakes" yea, but not usually by stabbing an infant child. so in your eyes it is ok to kill an innocent child because it was a mistake. your just as bad as he is


The last time I made a mistake...I forgot my grocery list on the table and had to try and remember everything....I have never made the mistake of STABBING a newborn to death in front of the cops. No matter the "mile he has walked" NOTHING excuses this type of behavior. QUIT making excuses for this thing, you cannot even call him human. NOTHING would make this acceptable...NOTHING, no drugs, no parents, no money, wrong side of tracks, NOTHING.



People have a new definition for what a "mistake" is.

I don't see where cold blooded murder of a harmless 3 month old classifies as one.

Too bad, he didn't stab himself and take himself out of this world.


Screw you i have known him all his life was best friends with his father. He had a lot of family who was in his life. Plus this baby was his family which makes me really wonder WHY.


TV Channel 5 says 11 week old, that's a huge difference in age from 11 weeks to 11 months.... not that it changes how horrible it is.


Oh the Register changed their article too.

Kottage Kat

Had to stop crying before I could type
Rest in peace little angel.
No words could describe my anger over this, I would definitely get moderated.


Kottage Kat, I'm with you...I couldn't even finish the story at first! Very sad! She is now resting in the arms of Jesus! I pray for the family, I can't imagine!


I would not be at all surprised that drugs were somehow someway involved with the childs death


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Remarks advocating illegal or violent actions.


Its nice to see the Sandusky Chief taken part in the investigation and arrest .
Good Job Chief , I just wish you were not needed , but in this case you were




its the deception of the gradual in our society and as we getter further from acknowledging that their is a God things like this will multiply as God gives us over to our reprobate minds


I do NOT need god to know that stabbing a baby is wrong. I know right from wrong without god's assistance.


I have 3 children, one of which is 2 weeks old...and it makes me want to cry/puke when I think about someone hurting one of my babies. He needs to rot!


shouldnt you be taking care of your kids then instead of postinf on here ? screw off


peacebewithyou, you are obviously closely related to this case and you should understand it better than anyone, it's emotionally charged. Quit reading the comments. Quit posting comments. Let the justice system work. There are many unanswered questions, and from what the paper reports, an infant is dead. A defenseless, innocent baby. And someone is arrested - and if you've read much of this paper at all, you know there are a lot of comments made without thinking, some are well thought out, some are just plain mean. But it is a public forum and everyone has that right to free speech to say what they want, as long as the register chooses to allow it.


My kids are both napping, and one is at school...as far as I know, commenting on a post is not neglectful to my children. At least they are ALIVE, and SAFE, and LOVED. That man stabbed a BABY...and KILLED it! Defending him makes you just as bad as the man who did it.


NAHC, you don't need to justify when you post or what you post. Least of all to PBWY!


I didn't realize you were hired to police everyone who posts on the SR site. The paper has a moderator; they don't need you telling everyone what they can post and how they should post it.


this has nothing to do with any of you , walk a mile in his shoes before you judge him saying to shoot him and things like this is cold hearted , YOU DONT KNOW his situation im not saying what he did was right but at the same time half you people are commenting dont even know him so shut up ,


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